Metro Asphalt Reviews - Metro Asphalt Scam or Legit

Lucas –

Victim Location 07058

Total money lost $500

Type of a scam Home Improvement

Metro Asphalt left a flyer in my mailbox with an estimate for filling in cracks and sealing one coat on driveway. Flyer provided website and instagram account. Also alleged to be "Home Advisor Approved." I called the number on the flyer and someone named Richard Sherlock came out to give a full estimate. He agreed to do the work on the flyer, plus fill in some smaller potholes for $500.

Left him a check for the work the next day. He came out the next day while I was at work and did not fill the cracks and sprayed black sealant all over my driveway, garage and stones surrounding my driveway. He did not fix the potholes and the sealant used left different colors on the driveway.

I left a voicemail the following morning and when I did not hear back, I emailed my complaint with pictures of the work. The owner "John Sherlock" responded and apologized. He stated he would be firing those workers. I advised that I wanted him to pay for the repair of the driveway and replacement of the stones that are now colored black because of the sealant. He responded that he was willing to fix the problems himself, but that the color would not come off the stone. He also said he was "not responsible for his workers actions."

I advised that if he did not agree to pay for the stone replacement, I would file a lawsuit. He did not respond. I then tried to locate an address for the Metro Asphalt and no such company existed or was registered in NJ. The website did not have an address and neither did the instagram account. I even used a law firm to try and find the company, but they were unable to.

Hopefully this will help other people falling for the same scam.

Kelsey –

Victim Location 33150

Total money lost $9,000

Type of a scam Home Improvement

The "Gypsy Paving Scam" arrived down to Miami last week. Last weekend Mark Young and his Crew, arrived from CRANSTON, R.I where they were convicted on many cases for allegedly preying on elderly with their Paving Scam.

They are trying to do Illegal, shady, paving jobs, using the name "METRO ASPHALT" on Business cards and fake contracts, with an address of 1504 Bay Road Miami Beach FL and a Cell 305-498-8467.

They go around door to door saying that they have left over asphalt from a job that they just finish down the road and that they can give a great deal. You dont have time to think and they are already pouring asphalt in your driveway and then they say that you owe them a ridiculous amount of money to be paid cash or check on the spot. if you dont pay them they threat and they get violent .. There are many TV reports about Mark Young and his crew pulling these scam on people .. he just moved his scamming business down to Miami to make sure that he can take advantage of the weather and the miamians. They were last seen going business to business on NW 7 AVE … 33150

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