Micro F Bank

Ronald – Aug 18, 2020

Victim Location 30094

Total money lost $1,700

Type of a scam Investment

On August 18, 2020, a post was made regarding a legitimate money making opportunity. I inquired about details and was given information from the original person who posted, Cathy Clemons. The alleged giveaway involved investment beforehand. $200 in amazon or itunes gift cards for $2400 deposit to cash app. $400 for $4800. She guaranteed the legitimacy and sent both video testimonial as well as screenshots. I gave the $200 payment. At which point she said $400 was required. Then there was a request for payment verification costs, transfer fees and finally a "cut" for the accountant. The amount I was supposed to receive for the total I invested ( $1,700) was allegedly $8,500 but I was told , after investing, that I would not get a refund and that I would just lose my money if I didn’t give the accountant his cut. I asked repeatedly about payments and each time I was given a different fee with a different reason, after already being told I would not be asked for anything else. I was repeatedly tild I would get immediate payment but never received anything but more harassment for payments. I asked if the "cut" could be taken from the profit, which is customary, and I was denied. She sent me a copy of her identification as insurance that she was legitimate. She advised me that I could have her arrested if she asked for any other payment, after which she insisted I give the accountant ‘his cut". Ms Clemons began to call back to back and told me to stop being childish when I told her that I was uncomfortable, that the transaction seemed illegal, and that I would be contacting both my bank and cash app.

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