Microsoft Imposter

Ana – Aug 26, 2020

My Mother in Law called me to tell me her computer had a message on the screen telling her it was locked and she had to call the number to get it unlocked due to a virus. I am an IT tech so I remoted into her computer and was able to open the task manager and find the process that was using all the resources and kill it. The message window was gone and I rebooted it. After it reconnected to my remote I ran a Malwarebytes scan and it was clean. I will most likely use the number to have fun when I am in the mood and torture these scammers as much as possible. Maybe they need extended warranty on their cars…

Hilary – Aug 24, 2020

Victim Location 48306

Type of a scam Tech Support

Claimed my IP address was compromised and shutting off my Microsoft license

Tiffany – Aug 20, 2020

Victim Location 29229

Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill

I received an email from the email I provided saying it was a copy of an invoice for a purchase that was made and about to debited from my account. My name was not on it and I called the # on the invoice to talk to “Microsoft” John Brown. The man who answered said his name was Scott & then when I asked to speak to a supervisor he got back on the line with a different voice saying he was a supervisor. I then told him I did not make that purchase & wanted it stopped. He said he couldn’t do that and hung up on me. I called back 2 more times letting him know I would file a report and was hung up on again. I had to put a hold on my checking account and got a new card #.

Preston – Aug 11, 2020

Victim Location 54601

Type of a scam Tech Support

Claimed to be Microsoft helping with a virus.

Jake – Aug 06, 2020

Victim Location 93704

Type of a scam Tech Support

This scammer has tried contacting me by phone and now email regarding security on my computer. Thank You for Your Purchase.

Order number: #5232480676527081

This is your receipt make sure to print or save a copy for your records.

Your order has been shipped through online delivery.

If You Want to Cancel This Order, Give Us Call on Our Toll-free Number +1 (704) 764-1190

Description Quantity Unit Price Total Price

Microsoft Windows Defender Firewall Online 1 $499.99 $499.99

Your Order Information:

Order Number: #5232480676527081

Customer Number: 0008547896

Order Date: 08/04/2020

Qty Ordered: 1

Your Billing Information: Software Support Plan

Total Amount: $499.99

Payment Method: ***Visa Credit/debit

Payment Terms: Net 500

Shipping Details: Online

Shipping Method: ***visa

Product Detail: Download File

Thank You for Shopping With Us. If You Have Any Questions or, Please Contact a Customer Service Representative at (704) 764-1190 for Assistance

Thanks for purchasing the windows defender firewall from Microsoft. Your purchase of assuring provides one year of support sessions from windows whenever you need it–as well as unlimited in-store training and data recovery. Assure connects you with knowledgeable answer techs that know windows and offices better than anyone.

Microsoft respects your privacy. Please view our online privacy statement. To set your contact preferences for other Microsoft communications, see the communications preferences section of the Microsoft privacy statement.

Microsoft Corporation, One Microsoft Way, Redmond, WA, 98052, USA

Thanks for shopping at the Microsoft store.

Thank You

Roger Harmelink

Omar – Aug 03, 2020

Victim Location 23607

Type of a scam Tech Support

Initally was blocked by a virus alert which advised me to call an toll free number to release block i talked to man who identified self as name harrison he explained to me about me computer had me me open severall windows on on my laptop computer i also observed as he indepetly used my mouse after he was attempted to encourgement me about plans ranging 1 to 3 price of 199.00 to 399.00 for continue safety to my computer from future virses when no agreement was made he rudely hang up. About a week today date of07/31 i received a another phone from same person calling himself Harrison with forieign accent this time it was in reference to a unknwown refund in the amount of $249.00 he was requesting my account number to my bank account as he scolling my computer actually had my my picture on my pc screen after taking my time going thur different web address i gave him my bank name then received a recorded call from cellphone from my bank with code number which i gave several times it finally locked up then he try to get me to call my bank i refused after long debate i gave my prepaid debit card number which was later denied he made every attempts to get my credit card,investment accounts was ever i continously with him trying to covince it wasnt a scam i finally hungup.

Zachary – Jul 24, 2020

Victim Location 32211

Type of a scam Tech Support

I went to use my computer and the computer froze..a message came on that said I had to call this number for the computer.. I called the number and the women said I had to pay them to get my computer running. They said they had to sign into my computer..

Lori – Jul 02, 2020

Victim Location 15145

Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

Initially contacted by scammer via left voicemail message (7/1)stating if they dd not hear back from me by the end of the daythey would "automatically" be debiting my account for subscription. (left no product identity, ?subscription). Phoned 833-594-0685, contacting to agent-said he needed to call me back, called back from 360-519-4838, I said-"I have no idea what subscription this is for? He said "Oh, we are from Microsoft, this is for your Microsoft subscription. (Microsoft came with laptop purchase 2013, never had direct contact.) I told the rep I’ve never had anyone contact me about subscription-I want to cancel, no auto-debit will be authorized! The "rep" then said okay we will refund you $200.00 today-you just have to complete the "cancellation" form. Then sent a form requesting credit information. I asked the rep-"if I have a subscription with you-you should have my credit/billing info. With that he began to pressure me for the credit info, and "just complete the form!"

I became very leery -I said I need to call my bank-agent said, "No you can’t-you can’t dissconnect from server. When I produced an expired credit card-the agent then said, I’ll wait till you find the new one, then after time, "We’ll use PayPal! At that point, I called my bank security-they advised "Do not give anymore information!" Meantime the agent is sending me messages on my laptop-where did I go? (My bank put a freeze on my account.) The agent continued to call on my phone-x6-through last evening. When I went into my laptop-there were several messages from Paypal welcoming me and directing me to "finish setting up the account". I DID NOT INITIATE NOR OPEN THIS ACCOUNT-

it was opened by that rep/agent -he had only my E-mail and the last 4 digits of my SS. When I both attempted to close account and sent messages that I did not, it was not me, that initiated or opened an account, PayPal directs to sign into account(which requires password) for resolution-as I said I DID NOT INITIATE/NOR OPEN THIS ACCOUNT and do not intend to procede with any further activity w/PayPal in fear that may lead to further activity by scammer. (I contacted my bank security and did not lose any funds at this time)

Devin – Jun 18, 2020

Victim Location 21779

Type of a scam Tech Support

Caller called my 86 year old mother to tell her that her IP address had been compromised and if she didn’t change her IP address in 5 minutes all Microsoft functions would shut down.

Sara – Jun 17, 2020

Victim Location 22947

Type of a scam Phishing

On 6/12/20 I was searching for photos online to use in a power point presentation I was creating. My computer froze and a screen that I thought was from Microsoft popped up and indicated that I should call 888 597 1217 immediately. The technician on the phone said I had a Trojan Horse virus (rund1132.exe?). I watched as the Level 5 Technician navigated my screen to eliminate the virus. My case ID was H8347. I took notes as the process unfolded. I noted the technician’s name and employee number from his entries.

He told me the virus was fixed and that I should purchase a Anti Hacking Tool for firewall security. The charge would be $499 for 3 years OR $699 for 5 years OR for permanent coverage $1299. I asked if this was some sort of Microsoft product. The tech said No, it’s a Cisco product. I explained that the computer belonged to my wife and I’d ask her when she returned. He said something like; you don’t want to buy it Now?!! I said no, and he hung up and exited the communication.

I immediately made arrangements for VPN from another company. I’m not sure who Louis worked for now and don’t know who inserted the virus…Hopefully no other damage was done.

Andrew – Jun 05, 2020

Victim Location 14606

Type of a scam Tech Support

Has called me at least 20 times in one day saying that they are Microsoft and my account has been hacked and when I talk to someone and tell them I don’t have a apple device and stop calling me they hang up and then not five minutes later there calling me back.

Jonathan – May 21, 2020

Victim Location 16112

Type of a scam Online Purchase

the email stated the microsoft product was up for its 5 year renewal and to call the number to cancel. I called the 510-455-3368 to cancel the renewal and was deferred to their geek squad who then called me from 505-585-6645 where they were going to refund my money into my bank account. the money was to be 249.99 but was going to refund me for extra 50.00 but when I entered 300.00 into the information line another zero was added and quickly refunded 3000.00 to my account. I informed of the incorrect amount and they were upset and stated they couldn’t reverse the refund and I had to pay them back 2500.00 via money order. I kept insisted to reverse the transaction and they somehow pretended to empty my bank accounts. I was stuck so I went to the credit union to get the cash for the money order and he wanted to be on the phone the whole time so I slipped a note asking to freeze my accounts and let him think I was going to get the wire transfer. I returned home and disconnected the wifi and had my son who works in IT to scan my computer and found 1550 viruses/malware. I didn’t transfer the money but let him know I returned home and my husband got on the phone and the scammer said he was going to steal all of our money then. Money was safely frozen and none lost. Luckily they froze my accounts and all was OK.

Monica – Apr 21, 2020

Victim Location 48127

Type of a scam Phishing


We have found instances of child pornography accessed from your IP address. This is a punishable offence under The Child Pornography Prevention Act of 1996 . For now we are blacklisting your IP address and if there is any further action from Microsoft you will be informed via email.

If this was not you and you suspect potential hack or id theft contact Microsoft Support Team at 1-833-570-0309.

Microsoft Support


Melinda – Mar 26, 2020

Victim Location 83644

Type of a scam Tech Support

While on my computer, suddenly lines appeared across the screen and a noise came from my computer. A message appeared saying my IP address was blocked, and I had to call. I reached out to the number, and someone with an accent answered, saying he was an employee of Microsoft. He said he needed to take control of my computer to fix the issue, and that it would cost $499 as my license expired. I told him I didn’t want to buy anything, and he again stated my license was expired and he could fix it for $299. He went about on my computer for about 30 minutes, and then told me to pay I had to provide my account information. I told him I would not provide that information, so he asked to speak to my wife and have her tell him, but she would not. The numbers that they have contacted me at were 844-299-095 and 833-809-8494. He mentioned these were rough times with the COVID virus going on, and making it seem like it was an emergency.

Meghan – Mar 16, 2020

Victim Location 44077

Type of a scam Tech Support

I received an alarming pop up on my computer. I tried to delete it. It keeps popping up. I did not click on it. It appeared to be from Microsoft. I did not know it was a scam/ I thought there was a problem with my computer. I did not send any money or give information.

Chad – Mar 06, 2020

Victim Location 44111

Type of a scam Tech Support

I picked up a scam call from someone representing themselves as an agent of Microsoft. The call came in to my home phone at 11:30 A.M. yesterday morning. The scammers phone number is 347-788-3351. I know that this is not Microsoft. There are so many scams.

Billy –

Victim Location 13669

Type of a scam Tech Support

pop up message when clicking ad for dog the bounty hunter saying our ip address was trying to accessed illegal they scanned my computer and tried to get me to pay for a microsoft extended warrenty, i refused and they have locked my out of windows and i cannot boot my windows up, its costing me $49.00 to have microsoft trying to fix it

I do not have any more information as who company, location etc. i just tried to call the phone number and get recording that can’t access that number at this time

Also when i went to face book they have removed the ad and blocked me from being able to report it to facebook

Lisa –

Victim Location 76379

Total money lost $1,000

Type of a scam Tech Support

Message popped up on my computer that looked like Microsoft and had a phone number to call so i did, I allowed remote access to the computer and he showed me some things that were wrong with your computer but also said that he could install an new antivirus protection since yours is expired and he said that I had accumulated 1000 points and I could convert that into $1,000.00 by purchasing (2) $500 gift cards to best buy I called him back and gave him the numbers and he said that he needed my CC# to transfer the money and put the balance on my account.

Adrienne –

Victim Location 14534

Total money lost $8,000

Type of a scam Tech Support

My computer suddenly froze up..bells&whisles went off and warned me to stop using my P.C. my accounts were hacked.They [fake]Microsoft voice said to call their support number they would fix the problem.I unfortunatley called the number and they Hackers] took over my P.C. I am 81 Yrs. old & thought it was legit..They [hackers]said go quickly to stores and buy "Gift Cards" to pay for this service.I was in a state of shock because I am a low income senior living on S.S& a widow trying to survive..I went to" Sephora" and instucted to buy 20 gift cards&I did.They were on my cell instructing me or should I say putting fear in me with other threats..I purchased $8,000.00 on my C.C.Scammers called day&nite landline,cell,and computer..I was told to give them the numbers&codes of cards,I must have been out of my mind to do that..I called "Sephora"next day and gave them all the numbers and asked them to block cards..Unfortunatley they did not..I know have a balance on my CC of $8,000.00 that I cannot pay..I have a police report,ect ect.I cannot believe "Sephora OR my bank did not have a red flag&contac me..I have the cards&receit of the purchase& have called the storemany times&corporate support,my bank reported the fraud/chase bank but said I bought the cards I am responsible..I need help as I cannot pay this scam now..

Kristi –

Victim Location 21502

Type of a scam Tech Support

On 01/31/2020, I received a taped call from Microsoft that said my checking account or savings account has been charged $299.99 for an on-line security account which had expired. First of all I never had a security account for which I paid for. When I called the number (1-855-969-0006) I was connected to a foreign speaking person who told me that in order to receive a refund I would have to get on line where he would direct me how to get connected. I informed him I currently did not have a computer in operation. He said he would have to refund my money manually to either my credit or debit card. I told him I did not authorize this payment and I was not giving him my information over the phone and the amount of money $299.99 had better not be removed from my accounts. He hung up on me. I checked my accounts and as of today, 1/31/2020,money has not been removed.

Brendan –

Victim Location 98272

Total money lost $33,600

Type of a scam Tech Support

One day my computer froze up and had a warning to not shut down my computer but to call a phone number that said Microsoft. When I called the number they identified themselves as Microsoft but the man sounded like he was from India but the call ended up being routed through Fort Hancock, Texas. They remotely accessed my computer with my permission and cleared the freezing up. They asked me if I wanted to place a software that would stop this from ever happening again for $249.00 of which I did pay. About 2 weeks later they called and said there was a software issue with what was placed on my computer and told me they were going to reimburse me $340.00 but they need to access my bank account remotely to do the reimbursement. I was skeptical but allowed them access through their bank server in Bankok. They told me what to type name, Bank type and the amount. They told me to type 34000 to get the $340.00 back. All of a sudden I had 34,000 dollars in my account. I had to go to the bank to send an international wire transfer for $33,600.00 to give the money back. I went to my bank 3 days later and found this was a scam and should have told the bank about the reason for the money to be sent as they told me to say that is was to repay a loan of which I said. They said that way they would not have to pay commercial taxes They told me to keep my computer on for the next 3 days until the funds cleared their bank. I should have identified this to the bank in the first place and they would never had done the wire transfer. I cleaned my computer to get their Ultraviewer software off my computer which is the way they remotely accessed my computer. The calls kept up for 2 days wanting me to let them into my computer again to finish what they started. I did not comply with that. This came after I told the bank about this and they said it was a scam from the which when I asked the man I was talking with named Steve Walsh 915-333-5214 and his code was SW00447. Please get the word out.

Brad –

Victim Location 99517

Type of a scam Online Purchase

They told me I was getting a refund of 299.00 for some Microsoft firewall. If I’m not going to cancel it their going to charge me 299.00 for it

Patricia –

Victim Location 83714

Type of a scam Phishing

Clamming to be Microsoft on the phone call saying I’ve payed for support mouths go and I’m going to get a refund as they are go to close.

But I don’t have one.

Fernando –

Victim Location 23832

Type of a scam Tech Support

I really thought I was smart and could tell if I was being scammed, however, when my newly purchased computer sounded off making a noise louder than my smoke alarm, it indicated for me to call Microsoft. At the time, I wasn’t thinking clearly, for I had just purchased, so I dialed the telephone number for Technical Support when the individual asked me not to shut down my computer, to let them control the sound and they would fix because someone was trying to hack into my computer. That he would apply the necessary virus protection software., ieplore.www.teamviewer. Then, he said it was going to cost $199 and what stores were near my home. To get in my car, keep him on the phone and go to the store. I immediately shut down my computer and hung up. They kept calling me back but I didn’t answer. I felt so stupid but glad I didn’t have any peronal information like bank accounts or credit cards on my computer

Charles –

Victim Location 22554

Type of a scam Tech Support

I received 3 calls from my own cell phone number. I answered the 3rd call. The man “Bill Jordan” said he was calling from Microsoft and that my computer had been compromised/hacked and that they needed to change some things on my system. I knew that this was a fraudster on the phone but played along to see what they were trying to do. The man asked if I have a computer, and I said “yes”. After reading online about current fraud, I realize that by saying “yes”, they may use that for fraud purposes. He asked me which key is next to the control key, and I said “shift” and then he asked me what key was next to the shift key. That’s when I quit following their questions and made up something “exclamation point”. I asked him questions about who he was and told him that I had been recording him and would be contacting the FBI. He hung up at that point.

Phillip –

Victim Location 14616

Type of a scam Tech Support

The caller named Nancy called from what sounded like an Indian or Pakistani accent. Stated that my Microsoft subscription was ending and I would be charged 299.00 if I did not phone them back. I do not have these services and when I called the number back after listening to the voicemail, I stated this was a spam call and she hung up on me.

Jonathon –

Victim Location 98223

Type of a scam Tech Support

They said our Microsoft account was being closed and want us to renew it..They are calling us back now about every two hours and somehow our caller id is now showing our telephone number..when we hang up and go back to our caller ID there number is right behind ours.

Brittney –

Victim Location 12308

Type of a scam Tech Support

Hi I just want to report that I got a phone call from a person that said they worked for mircosoft. This person then said I own them 291 dollars. I didnt say anything just that I would call micrsoft myself. Micsoft is a bussiness that will never call you first they will only call you back. This is a scam and I just dont want anyone to get used like that.

Leah –

Victim Location 14228

Type of a scam Tech Support

Answered phone female w/ foreign accent started talking about Microsoft. Told her she was a scam she screamed that I was a scam & I hung up.

Sierra –

Victim Location 48910

Type of a scam Tech Support

Microsoft per Microsoft, I was told NEVER CALLS anyone for any reason at all!!

Was told my name was on a list for refund by Microsoft per Better Business Bureau as they were moving out of the Country. In order to get refund had to go to computer turn it on…I HUNG UP

David –

Victim Location 23832

Type of a scam Phishing

The individual (name used was Jason) stated he worked for microsoft and want to know whether I wanted to cancel a subscription to service my computer and if I didn’t act today I would be charged a fee of $263.24. I then called the number on my answering machine and told him I wanted to cancel my subscription (if I had one) and he instructed me to go get on my computer to fill out information to cancel. I told him I would not and he said I owe him dollars to cancel. I asked how much would have to pay and he said $199. I told him I would not pay anything and if he tried to charge anything against any credit card I would reject it and i will contact the to file a complaint. He then hung up the phone. This is the fourth time he called today and left a rebo message on my machine.

Jerome –

Victim Location 99126

Type of a scam Phishing

On 6/13/19, I received a call on my home landline saying that Microsoft wanted to refund a portion of the cost of a program that I had previously purchased in the amount of $299.00. I called and was told that the refund had to be done over the computer; I asked if they could send me the refund documents to me by mail and they said no. I kept reiterating that if I had paid for the program vial online that they would have the information to refund the amount to my account or had my physical address to mail me paper documents to start the refund process. I never heard back from them and never received any refund documents to fill out in the mail.

William –

Victim Location 83687

Type of a scam Tech Support

Consumer called:

Microsoft contacted me a little bit ago telling me we needed to pay them $300 or our service would be suspended. Phone numbers are 5095887455 802179610

Jeffery –

Victim Location 14228

Type of a scam Tech Support

Message on my answering machine- your Widows LS will automatically renew and $299 will be deducted from your bank account unluss you call this number 1-716-458-9048

Sophia –

Victim Location 93510

Total money lost $400

Type of a scam Online Purchase

The scammer is claiming I purchased web security from them and that there is an automatic renewal. They say they will charge my account $299 if I don’t contact them. They are harassing me with phone calls which I do not answer, but they are leaving messages (many of them) on the answering machine.

Geoffrey –

Victim Location 29127

Type of a scam Tech Support

Received a phone call on August 27, 2019 stating our microsoft account was due for renewal and this included antivirus services, etc.

Stated that our credit card on file would be charged $500 within next 24 hours if we did not call them and ask them to cancel their services.

Brandy –

Victim Location 90027

Type of a scam Phishing

Said that they were calling about my microsoft subscription and that my card would be charged $250 if I didn’t press 2 to change the account/subscription. I definitely don’t have a subscription.

Chase –

Victim Location 14435

Type of a scam Tech Support

We got a phone call from a computerized voice named "Kathy Jackson" who was calling from "Microsoft" to say something was wrong with the internet.

Joy –

Victim Location 53523

Type of a scam Tech Support

MicroSoft wanting me to call for $299 refund or they will automatically charge me if I don’t call them back

Lee –

Victim Location 23836

Type of a scam Phishing

Left an automated voice mail stating I needed to call back regarding my $299.99 refund for Computer Security Services.

Travis –

Victim Location 83669

Type of a scam Tech Support

Started out as a robo call and they said they were from Microsoft. They told me they were about to disconnect me because my IP address was compromised and that they needed to issue me a new license. The robo call instructed me to punch 1 on my phone to connect to a representitive. I hung up at that point.

Sara –

Victim Location 35811

Total money lost $14,500

Type of a scam Tech Support

Caller indicates we are due refund for Microsoft Office Purchase up to $300. Walks elderly and naive recipient through steps to install RemotePC suite software gaining them access to recipient’s bank account. Recipient records bank account information thus allowing caller to access their checking and savings accounts. Caller transfers money from savings to checking and then accuses recipient of ‘stealing money from them’. Recipient sees additional money in checking account and believes caller that she has mistakenly recorded the wrong information in account. Caller instructs recipient to go to bank and withdraw cash from account, put cash in a magazine and wrap magazine in wrapping paper. Package is then to be overnighted to them FedEx. Caller is very insistent that recipient is going to cause them to loose their job if they tell anyone about this error so recipient follows directions, sends cash before realizing what has occurred.

Jon –

Victim Location 94965

Type of a scam Tech Support

We received a call on our home phone number by an automated caller starting they were calling from Microsoft to let us know our IP address had been compromised and to press 1 to connect to tech support to have our IP address disconnected.

We hung up. The name on the caller ID was Robert Brothers, and the phone number was 209-956-4607.

Anne –

Victim Location 99026

Type of a scam Tech Support

A person my caller ID said was Frances Elfering called me this morning. A guy in a heavy Indian accent tried telling me that my name and number was on a call list, and that my computer has failed to update, and as a result some of the programs on my computer would not work. I was asked if I was at home, and I said no. He asked when I would be back, and I said it doesn’t matter. He tried to explain that I needed to go to a website to download the update, which I could only assume was malware. I asked him for his ID number, which he apparently had on hand (I didn’t believe him); he gave off a string of random numbers and letters trying to prove he was legitimate. I said I didn’t believe him and that he needed to get a real job and then hung up.

Wendy –

Victim Location 29687

Type of a scam Tech Support

I received a call yesterday morning from an Indian sounding man. The man had my name and said he was from Microsoft. He said he was calling about my computer. I informed him I did not even have a computer. He continued to say the computer had some issues and when I continued to tell him that I did not have a computer, he went on about how he wasn’t a scam. I did hang up and call the number back and the recording said Microsof, left the t off when spelling their name, which leads me to assume if was a scam.

Troy –

Victim Location 29325

Type of a scam Tech Support

They pretend to be Microsoft. They send me an error pop-up pretending to fix the problem and want you to download software. They said my computer was under attack from a virus which is actually them. They are not Microsoft they are scammers trying to get card information. So if you see the error message just close your window and be very mindful where you download items. They also were racist and said why do black people have no money and stuff to me. So be aware this is not real. Make sure to always check to see is alert is real or fake.

Alan –

Victim Location 12850

Type of a scam Tech Support

I was called on 6/20/2019 @ 12:24 stating I will get a $299. Refund from Microsoft. I explained I don’t use microsoft. All my computers are Apple. Advised me it didn’t make a difference because I had a refund coming and to turn on my computer so they can send me forms to fill out for the refund. I refused and hung up.

Alexander –

Victim Location 21222

Type of a scam Tech Support

I received a text saying mr Miller is the manager for Microsoft tech support. It wanted to let me know my windows defender was up and needed to pay for a new contract. I called the number back and asked what this was for. The person said I had to renew my contract and they would automatically renew. So I asked what account its attached too. The guy said well I can’t tell you that information and the accounting area would do that. I said ok transfer me to the accounting area. He said I cant do that. So I told him then I cant help you and hung up. They want me to fill out a form to get your information. Dont give anyone anything. I called Microsoft and they said they will never call you. Unless you contact them.

Rebecca –

Victim Location 97838

Type of a scam Online Purchase

They say they are microsoft with betterr business bureau and that my auto renew is going thru my bank today of 405.00 to renew my microsoft acct. Told them no I dont want to renew so they had to gain access to my computer to stop it. Got into my online banking moved money around from my other connected acct. and say a mistake was made they deposited those funds instead of taking them out and now I need to repay them using a one time load visa card so this guy David parker and supervisor Brian dont lose their jobs. Both had heavy Indian accents and when my daughter was on speaker phone with me started asking how old she is and proceeded with more personal questions when told that was innapropriate he got very defensive. For next 3 days including today they have continued to call me several times a day.

Adrienne –

Victim Location 83404

Type of a scam Tech Support

I got a call on my cell phone from 866 678-6120 telling me that Microsoft could no longer guarantee protection on my computer. So they are going to refund the money to me. I have to get on my computer and they will send me the money. I asked for them to send me a check. He said they cannot do that. So I asked why they are calling people individually. He says so they can return it on my computer. I said it sounds like a scam and he suddenly hangs up.. He had an accent from India and didn’t speak very good English.

Joshua –

Victim Location 13815

Total money lost $499

Type of a scam Tech Support

I was called by this "service" and told that I could receive a lifetime tech service and firewall protection. He showed me all the ways I was vulnerable and how easily I could be hacked, etc. Then offered this service from "Microsoft". I was stupid and fell for it for $499. That was in Dec 2018. Yesterday I received another call from the same guy who said it was only for 3 years and my firewall was compromised. Showed me all the places I had been "hacked" from foreign countries, etc and wanted more money to install a firewall. That’s when I realized I had been scammed.

Jose –

Victim Location 83001

Type of a scam Tech Support

Call claiming to be from Microsoft. Saying I owe them money.

Allison –

Victim Location 29223

Type of a scam Tech Support

Said something was wrong with my Microsoft and want to get into my computer.

Krystal –

Victim Location 99577

Type of a scam Tech Support

I have receives 3 call this morning form a recording. They say they are Microsoft and my IP has been taken by several countries. I did not continue hung up.

Nichole –

Victim Location 83714

Type of a scam Identity Theft

caller rings my home phone and my caller id shows my name and number. the caller also calls my wife’s cell phone and it shows and uses the special ring tone showing the call is from me. a recording comes on and gives a name, for example, Kathleen from microsoft. the message states that my ip address has been hacked and being used in several countries. the recording then asks to press 1 to speak with an IT tech. I did press one once and a gentleman with a foreign accent answered. I hung up. I receive this same call on average 5 times a day on my land line and 4 times a day on my wife’s cell phone. Is there any way to block this?

Micheal –

Victim Location 32730

Type of a scam Tech Support

My phone rang at around 11:00 AM EDT on 3/15/19. I always check my caller ID before answering a call. Much to my surprise it showed that MY HOME PHONE NUMBER was calling??!

I answered to someone telling me they were Microsoft and that my ??address?? had been compromised and I had to change it. The reason didn’t make any sense, so I hit the #1 key "to speak to someone to fix the problem", hoping to get some traceable information for authorities. When I hit the key, I could hear faint voices in the background. Within 20 to 30 seconds on hold I was disconnected.

Along with my own phone number, these numbers appeared: V31511064300028.

How do scammers hi-jack someone else’s phone #?

Erin –

Victim Location 98908

Total money lost $399

Type of a scam Tech Support

In August of 2018 we called Microsoft for computer tech help. Got a call back from this guy Mark, he had me get on my computer and then pretty soon he had control of it. He told me to leave everything alone. He went through everything and said he got all the bugs out, and to call him back if we needed more help. My ex boss said he got the same thing and his wife figured out this was a scam and told the guy it was a scam and when they told him that he said "you’re right" and shut down their computer. He called me recently and I told him we no longer had his service. He told me we were on a 5 year agreement and if I cancelled they would shut our computer down forever.

Todd –

Victim Location 99163

Type of a scam Phishing

a representative called claiming to be from Microsoft and offered a reimbursement of $399.00, the only way to retrieve the funds would of been by providing my online banking credentials, I disconnected the phone call.

Derrick –

Victim Location 63132

Type of a scam Tech Support

On Tuesday, March 19, 2019, we received an automated phone message on our answering machine saying that this was a emergency and that our Microsoft Windows license key had expired, that all our MS products were turned off, and to call them at 1-877-896-5999. Our caller ID record showed the same phone number. Of course, we did not return the call. Thank you.

Craig –

Victim Location 14580

Type of a scam Tech Support

This call is from Microsoft your subscription will be stopped…this is an emergency you must call right away your windows will stop working

Dylan –

Victim Location 94553

Type of a scam Debt Collections

Wanted someone I know to go on line and wait for him to call back at 4 and he will help her go three the steps on line with her I said hell no you are not

Steven –

Victim Location 99005

Total money lost $350

Type of a scam Tech Support

I was first approached by phone in June, 2016 for unlimited service for 3 computers for 350.00 by someone named Alex from a company called Crescentech, llc/1-844-221-4333. I fell for it and sent the money, when I tried calling for help the number was invalid.

Now I am getting calls from a Mark Taylor as a representative of Microsoft Refund saying I was due a refund of said 350.00 on jan 23, 2019. Wanting access to my computer I said it no longer woked, than you very much, and they said I would get a refund by mail in 3 weeks. Calling back this Mark Taylor said I had to have any computor and gave me his name and number,

1-700-300-8197. I tried to call back, no answer, and now I am gettin hangup calls-Mar 05, 2019

Alex –

Victim Location 97267

Type of a scam Tech Support

I had my Microsoft blocked on my iPhone claiming I had viruses and was a victim of hacking. In order to get my Microsoft released, I was told I needed insurance to prevent this immediately. I was called every hour, and I was asked for credit card info to insure my phone! Very disturbing. I had to contact my back and credit card companies.

Renee –

Victim Location 96792

Type of a scam Tech Support

(Supposedly)Microsoft called to say that my license would be shut down because my IP address was compromised by several whatevers in other countries. I was directed to press 1 to get a technician to help me change my IP address.

I hung up because I figured it was a scam.

The caller ID showed my name and had my info. That’s the only reason I picked up. They called twice @8:53 and 9:54. It starts w/ a recording. The 1st call said in 1 day and the 2nd said 48 hours.

Shana –

Victim Location 97220

Type of a scam Tech Support

At about 3:30 today (02-20-19) I got a voice massage from 888-491-9281 a female professional sounding auto-message said that my MS license key has expired and all my MS services have been stop and that I need to call 1-855-777-9055. When I call the number to confirm that it was a fraud and not just a prank call I was greeted by a man with a moderate to heavy accent. I don’t wish to stereotype but sounded Indian to me. I know that MS uses India for tech support but i use Mac so I don’t want his help anyway. Knowing that MS will never initiate a phone call I’m pretty sure that this is a scam. Thank You and Good Hunting.

Hillary –

Victim Location 98011

Type of a scam Tech Support

I answered a call from Microsoft who said hello and I answered curtly "YES", the caller hung up and I realized that I may have fallen into a trap for me to say "yes"! I canceled my credit card and reported it to the fraud department of the credit card company. Nothing has happened yet that I am aware of, but I am just covering my bases.

Andres –

Victim Location 98104

Type of a scam Tech Support

Caller identified herself as Pam Chan, working on behalf of Microsoft to validate user information. Kept asking questions until I said the word "Yes" and then wanted to end the call.

Meghan –

Victim Location 97301

Type of a scam Tech Support

Dont follow instructions for a person who you dont know

Allen –

Victim Location 96732

Type of a scam Phishing

I received an automatic call from someone claiming to be Microsoft informing not to use my banking information online.

Paula –

Victim Location 12845

Total money lost $299

Type of a scam Tech Support

I was contacted by this number posing as a microsoft refund for services paid for several months ago. They are requiring a bank account number for the refund. When asked for information regarding the refund, they had no answers for the call and gained control of my computer.

Martha –

Victim Location 98168

Type of a scam Phishing

Kept receiving phone calls on our landline from this number and similar. Basic message from these scammers is that we paid for a microsoft product and because company is being forced to close, they need to refund money to us. Looked number up online and found many sites that confirm this is a scam because they ask for our bank info. As the BBB, i expect you to do something so seniors and elderly don’s get scammed. If you can’t do anything, can you contact the feds…FBI to report since it goes over state lines.


Mario –

Victim Location 98112

Type of a scam Tech Support

Call showed phone as v118134232000775 but the caller ID on the TV showed the consumers name Ron Simon 206-322-7244. When he called the number back he heard his own answering machine recording.

Stefanie –

Victim Location 97080

Total money lost $395.40

Type of a scam Tech Support

I went on my computer, it was frozen and a link popped up about Microsoft and to call, they then tapped into my computer and wanted to sale protection plans, then card was compromised and account was billed

Sophia –

Victim Location 14435

Type of a scam Tech Support

I keep getting these calls where a man with a very thick Indian accent calls and says they are from "Windows". Windows never calls you! Big time scam!!!

Tyrone –

Victim Location 21236

Type of a scam Tech Support

Microsoft calling, states I need to go to Walgreens immediately and buy a $400 google play card in order for them to fix my computer

Marco –

Victim Location 29640

Type of a scam Tech Support

These people have been calling me, saying that they are from Microsoft. They state that they owe me money and I need to call them to get the refund from the security program I had previously signed up for. They told me that they accidentally deposited money into my account in the amount of $25,000 and that I needed to go to the bank and withdraw the money. The only information that I gave them was my bank name, South State Bank. I did not give them any account information. I went to the bank and to my surprise, all three of my accounts were zeroed out to nothing. Thankfully my bank was able to help me and put a fraud alert on them.

Grace –

Victim Location 29625

Type of a scam Tech Support

Received a telephone call stating that it was Microsoft calling because my internet connection has been compromised due to illegal content. They warned me that unless I called back at (401) 396-2587, an arrest warrant would be issued.

Manuel –

Victim Location 93277

Type of a scam Tech Support

These pple called me and I accidentally answered and they said they would be charging me 299.00 and hung up. Maybe it was a recorded message. So I called back they said they weren’t gonna charge me when I asked why they said they were gonna charge me. Then I asked who they were he said windows. Then I asked for name and couldn’t make it out. I asked him to spell it and he hung up on me. There have been other calls that I have not answered but from a different number saying they are Microsoft and going out of business and they want to reimburse me. They have called and continuously left me messages. I think this is also a scam. Their number is 8448547046. I’ve been scammed before and was out 100$ buying iTunes cards before realizing it was a scam. Don’t want this to happen again or to others.

Russell –

Victim Location 97526

Type of a scam Phishing

Continually calling me to tell me i have a refund from Microsoft. I’ve never paid for anything. I blocked number but am unable to block voice mail where they fill my in box everyday.

Janet –

Victim Location 29016

Type of a scam Tech Support

"855-426-3666. This is an emergency call from Microsoft. Your Windows license key has been expired. All services will be stopped on your computer. To renew that, call our toll free number 855-425-3666."

Marcus –

Victim Location 98418

Type of a scam Phishing

this said that my IP address had been used to search others computers and steal their info

Patricia –

Victim Location 45036

Total money lost $5,000

Type of a scam Tech Support

Scammer called pretending to be from Microsoft, said I was due a credit of $350. The scammer credited my bank account $5,000 and said it was a mistake. The scammer told me to go to Wal Mart and buy $5,000 in gift cards and give him the numbers to make up for the "mistake" deposit.

Katie –

Victim Location 75081

Type of a scam Phishing

Just received a voice mail (didn’t answer call) saying this was Microsoft and my licence had expired and to call back to reinstate or all microsoft products on my computer would be disabled.

Shannon –

Victim Location 69134

Type of a scam Tech Support

Today (11/20/2018) we have received two calls coming from our own phone number from Microsoft. They stated that they were going to discontinue our Windows service in 45 minutes. My husband did call block, but they called a second time. We hung up.

Haley –

Victim Location 97068

Type of a scam Tech Support

My parents (66 and 67 years old) received an automated phone message that our "Windows license had expired" and were instructed to call back a number (855-649-3739) to renew it. Knowing it was a scam, we called the number and were asked to press the Windows key and R key on our computer and to tell them what appeared on our computer. When I gave the number that appeared (made up), he said that yes, our license had expired. We were then asked whether we wanted a one-time renewal (for ~$200-300, I can’t remember) or a lifetime license (for $699). After selecting the "lifetime license," I was told to go to the nearest Walgreens and pick up a Google Play card then call him back. I asked several questions about why I couldn’t just pay over the phone and was ultimately told to "go ***  yourself and don’t call back here again" then he hung up on me. Then I called the number back ~20 minutes later and said I’d spoken to him earlier about my Windows license being expired and had the Google play card. He requested the number from the back of the Google play card and when I gave a false number, he promptly hung up again.

Carrie –

Victim Location 83642

Total money lost $50

Type of a scam Tech Support

Internet on computer goes down then you get a pop up comes up on phone or computer.has a phone number to contact. When you do they claim to be Microsoft.they say you have a virus or your Microsoft lincense key has expired. They can fix it for you but they need access to your computer remotely.then they try to sell protection for lifetime for 299.00.don’t get caught up in this scam.

Christine –

Victim Location 33770

Type of a scam Tech Support

Called a number believing it was a Representative from Microsoft, was on the phone for about three hours. Said I could get security system for $12.33, Had to give credit card number and asked for social security number. Called Microsoft again and they said no such service for that price exsisted. HAd to go to my bank and get my credit card cancelled.

Edwin –

Victim Location 68502

Type of a scam Tech Support

received a call from this number stating they were Microsoft and they needed me to push "1" to speak with a representative as there has been some suspicious activity on my computer. When i did and asked for more detail they asked if i was at my computer so i could log on. I was not and said they should call me back in 20 minutes. I hung up re-dialed the number which said it was invalid/no longer in use and they never called back in 20 minutes.

Jacqueline –

Victim Location 83646

Type of a scam Tech Support

While on the computer, I received an automated telephone call from Microsoft stating that my information had been compromised, and for more information to press 2. I pressed 2, and was transferred to an individual claiming to be with Microsoft. He said his name was Sam Smith, and he remote accessed my computer. He showed me multiple sources that he claimed were attempting to access my information, at weird hours. I became suspicious at this point, and asked him what his name was. He said his name was Sam Smith, and he was from Pakistan and worked for Microsoft. He gave me a telephone number to verify his employment. I called the number, and they verified. I asked to be called back in 10 minutes. I then searched for a number for Microsoft, and they confirmed they have no call centers outside of the US, and that they do not call people unless asked to do so. He called from 1-818-934-4429, from California. The employment verification number used was 1-800-727-6178.

Teresa –

Victim Location 76201

Type of a scam Tech Support

They claim to be microsoft. I had an alert that my computer had a virus. It said call microsoft immediately or they will be forced to shut my computer. I called and an Indian guy logged into my computer to diagnose the virus. He acted like he was from microsoft. He went through my computer files, etc.. He then tried to sell a Virus Software to fix the problem. 1 yr $149, 2 yrs $249, or 5yrs $349. I realized it was a scam & said I had to go. Unfortunately I had already given them access to my computer files.

Karl –

Victim Location 94603

Type of a scam Tech Support

The hackers claims that they are from Microsoft stating that the number that popped up on my computer screen 877-957-2048 is Microsoft. He gave his contact information with Microsoft’s address in Washington with his name and email.

He told me that my firewall has been hacked and stolen and that I need to buy a new one for $500. He said that I need to go to a nearby store and purchase a Google Play card and that it will be used towards the purchase. He said that Microsoft will reimburse me immediately once I provide them with the code on the card.

At this point it was getting very suspicious but I played along. I asked him questions about why would my firewall be stolen from this computer only when I have many other devices. He then claimed that all my devices are compromised. As I asked more questions that hit his hot button, he got angry and started cursing , at which point I told him that I will have them tracked down by the authorities. He got more upset stating that my computer is destroyed and cannot be used again and then hung up.

Cindy –

Victim Location 98371

Type of a scam Tech Support

Warnings on my computer being full of spyware and porographic sites. Could be turned over to FBI. call 8667115711 to have a Microsoft tech clean your computer before you get arrested. You can’t stop woman’s voice till you call the number and then they access your computer and charge you for the service and a yr or more protection. Give you a fake MS certificate number and asked for a scanned copy of check to do the payment. Then they call an hr later to do a follow up courtesy call and then continue to call every day as I stopped the check and closed the acct with the bank.

Kendra –

Victim Location 98144

Type of a scam Tech Support

a pop-up message purported to be from Microsoft told me my computer was infected with a malicious code and “Your windows (Microsoft) computer has been blocked” . A recording alert said to call tech support at 855-483-7888 immediately to unblock your computer. This happened twice, the second time the scammers directed me to call 888-976-6204. They said they were Microsoft employees and had a Pakistani accent

Brad –

Victim Location 96088

Total money lost $3,500

Type of a scam Tech Support

Randomly contacted and was told my CPU support (paid) was closing its doors but a refund was being offered.  In order to do that they needed access to my CPU.

Scammer said they would refund $300 but accidently refunded $4,000.  They wanted the balance back and suggested I get $3500 in Walmart gift cards. 

Scammer shut down consumer’s computer. 

Nathaniel –

Victim Location 98626

Type of a scam Other

Person answering phone reporting working for Microsoft and wanted to give me a refund for services provided by a department working within the company that had closed down. He wanted me to get online and log into my Microsoft account. I asked what the name of the department was and what services they provided. He said it was ITEC and he knew I was receiving the services because I had received a voice mail message. I asked again what the services were. He told me if I wasn’t going to log on to the computer to just hang up and stop wasting his time. I replied, "So you are scamming me." He replied, "Can you prove that?" I told him I was going to file a claim with the and hung up.

Misty –

Victim Location 80504

Type of a scam Tech Support

Was on my laptop it came up DO NOT CLOSE your computer call this number.Could not close it out so called of course thought Microsoft was good.Anyways tech RONNIE FISCHER ext o522 says my computer has been hacked,malwares or spywhere internet.Also took control of my computer and showed me the whole month of Sept alot of actions,errors on my computer.So in order to clear this gave $199.99 to clean this up with my credit card he sounded foreign that should gave me a hint couldn’t understand him he was geting frustated cause he had to repeat himself very rude.As he was doing this he switch me over to JAMES WILSON SR level 9 tech network security expert.Which he says this could happen again so additional $199.99 for service support to avoid this to happen again 24/7 support He wanted me to give him my credit card phone number and with me n him saying o.k. for the $399.99.Also somehow they got my passwords for our online banking and my internet which I did not give.Plus they send my document will my signature i never sign isnt’ that against the law.So i proceed to call my credit card the $399.99 was denied and was told it was a SCAM I did change our passwords now my laptop has to go in the shop to get fixed glad we have other computers.i have the document on my email will try and if i can forward it to you.Plus my sister got scammed she lives here in Colorado.Please spread this around and do something to press charges so noone like us gets scam especially elderly people thank you

Lori –

Victim Location 97424

Type of a scam Tech Support

Caller ID indicated a person’s name and the number provided above. Caller (with Indian accent) said he was calling from Windows Technical Support. I politely asked to be removed from their database. Called screamed into the phone "Shut up!"

Very unpleasant.

Andres –

Victim Location 83402

Type of a scam Tech Support

As I was working on my laptop, a warning to call Microsoft support immediately pops up and freezes my computer from closing out or shutting down, so I call the number. They verified my URL so I thought it was legit and invited them to ‘go to assist’ allowing them to view my computer. BIG mistake. They then proceed to show me all the thousands of infected files and they can clean them up and provide software security for only $199.99. I then realized it was a scam and hung up but it was too late. They corrupted my hard drive completely and my laptop was useless. I had to purchase a new laptop so it cost me $515.

Richard –

Victim Location 11789

Type of a scam Tech Support

Original call is automated, claiming that there is malware detected on your computer. When you return the call, theyre asking for your computer information then a google play card with $500.00 loaded onto it.

Abigail –

Victim Location 96818

Type of a scam Tech Support

I rejected the call and they left a voicemail that said my microsoft windows product key on my computer was blocked and I had to call them back to get a new one. Microsoft would never do this.

Ashlee –

Victim Location 26330

Type of a scam Tech Support

he claimed to say my pc is having problem. as an a plus internet professional i knew he was a scammer then he pretended he was a hacker from russia. threatened to hack me and my families computers. claimed he worked for microsoft

Denise –

Victim Location 99208

Total money lost $200

Type of a scam Tech Support

They called and a voice said they said that there was something wrong with the computer and that they needed to fix something on the computer. Sent them banking information to take the money out. They installed malware on the computer. Has since had a neighbor fix the computer.

Paul –

Victim Location 68164

Type of a scam Tech Support

I was called by this phone number, they said they were Microsoft. They said I had errors which indicated that someone was trying to steal the information on my computer. I asked what error specifically that they were talking about. They hung up. I called back and the person that answered the phone said he was tech support. He wanted me to turn on my computer so he could log in and help me. He said his name was Chris Johnson and his ID was JC4001. I think that person was the one trying to take control of my computer. He could not tell me which of my computers he was talking about

Vincent –

Victim Location 59105

Type of a scam Phishing

This is another Microsoft scam, but the weird thing is that the call is showing up on caller ID as our home number. That’s the only reason I answered it and then I hung up.

Roberto –

Victim Location 21801

Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill

I was contacted by a fake company identifying themselves as Microsoft associated. They were offering me a refund for a service I had purchased. Through an email fraud, they change the amount of the refund, and supposedly credited my credit card with a huge amount of money – which They said was my mistake. Therefore they claimed I owed them money. They tried to extort me by showing me that they were taking all of the money out of all of my accounts if I did not refund them the amount that they were due. It took me several hours to get it straightened out.

Edward –

Victim Location 21043

Type of a scam Tech Support

Got a message on my laptop that my computer was in a locked mode due to Pornographic Spyware/Malware and a recording said to call this number to have it fixed. I could not get rid of the message. It also said "do not turn off" and to call the number they provided. I did call them and I told them they were nothing but scammers!!! He tried to tell me he wasn’t. But…I knew better. I WAS NOT scammed.

Aimee –

Victim Location 32828

Total money lost $349.99

Type of a scam Tech Support

The owner of this company is Devikaben Kapoor. He remotely hacked my computer network at home and pretended to be an employee of Microsoft and took over my computer to supposedly set up a "firewall". He charged me $349.99 for "lifetime protection". This was July 31, 2017. In February of 2018 he called and said there were problems with my network again and that the company that originally charged us $349.99 was going out of business and that he needed our card to refund that money. I told him nice try and hung up on him. He then called my son who was not with me and told him there were problems with his computer and that he needed to wipe it clean and reinstall the firewall and it would cost $200. My son, unwittingly and unfortunately believed him and paid him. Last night (August 20th) he called us again that there were problems with our network and i was home when it happened. I knew at this point it was a scam by the same person (Hindu Indian sounding) and i wiped my son’s computer clean. As we were doing it he was trying to take over the computer remotely. So i disconnected our internet router immediately and unplugged it to cut off his access. I’m going to file a police report but wanted to also report him to the here so others can be aware of his acts and protect themselves.

Valerie –

Victim Location 60443

Type of a scam Tech Support

I was using my laptop, checking my email when out of nowhere, a blue Microsoft screen popped up saying that I’ve been hacked and "don’t try to close the screen because I may lose information on my computer. The automated voice encouraged me to call the number on the screen which I enclosed in the complaint. So I called it, not sure of what was going on and a Representative named "Michael" answered and at first it seemed legitimate until he turned on the camera and turned it around to face me to scan my face to prevent anymore hacking and to put antivirus protection on my computer. Of course, he was trying to sell me an antivirus package and claiming that he couldn’t see me through the camera. Then, he told me I had to be scanned to my thigh area and once that didn’t work, he told me if I showed him my boobs he would give me the lifetime package for free and when this happened I got his name again and got off the phone. And come to find out, I could shut down everything he was doing without any problems on my laptop. So moral to the story is, if some random thing happens while on your computer just "x" out of it and don’t give any money or personal information to any random people.

Jorge –

Victim Location 33774

Type of a scam Tech Support

they said that they where from Microsoft computer they also left a voicemail and I called them back they where speaking with foreign voice and I said give me a name that they where looking for and they could not give me one thank you so much

Allen –

Victim Location 97402

Type of a scam Tech Support

I received a voicemail for suspicious activity on my microsoft account. I called back and was connected with a live person that wanted to get my computer and account information. I told him I was not home and he told me to call back when I was home. I asked if this was a scam and he stated he would put me on a do not call list and hung up.

Christina –

Victim Location 97701

Type of a scam Online Purchase

This scammer pretended to be a Microsoft employee(technical support engineer) who would help me to restore my personal information that was supposed to be at risk of breaching. I didn’t give him my credit card number or personal info to “restore my computer ” for $30, so he hang up on me. Right after that incident I called Microsoft and it turned up to be he was a scammer. Now I cannot use my pc, and have to bring my pc to Microsoft main office to repair for $50

Sarah –

Victim Location 77706

Type of a scam Phishing

Got a phone call from Microsoft stating my computer as has been compromised, please call us at 518-329-9670.  I didn’t call them because I knew it was a scam.

Yolanda –

Victim Location 66536

Type of a scam Tech Support

A phone call from Microsoft from Shirley stating that my IP address on my windows has been compromised by a foreign country or countries and I need to speak to a technician to make sure my computer is safe by pressing 1. I hung up on them. The caller ID on my phone pulled the number of 606-874-1400 with the name of Michelle Fields.

Carly –

Victim Location 98026

Type of a scam Phishing

After a call back the person wanted to access control of my computer to "give me a refund" of money I haven’t paid.

Bruce –

Victim Location 13131

Type of a scam Tech Support

Scam operation calling by phone claiming to be from Microsoft. They state there is a problem with your computer they want to assist you with. Today it was a foreign sounding woman. They can become nasty if you call them on what they are falsely representing. They will insist on being totally legitimate. They are looking to gain access to your computer and thereby your private accounts and information. Potentially the same or a very similar operation called on 7/11/2018 and left at least 7-8 messages on our answering machine. All advising we call back to remedy a problem with our computer and Apple Account. At that time it was on the caller ID as Apple Inc… Phone number 516-739-8540. Beware! Hang up and report them!

Cory –

Victim Location 33948

Type of a scam Tech Support

I clicked onto a fake wedsite for Wells Fargo and the scam has shut down my computer. I cannot get rid of this page, I have run every security firewall and can’t get rid of it,

Louis –

Victim Location 84020

Type of a scam Tech Support

Received email asking me to follow a link to take a customer service survey regarding recent support I recieved earlier that week. Only problem was that I hadn’t called, emailed, or contacted Microsoft in any shape or form regarding any issues.

Nichole –

Victim Location 34689

Type of a scam Tech Support

I have been receiving phone calls from someone claiming to be from Microsoft Solutions attempting to issue me a refund as a business was closing. When I called them they wanted access to my computer to issue me a refund.I was victim to a previous tech support scam and attempted to remove viruses that may not have been there. The business was Cal State Solutions. their address is 4325 Ducane Ave Culver city, CA 90232-2807, phone number 310-920-1947. Last time i spoke with them was in January of 2017. $149.99.

Johnathan –

Victim Location 68102

Type of a scam Tech Support


Monique –

Victim Location 21211

Type of a scam Tech Support

A voice message from the number added stated I was being contacted because the vendor had recorded error messages from my IP address and wanted me to return the call.

Pedro –

Victim Location 13205

Type of a scam Tech Support

I was nearly scammed by someone who said he works for Microsoft. He said he is picking up signals that someone is trying to plant viruses into my computer. He said he could stop the intruder but I would need to give him access to my computer by giving him my Microsoft pass word. Lockley for me, I did not know my husband’s pass word. However, I was sitting at my computer for hours, and on the phone with him trying different pass words I have used in the pass. Finally, he suggested that I go to my neighbor’s house and use her computer and give him her pass word and he would be able to solve my problem using her computer. At that point, a hundred red flags went up. I began to question him about my concerns, and when I mentioned the FBI, he suddenly hung up. I than tried to use my landline phone to call Microsoft and report the matter, but the scammer some how blocked my phone and I could not get a dial tone. I than called Microsoft using my cell phone. I spoke with a tech support person who was very concerned about the caller. He said the call did not come from Microsoft and they would never make such a call to their customers. With that conformation, I used precaution, I went to my bank the next morning. I told the manager that a scammer may have gotten access into my account. I asked him to closed it before any damage was done. There are more than one of them. There are males and females. They still call at least twice a year, using the same Microsoft scam or the you owe the IRS for back taxes scam. They are relentless. Do you have and suggestions on how I can put a stop to their scamming business. By the way they all speak with African accents.

Kari –

Victim Location 01106

Type of a scam Tech Support

repeated calls about Microsoft Windows license expiration

Jesus –

Victim Location 99212

Type of a scam Tech Support

I got online at Amazon Books and a message popped up saying there was a pornographic virus (I’ve never been on a porno site) and I couldn’t get out of it. It said Error: 0x80072ee7. It said that if I deleted it, it would put a virus on my computer. It said to call 1-877-336-5833. A guy answered, said his name was Daniel Galler and he said he was a Microsoft technician. I could tell English was not his native language. I had difficulty understanding him at times. Asked if it was office, family or personal computer for Microsoft Windows. Then he took over my computer. It said Verified publisher and underneath he typed LogMeIn, Inc. He said he had my IP address and Social Security number and that McCafree Firewall had been damaged. Then he said it would take 55-65 minutes to do the following:

1. Network firewall security block – block the unwelcome + block virus

2. Bitlocker version – encrypt

3. Mask my IP – private

Then he offered the following services to fix it:

Cloud-based Network Security (lifetime + transferrable) (15 years) – $1200

Advanced based Network Security (timeframe) (8 years) –

1 year – $324.12

3 year – $562.31

7 year – $899.81

I told him I could not afford it. I didn’t have the money.

Then he said I could get 1 month for $150.00

I said I don’t have the money. I’m going to check you out first. What is the phone number where I can contact you?

He said, My direct line is 1-800-527-7310.

He said Is the reason because of trust or money.

I said "Both."

He gave me his name and employee number and extension id

Daniel Galler

Emp ID: MS80351321

Extn ID: 184721

I asked him what was the name of the company that offered the network security

He said ITEK Magnet

He told me I would need to call back soon or the virus would be on my computer because it had been hacked.

I hung up and called some people in IT that I knew I could trust.

Both of them told me it was a scam.

What I should have done when I got the original pop-up message was CTRL ALT DELETE

The IT guy told me to unhook the cable from my server or computer and he will take off the bad stuff the crooks put on my computer. It will cost about $100. The scammer put two icons on my computer.

After I unplugged it, there was a pop-up message from Advanced Password (one of the icons) that said they found 7 social security numbers and one was mine. I didn’t write them down. Another pop-up said they did not find any passwords or credit cards but they did find 7 social security numbers and 796 phone numbers. The IT guy I trust told me to ignore that. They were just trying to scare me.

Melissa –

Victim Location 29649

Type of a scam Tech Support

Asked for my name and ask for 150 dollars to make a repair to the computer. The scammer is using a website to cause a virus.

Anne –

Victim Location 68925

Type of a scam Tech Support

Callers having an India accent calling to say they are from Microsoft Windows, etc. Repeatedly calling over and over and will not stop.

Brooke –

Victim Location 99208

Type of a scam Tech Support

An oriental sounding man called at midnight and woke me up saying he was from Microsoft and that there was something wrong with my windows computer. I told him it was midnight and the call was a scam and he hung up. They call frequently and we tell them to take us off their list, but they keep calling.

Lance –

Victim Location 34287

Type of a scam Tech Support

We get lots of calls regarding a refund from Microsoft. But they can not send the refund. I have to use my laptop internet to get the refund. They refuse to send a check. See image.

Marc –

Victim Location 21216

Type of a scam Other

first you receive an pop-up from microsoft saying your computer is at risk. and will be shut down. To call this phone

18558660699 The agent then transfer you tech support , Which walk you thorough removal of the virus while they

remote control of your set. Also installing child pron . After 1 hour the tech tell you , the computer needs to go to the

shop to be repaired about $240, That was about two months ago, I decline the service pitch . They still call, no pop-up

I recover the system.

Eduardo –

Victim Location 29316

Type of a scam Tech Support

Represented themselves as tech support for Microsoft and were calling re: errors on Windows 10, would correct for us,needed to turn on computer touch control and r same time then asked if mouse was working asked for there number and tech I.d. # gave me number 333 phone number 727 4980230 St Petersburg Florida asked for tech 333 put me on hold same person answered so I hung up. Number they called me on was 7274980505. I took my computer to my service tech to see if it had been compromised he said he was 95% sure it was ok but suggested if I banked on line to go to my bank ask them to report any suspicious activity and change my password and call my credit card companies which I did. Microsoft nor ANY computer companies CALL you to service your computer, if you get a call hang up write down there number as it appears on your phone and report it to and as I have done here.

Michael –

Victim Location 38866

Type of a scam Tech Support

I received a call today at 2:53 PM and a man stated my computer was about to be turned off. It startled me and I asked what’s the fee for this.

The man said we’re not talking about a fee; we’re talking about the computer was about ready to be turned off. I told him I was sick and he said he would call back on Wednesday. I was skeptical and called the for information and was informed it was a scam.

George –

Victim Location 97201

Total money lost $150

Type of a scam Tech Support

Scammer tells me that they’re going to give me 100% refund on some computer work they did on line for me last year. The amount is $150, they want to get into my computer, and search for viruses . They have a voicemail that says their company is going out of business and that’s why they want to give me a refund.

Jerry –

Victim Location 21619

Type of a scam Tech Support

We were using Facebook, and a popup screen appeared with voice warning us not to close the screen or our computer would be disabled. It said we should call 1-866-491-1852 and report Microsoft windows virus code 33578. We just clicked the screen off.

Alyssa –

Victim Location 14710

Total money lost $399.99

Type of a scam Tech Support

A Microsoft pop-up appeared on my computer with audio message saying my computer had been compromised. Call 1-888-516-7415. Do not shut down or all your files will be lost. Called the number. Man named Frank Gomez of id# MS-17352 was there to help said he was a Microsoft technician. I gave him access to my computer and he showed me several foreign addresses he claimed contained viruses. One was linked to a plan site. I believed he was fixing my computer and I agreed to a 3 yr protection plan for $399.99 and n the mso this wouldn’t happen again. Have my credit card information. Printed the invoice that looked like a legit invoice from Microsoft. Computer working. Credit card bill came and said nothing about microsoft but said ontime tech supports. I emailed the address that was in my email that delivered the invoice [email protected] and of course it bounced back. So I called credit card reported the scam they removed the charge but now are reapplying it because they got all this bogus paperwork from ontime tech supports that they claim i initialed. I had to hire a computer technician to come to my house and remove all the remote control software they had installed. Changed all my passwords. And still trying to convince credit card company I was scammed!

Dylan –

Victim Location 83701

Type of a scam Tech Support

A man named Mark Thomas said he was calling from Microsoft and that I needed to pay 50 dollars a month to keep my Windows 10 because they’re rolling out an upgrade in 2 weeks. I felt suspicious about it and realized it was a scam. They said if I logged in my computer would stop working because I was using Windows 10 unauthorized and I needed to call: 844-661-5443 to pay for it and fix it.

Jose –

Victim Location 29680

Type of a scam Tech Support

Left a message on my phone stating your program has frozen and you must call micro soft at 206-451-5866 and give us information. Did not call phone number.

Jill –

Victim Location 77627

Total money lost $1,050

Type of a scam Tech Support

I received a phone call saying my Microsoft license had expired and we could not use our computer. I spoke with a man that was not an American and he informed me that it would be $499 for three-year license I agreed to that and was ready to give him a credit card but he said he could not except my credit card I would need to get a steam card from Walgreens. I returned home and enter them into the computer like I was asked to do. He called me and said there is been a mistake and he could not except credit cards I purchased from Walgreens that I will need to go to Walmart and purchase them again. I told him I was not spending another $500 and he said that I could give send him half and he would refund my $500 the next day. I did that I went to Walmart and purchased $250 worth of credit cards and sent them to him still not realizing this was a scam over the next day I purchased another $400 worth of credit cards or Steam credit cards and sent them to him like before. He was going to refund me $1,000.00, This is when I realized I had been scammed.

Latoya –

Victim Location 27701

Type of a scam Tech Support

A man named Ricky bahl called from Microsoft # on caller I’d claiming to work for Microsoft asking to put firewalls on computer for $500.00

Melissa –

Victim Location 97301

Type of a scam Phishing

Screen popup saying I’d been hacked and to call Microsoft support at 866-847-7830. I shut down computer immediately as I suspected a scam.

I use malwarebytes anti malware premium and it did show 2 or 3 attempts that it blocked so it may have been one of those.

Marissa –

Victim Location 29617

Total money lost $500

Type of a scam Tech Support

Contacted thru my cell phone by John Williams called and stated he was from Microsoft. Mr. Williams said the license for Microsoft run out. He wanted me to got to Wal Mart and get a gift card for $500.00. I went to WalMart and purchased the card. Called him back and give him the number off the back of the card. Mr. Williams called me back and told me the card would not work and wanted me to go to Walgreens and buy a steam card for another $500.00, which I didn’t do. Mr. Williams wanted me to give him my password so he could get into my checking account. I hung up on him. Mr. Williams got into my computer and changed the password, where I can’t get on it. Carried it to computer repair place on Laurens Rd.

Jonathon –

Victim Location 44410

Type of a scam Tech Support

I was downloading a song and a browser pooped up. It said your computer will contain a virus of you log out. Please call this number. A guy asked for access to my computer and showed me my IP address. He then said to delete the virus I need to pay 199.00. O told him I would not give out my info. He said I know your scared. I said good bye. I called Mir to soft of which he said he was from. They have me tons of info. There was not a virus on my computer. The people may have put malware on my computer so I took all my info out. Do not click into websites that are not secured with a lock picture. Always go into http;// web sites. Those are secured.

Tina –

Victim Location 29673

Type of a scam Tech Support

Received a call stating they were Microsoft and need to check the drivers on my computer. I told them no. He asked if he could call back around 3:00 this afternoon.

Ruth –

Victim Location 75023

Type of a scam Tech Support

He called and said did we have microsoft and that he wanted to upgrade our computer. I told him that I wanted to be removed from this list and that we had a non solicit number. He said it wasn’t a sales call and that if I didn’t comply and listen he was going to shut down my computer and hung up.

Priscilla –

Victim Location 13730

Total money lost $547

Type of a scam Tech Support

Man with Indian accent continously calls us wanting to "clean up" our computer and erase all viruses. Says we need to pay $195.00 in order to do this. Microsoft is deactivating our computer at this time. Hung up with man.

Ricardo –

Victim Location 98407

Type of a scam Tech Support

Received 3 calls from Bay Shore NY

613-954-4453, stating our computer was sending warnings to Microsoft regarding warnings, issues regarding the computer functioning.

I told this person who had a Indian

( India) accent that this was bogus/scam and hung I. I callled the number and it does not accept phone calls. Again the number showed up on the caller ID. It ran and once the answering machine picked up they hung up. I tried to call the Microsoft customer soooort line but never could speak to a person or get passed the automated operator.

Juan –

Victim Location 83642

Type of a scam Tech Support

They called and said my computer was hacked and in danger of losing passwords/security. They gave me a toll free number to call and then they’d get my computer fixed.

Edwin –

Victim Location 92648

Type of a scam Tech Support

Rep stated from Microsoft only way to remove red warning on my desktop computer was for him to access my computer by Go To Meeting.

Stated I had a trojan virus and need to pay $199.99 to remove. I asked how to fix without paying money and he stated I need to pay $199.99 to fix. I hung up. This is FRAUD!

Timothy –

Victim Location 40218

Total money lost $400

Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

I was on my computer and a warning message came up saying my computer was hacked. The message said it was coming from Microsoft. A number to call was given. When I called they told me they were Microsoft and they could fix my computer for $400. I was then given another number to call so they could get the virus or whatever off my computer.

Glenn –

Victim Location 13060

Type of a scam Tech Support

On my computer a red screen came up and said alert alert you have malware on your computer it is in fected don’t turn it off call this number 1-866-338-7789 and give them this code 055bccac9fec so I shut my computer Down and then turned it back on and used my virus protection and scanned it. It was fine. Then I called the number and they said they were a tech that worked for Microsoft I know they are not it is a scam

Alisha –

Victim Location 59601

Type of a scam Tech Support

They wanted to charge me money they didn’t sound like they were really from Microsoft

Robyn –

Victim Location 98512

Type of a scam Tech Support

Received a robo call claiming to be Microsoft- hung up the phone imminently

Sandra –

Victim Location 75081

Type of a scam Tech Support

Jack Fletcher, Job ID #19172, Help desk 810-226-9211 said Microsoft was giving me $200 rebate because someone scammed my computer. Showed me infected files. Asked me for bank info where refund would be sent. Bank tells me they moved money from savings to my checking with intent to steal the account. I have put a hold on my accounts.

Martha –

Victim Location 29150

Type of a scam Tech Support

I was called by computer, claiming they were Microsoft, and that my Microsoft key had been expired, and needed to be renewed.They gave me to phone number 1-855-207-3444. I called and they said they were Microsoft. The man said that my key expired, and he could do it by getting in to my computer. I said I would have to call him back because I wasn’t in front of my computer . I looked up the Microsoft Number on the computer, and called them, and they that it was a scam. Please check where you are calling, and make sure it is legitimate;

Ashley –

Victim Location 98229

Type of a scam Tech Support

I received an emergency notice on my computer that Microsoft had detected a serious virus that was destroying my firewall and that I had to call and 888 number immediately as my computer had been locked to avoid additional destruction of all of my files. There was even a pop up in the bottom right hand corner of my computer with the Microsoft name and logo and the 888 653-0258 to call immediately or my computer and software would be destroyed. In calling the number I was assured that I was talking with a microsoft agent and that I needed to allow access to my computer to correct the problem immediately. I was advised that there were over 600 virus shown in my computer even though I did a virus scan and the results were zero. I fortunately became suspicious and Googled "microsoft support" and found the article identifying this as a SCAM. I quickly disconnected the call with the alleged Microsoft agent and also changed all significant passwords in the event some information had been stolen before I disconnected.

Jennifer –

Victim Location 23235

Type of a scam Credit Repair/Debt Relief

Some one keeps calling from the number above saying that we need to stop using our Microsoft account until we call them. Today, they said that we should stop doing banking on line. I called the Microsoft office number listed on line and they said they don’t make those type of calls.

Donna –

Victim Location 01571

Type of a scam Identity Theft

Signed onto my laptop and saw and heard recorded messages that my computer and personal information were compromised. Phone numbers appeared (877) 786-0495, to call a Microsoft tech to resolve issue otherwise if you try to X out of screen your computer would be locked or blocked. I did call and gave some info unfortunately, but then realized when they asked for payment this wasn’t right. They tried to have me buy Microsoft protection for $230. But unfortunately I had let them into my computer to help with alleged problems. It caught me off guard and now I feel so stupid.

Micah –

Victim Location 13603

Type of a scam Tech Support

This is an issue which is still on going. Whenever I am trying to do anything related to financial transactions or place an order online, this tech support window will pop up randomly, a recorded message starts to play, asking me to call the number that is showing on my screen because according to them my "computer is sending financial information to unknown ip address and if I call, they will fix the problems, if I don’t call, they will be forced to report me to the Authority concerned to shutdown my computer and some legal something against me….blah blah blah ….

Melinda –

Victim Location 98408

Type of a scam Tech Support

they tried to remotely access my computer. said he was Microsoft

Charlotte –

Victim Location 13039

Type of a scam Tech Support

They are claiming to be from Microsoft after hacking your computer with a virus warning then want to take remote control of your computer and charge you to fix it. They have burnt up my previous computer because I would not pay them . I have reported them to the FTC and was informed do not let them in my computer.

Roger –

Victim Location 18840

Type of a scam Tech Support

I just received an email a few days ago which states that I now have tho pay $6.99/month to use MS WORD on my Mac computer. I bought this computer about 8 years ago and then the MS Word software to install on it. I have 1,000’s of Word files on my computer.

I can open up these files, but I can’t edit, cut & paste, print or email them.

In short, my files are being held hostage until I pay MS either for a new software package,

or $6.99/month for the new upgrade.

Beth –

Victim Location 14701

Type of a scam Tech Support

I received a call from a man who sounded like he was from India. He asked if I was aware that my computer had been sending messages to Microsoft indicating that I was having computer problems. I said "Yes, I am aware" in an effort to keep him talking. I had no computer problems. He hung up and I realized my mistake. I should not have said "yes." This happened 20 minutes ago. 12/09/2017 10:41 am EST.

Christie –

Victim Location 77084

Type of a scam Tech Support

Called number, falsely advised computer was infected with Pornographic Malicious software. Called number just for fun. Very strong indian access, told me he worked for Microsoft but I would have to pay for him to help me. Asking a few more basic questions it was very obvious he didn’t work for Microsoft.

Jessica –

Victim Location 29205

Type of a scam Tech Support

A recording played on my computer on a loop stating "Your computer has been compromised. If you do not call this number (1-844-599-2955) your computer will shut down and you will not be able to access it again." I called the number, and an Indian man by the name of "James Walker" with the employee ID number 14422 and extension number 2022 claimed he was from Microsoft and somehow had access to my computer to to run a scan to see if I had any viruses on my computer. He asked for my telephone number, e-mail address, and billing address, but I did not give it to him. He stated my IP address on my computer had been compromised and over 77 attempts had been made to hack my personal information, including my bank account. He then said I would be charged for services to repair the problem, where I told him I was not comfortable giving him my credit card information. I hung up and he called me back, threatening that if I did not have him repair my computer, I would lose all of my personal information and no longer have access to Windows, to which I hung up again.

Joanna –

Victim Location 21784

Type of a scam Phishing

They left a voice mail telling me that I was eligible to a refund for a Microsoft computer that I had years ago, which I haven’t used in three years. When I called back they said I needed to fill out a form and provide my bank info.

Joe –

Victim Location 13057

Type of a scam Tech Support

A warning flashed on my computer saying that I was being hacked and I was potentially losing more and more personal data if I didn’t call "in the next 5 minutes". I hesitated and tried to X out of the warning but I couldn’t do anything on my computer. That’s what prompted me to call despite all of the red flags going off in my head. I actually gave the person access to my computer and he showed me things that were "wrong" with it. Despite the numerous times I told him this "didn’t feel right" the call continued. We eventually got to his pitch – selling me a 3 or 5 year protection package starting at $149.99. That’s when I ended the call, restated my computer, ran McAfee and prayed I didn’t lose all my passwords/personal data. Time will tell I guess.

Angel –

Victim Location 99207

Type of a scam Tech Support

The scammer called about computer problems from Microsoft . I knew it was scam because they never speak good english and they don’t talk like a reputable business would . I have an apple system, not Microsoft . It seems like they hacked into Facebook because they said i was on Facebook (which I was) and they used my last name. I tell them I don’t have a computer. I lie to them all the time and call them names . If I can get their call back number I will *67 it and call them a bunch and call them names.

Tasha –

Victim Location 06473

Type of a scam Tech Support

Caller called 3 of our family members from a so called Microsoft called claiming we been hacked and to go online and enter some codes and info. Spoke with a male man sounded to be Indian.

Micheal –

Victim Location 98444

Type of a scam Tech Support

Claims my laptop has been compromised

Claims he is from Microsoft

I don’t have anything registered with Microsoft

Told him I don’t have a laptop

He hung up

The # was615 915 0075

Name on caller ID was

Curvey Lillian

Jeremy –

Victim Location 98133

Type of a scam Business Email Compromise

My computer screen turned red-then it says its bee. Locked by Microsoft because I have a Zeus virus, it has a # 2 call ,

I speak with Leslie walker- I’m given her direct line 650-300-1576

& 866-886-9346. She asks to remote control my computer,

I allowed, watching the screen..

She runs through security to show me I have a problem detected within my security, then takes me over to a site I can buy protection. From C Cleaner-starting at 199,00 and up.

I say no, I. Not buying anything g o Lily r, she offers I use my checking acct to buy a prepaid card.

I then realize it’s a scam.

I close my co outer after reLzing I can’t manually end the session with her,

She then calls me every minute for 5 min ,not leaving any message.

I answer the 6th time, and tell her to end the session , we are done. And ask why she called my home number, when I only have her my cell.

She called tmr from a San Mateo CA number, 408-692-7347 , which was NOT her correct or toll free numbers given I. The beginning of the call.

I think this scam was placed on my computer 1 year ago, when I lost info after changing to win 10.

It was back then another foreign sounding guy called me and I also let him remote in to fix the issue. My advice to anyone, is Never Allow access to ite PC , I did 2x, and it will cost me a new computer. Luckily, I am due for a new one. Lesson s learned

Miranda –

Victim Location 76308

Type of a scam Tech Support

Received a call on Cell Phone didn’t answer they left message that someone out of the country was trying to access our Microsoft software and to call 866-853-5938

Jenny –

Victim Location 98327

Type of a scam Tech Support

Called me twice, VM is a female someone nding robotic vice Saying my computer is at risk, that someone is trying to hack my computer and I’ll lose everything, including Windows credentials. Tells me to call the number or press 1 to be connected.

Sheena –

Victim Location 14004

Total money lost $500

Type of a scam Tech Support

A pop up came on the lap top stating the computer will be shut down; a 1-888 number showed up on the screen.My son called the number, a ‘service rep’ talked my son through how to link his computer screen to the computer of the ‘service rep’ in order to troubleshoot the problem.once this happened, the "rep" asked for money to pay for the services. The rep required 500.00 in itunes cards- my son gave the ‘rep’ the codes- we are out 500.00 and possibly all my son’s information.

we shut down our credit cards and debit cards

Candice –

Victim Location 27025

Type of a scam Tech Support

"Jarrad" called saying he was from Microsoft about my computer. I don’t own a computer. Didn’t give him a chance to ask for money, advised him I knew it was a scam and hung up. Has called 2x.

Diane –

Victim Location 99208

Type of a scam Tech Support

Called me out of nowhere and it sounded very weird. They wanted my info, after I hung up they called 3 more times and wanted my social security number.

Maurice –

Victim Location 11374

Type of a scam Tech Support

While on my computer a message has come on saying I must call Microsoft to protect my computer and that I will not be able to shop on line. I wasn’t shopping when this came on. It goes on and on saying that my computer is in danger. My only way out of it was to shut down my computer. I noticed that each time it happened it was around 3:15 p.m. (July 31, August 7, and August 12). The first time I called my Tech support who confirmed it was a scam and I had to take it in so they could get it off my computer. The last 2 times I was able to "x" it out after a couple of tries. The number on the message is 888-660-1755. I usually get on my computer around 3:00. After it happened on August 7, I didn’t sign in until after 3:30 for the remainder of the week and it never came on. Today I got on at 3:00 and it came on around 3:15.

Sophia –

Victim Location 34212

Type of a scam Tech Support

I have blocked this # over & over and yet I still get calls from them. They claim to be Microsoft calling about a virus that was detected on my computer. When I do talk to someone they have a very distinctive Indian or Mid Eastern accent & they tell me I have a virus on my computer.

I told them to take my # off their calling list and was told they would call me anytime they wanted to and they keep calling!

They also, use different phone #s all starting with 855.

Stefanie –

Victim Location 13090

Type of a scam Tech Support

Scammer stated that the computer would be shut down if we didn’t pay. Said we would have to go to Walgreens and buy $300 dollars worth of gift cards, then call them back and read off the codes. We contacted Microsoft and they said that they would never do that. When we explained this to the scammers, they said we were wrong. They did shut our computer down and refused to turn it back on unless we got the gift cards.

Lucas –

Victim Location 43302

Type of a scam Tech Support

The company said my old computer was infected by pornography. This is not true!!! I had bought a new computer from Office Depot, Marion Ohio. The company said my old computer was infected by pornography. The company in question took control of the laptop and put a VIRUS that shut down and wouldn’t start back up. I called Office Depot, they had me bring the computer in, and couldn’t get computer started, so since I have a 3 year warranty they replaced with a new computer. I also bought a McAfee Security Service because I didn’t want any more problems. I also bought a Office Depot Technical Support program. I’ve had several calls from the company DEMANDING to replace the $349.99 they charged me to supposedly clear up the problem.

Lawrence –

Victim Location 83864

Type of a scam Tech Support

Male voice called and told me my computer had notified Microsoft of a virus/problem on my computer that was ruining my software. When I asked which company they were calling from, they said, Microsoft. When I told them I don’t use Microsoft they hung up immediately.

Mindy –

Victim Location 76310

Type of a scam Tech Support

The caller said they were from Microsoft and were calling about a problem with my computer. Their Asian accent was so strong that I asked 3 times for someone who spoke better English. They hung up on me.

Randy –

Victim Location 98052

Type of a scam Phishing

Individual identify as someone from Microsoft, called me at my work phone, asked me if I am xyz with xyz company, and I said yes, and then individual just said thank you and hung up!

Justin –

Victim Location 83709

Type of a scam Tech Support

Caller say’s they are Microsoft & says there is a problem with your windows software. If they can get you to sign on, they will fix it. Hang up, do not sign on… THIS IS A SCAM TO GET CONTROL OF YOUR COMPUTER.


Rebecca –

Victim Location 12020

Type of a scam Phishing

A man with an Indian accent tells me he is calling about a problem with my Microsoft computer and tells me that if I will go to my computer he will guide me through fixing the problem. In an attempt to get rid of him, I said I already had the information and he should stop calling. He became argumentative. I said I was going to file harassment charges and hung up. He was not a nice guy. We have received at least a dozen of these calls in the past few weeks, sometimes 3 in an evening.

Curtis –

Victim Location 60068

Type of a scam Tech Support

received phone call from 3683006771 (caller id said "unknown’) caller was calling from what sounded like a "boiler room", accent sounded like someone from middle east or the phillipines. said they were from microsoft and that they got a signal that someone was attempting to hack my computer. they than asked that i go to my computer and log in. i asked if i could call them back and he gave me 3024828155 and his id number was 5577.

wanted to know how long i would be and i said 15 min. but am not calling back.

Melissa –

Victim Location 96793

Type of a scam Tech Support

I received an email stating my computer did not have the necessary software protection and that I could purchase some through DigiSupportPros.  I was later contacted by a representative of the "company" who told me I needed to contact my bank to authorize payment for the software.  I contacted my bank, who told me the money was set to be sent to Panama, which is why they did not authorize the payment and blocked any further requests from this "company."  

Aimee –

Victim Location 33027

Type of a scam Tech Support

I received a call stating that they were from Microsoft and that I had a problem with my computer .I knew I did so that’s why I believed them. They showed me my bank acc. and one account from a stock that I have.

So when I went to the bank they said if they could show you all of that then you need to change everything .

So I went a head and changed everything but one other I am still working on that one .

Austin –

Victim Location 99205

Type of a scam Tech Support

Received a call stating they were Microsoft and there was a problem with my computer. While I was trying to get them off the phone, another person called from the same number.

Ernest –

Victim Location 45069

Total money lost $2,376

Type of a scam Tech Support

Received a call from a caller, David Phillips, 315-215-0290, who said they were from microsoft and that the my computer had hackers trying to access. They said they could install anti-virus to fix the problem. They said it would cost $120., payable by debit card, for a service warranty and for them to fix the problem right away. They were very intense and convincing. I paid the $120 with a debit card. I gave the caller remote access to my computer. They installed a new anti-virus. I then discovered they had taken $264.00 instead. When I said I wanted my money back, caller said they could not credit a debit card but if I would give them his savings account number, they could deposit it into my savings account. I gave them my savings account #. The caller then used that information to withdraw $2,640.00 from my checking account, they then deposited $264 into the consumer’s account to make it look like they kept their promise and refunded my money, keeping the remaining funds. I also spoke with someone named Jacob, 336-308-4890, during this process.

Joy –

Victim Location 14225

Type of a scam Tech Support

I received a phone call from a NY cell number(516-635-4085) from a foreign sounding voice saying they were from Microsoft technical support, asking for access to my computer because of some software error. I know this is a scam since I have no Microsoft based software on my computers.

Marvin –

Victim Location 99256

Type of a scam Tax Collection

They called and said they were Microsoft and they found a problem with my computer

Isaac –

Victim Location 97233

Type of a scam Tech Support

I was trying to download the free offer for Windows 2010. I experienced some computer issues while trying to download there program. I called Microsoft @ 1-888-237-4899 a spoke with a representative who asked for permission to access my computer. I gave him access to my computer only to find that he was retrieving my computer files. After I exit out of his support me program. I experienced computer problems such as a screen saying that there was suspicious activated on my computer and not to close my browser or shut my computer down. I would like to know why he was retrieving my personal file information and not resolving my issue to install Windows 2010. I received a phone call minutes later from a representative located in Texas. There was a really loud eco in the background of the phone call, so I disconnected the phone call. The phone number is 1(469) 399-5939 located in Texas.

Cory –

Victim Location 12061

Type of a scam Tech Support

A gentlemen called with an accent with a phone number of 1-800-477-1995 by the name of Daniel he had an identifying number of 1995- said my computer was infected – when I told him that I had a Virus protection company that I paid for – he said that number was disconnected by the for technical difficulties – he called me 2 times and was aggressive – I then called my Virus Protection company who confirmed that was a scam

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