Metro Delivery, LLC

Virginia –

Victim Location 33770

Type of a scam Phishing

Left a sticker on my door saying Sorry We Missed You… 2nd attempt.. I’m expecting a package from Canada and assumed this was it. It is bogus package slip. The number on the slip is fake. They add a letter and tell you that it’s not suppose to have a letter and that it was written wrong. They take all your info and harass you. They need to be shut down. Reports online show that houses have been robbed after the call. They ask if you have a security system. I hung up on them.

Ashley –

Victim Location 85254

Type of a scam Phishing

METRO DELIVERY will leave a notice on your door saying "sorry we missed you" and when you call it is actually a company called NuCARDS that will take your phone number and distribute it to many, many vendors. This is a fraudulent marketing scam. Do NOT call them unless you want your phone ringing off the hook!

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