Michael Golden Retriever Puppies Reviews - Michael Golden Retriever Puppies Scam or Legit

Melody –

Victim Location 15849

Type of a scam Other

A golden retriever puppy scam. They would only communicate via text message, and when we expressed interest in a puppy, they started pressuring us to make a deposit. We made a deposit via their website, but then they contacted us via text and said that the system was down, and we needed to send the money via Western Union. That’s when we became skeptical, and upon asking questions, they began pressuring us even more for the deposit, and kept saying how they’re Christian people. I insisted they speak to us in person, and they gave me a different number to call. I called and talked to a man with a strong accent who kept insisting he was "a Christian man", but without giving me any real information on the puppies. We shut down the card used to make the deposit, so no money was lost thankfully. I stewed on this for a few weeks, and then decided to text them from another phone to see if they were still active. They are, and are selling the exact same puppies that are supposedly the same age they were four weeks ago. This time, however, they gave me an address after I insisted to see the puppies in person before purchasing (without any real intention of doing so). They gave me 54 Brandon Ave Springfiled, MA. I don’t know what would have happened had I gone to that address. I googled it and learned it’s a home that has just sold last August. I google the phone number they are using and it has also been tied to an english bulldog scam.

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