Microsoft/PNC impostors

Calvin – Aug 17, 2020

Hacker attacked my Grandmother. 3138181640 Going by the name Sandy Ortman. Microsoft number they gave was 6694543870 . Tell your grandparents. Warn your friends to tell theirs. This scam must be stopped.
What kind of low life’s would do this to a person. Stealing hard earned money from our unsuspecting elders. Shame on them

Marisa – Jul 22, 2020

Vary similar story above… Took us for $26KUS… Same numbers and same names except for your James William name which is new to me… I believe they install in a new notebook computer (A different one than what I ordered..l.) the starting off scare alert (Lots of Red!) that involved us in this scam… “Very Professional!” I Checked number out as Microsoft before calling Microsoft that Saturday morning via Internet… How they pull that off that “number switch” is still a mystery to me… “Very convincing!” “Beware!” “File complaint with IC3 FBI and Local Police”… I review afterwards policies of Microsoft… They (Microsoft) don’t do what they say they can do… Female “FALSE” Microsoft employee went by the name of Karen… John Walker I believe is the RING LEADER HERE… Same money statements… That is all!

Andres – Jun 26, 2020

Victim Location 15223

Total money lost $11,000

Type of a scam Tech Support

Came up on my computer saying Microsoft "virus alert, unusual activity 888-525-0403", protection alert. Had to contact them and spoke to a James William at 707-281-8683. We spoke multiple times and advised if needed to call back requested password MR301….. James transferred me to PNC security for account compromise. Warned that information was compromised and not use their phone. PNC Security Fraud Rep John Walker 313-818-1640 stated that her accounts were compromised $5896.32 from China and $6008.79 from Russia.

Told to go to bank and receive $9000 in $500 increments gift cards to Best Buy and Target. Then request to get $2000 in Giant Eagle cards on PNC credit card. To identify the scammer. Did not think clearly thinking I was talking to a bank representative.

Dawn – Jul 22, 2020

Thanking you for your posting… I just posted my take on this… I am curious as to when your attack took place… Mine happen on 6-27-2020… I like to know your time line compare to what happen to me… I also believe the Hacker Could be viewing what I write… So be careful! If there are other attacks of this kind out there,,, please record them now…

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