Microsoft, Inc. (Contracted Tech Support)

Dustin –

Victim Location 53559

Type of a scam Tech Support

During a chat using Microsoft’s OFFICIAL support (It was on their website under Contact us and Help Desk), the representative told me that I would be needing a "premium" support package for $199. This was the first time anyone from Microsoft had ever told me I would need to pay for support, and from experience with other scammers, I noticed the price tag was very similar to most scams. I told the rep (The presented name was Monica H.) that I was not interested in paying for support and would like a link to some free support on their forums.

For about 20 minutes I went back in forth with her broken English saying I did not want to buy their support package until I finally asked to either get support or speak with a manager. She told me that she was sending me a link via my listed E-mail address and that it would arrive shortly. After waiting nearly 30 minutes and getting into another chat to ask why the email had been so late, it arrived.

When I read the message, it appeared hand typed and contained links to problems very vaguely related to the one I was currently having. At which point I scheduled a call that is to take place today (March 17, 2016) at 5:30 PM CDT because it was midnight from the support running so slowly and wasting my time.

Unfortunately, the screenshots of the chat I took are on my other computer (This is my school laptop) so I am unable to upload them as of now, but I will give my interpretation of what pretty much happened. (Paraphrased, of course!)

You need to buy our premium support package which includes

antivirus and speeds up your computer for $199. You will get AVG with

the purchase and it will mean you won’t have to go to a computer store ever again.

11:30 PM

I am not interested in purchasing anything right now.


Yes, I understand that, but you can protect your

computer for just $0.34 cents a day and keep it running

quickly. (etc.) We will need to access your computer

remotely which requires our premium package for support

otherwise you can have our free support.


I am not interested in purchasing anything. I would like

A link to free support.


(too lazy to write another sales pitch)


Not to be rude, but I do not want to purchase anything.

I would like to know if I can get answers here and now or if

I need to go elsewhere for support.


Not worry, We can solve your support issues with

Homegroup by using our technical support package

(more sales pitching)


I would like to speak with a manager or supervisor

if you’re not going to give me support.


Sorry, I will send you a link to free support over

your Email (smile).


(About 20 minutes later, the email finally arrives, and I’m in another chat asking why it was taking so long)

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