Michael A.Stephen

Tabitha –

Victim Location 41101

Type of a scam Credit Cards

First they used a friend of mine on Facebook. So that in the very beginning is what made me believe in it and follow through almost to the end so they hacked her Facebook account because anytime I would text her she would text back. They said they were with the department of health and human services empowerment program and this was set up by the federal government. I had to give them my name full name email address and his home address yearly income then fill out a form that said I would also pay them to deliver my money. They said I won $100,000 and that I would need to pay them $1000 for processing fees and to pay FedEx for shipping. They also asked me if I wanted it in a check or cash. This would be delivered on July 9 once they confirmed they had received the$1000. Again I would not have followed all of the directions but they told me in the very beginning that a friend of mine on Facebook sent me a message asking me if I had heard from the department of health and human resources. Anytime I would ask her a question they would answer it as if it was her. So they have hacked her FB account. When it got near the end of all the questions they wanted me to go to Walmart and purchase 10 $100 cards from Amazon. Then they wanted me to take a picture of each one’s number and a picture of my receipt. They told told me to scratch off the Amazon card once I received it. Again they are amazing way to get me to do everything is because I thought a friend of mine had done this and received actually receive money that’s why I did not question it until near the end. Then I called my friend And talked with her personally and she knew nothing about this. That’s when I knew it was a scam.

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