Bryan – Aug 27, 2020 or or

THIS IS A SCAM in Feb 2020 I tried to adopt , Rocky from Blairragdoll Cattery (his name in Feb 2020). They change their name each month but it is always Cattery. The same cats are listed each month for about $400 plus $200 for shipping). He would not give me his name. He wanted me to send $600.00 to Paypal money to his wife account back then he was called Blairragdoll Cattery and now he has changed the name to (as of Aug 2020 ) to.

[email protected] wives.


My Paypal account flagged the transaction and then he wanted me to do Zelle. I asked for a current photo of Rocky and his Vet name. He did not respond after that. I looked up his address and it was about 2 1/2 hours from nearest airport and a junkie house.

Thank God my transaction did not work.

Mario – Aug 18, 2020

Cristar cattery is a scam. We paid 650.00 to geta Ragdoll Kitten shipped from Tatamy PA to Southern California. After Several days this scammer gave me a tracking number and said the kitten had shipped. We then were contacted by another person saying we needed to pay 950.00 for life insurance. We told him to pound sand and of course we never received a kitten.

Devon – Jul 18, 2020

I had an absolutely HORRIBLE experience with this guy. My parents were planning to get a kitten for my birthday, (I have always been in love with cats, and have wanted a kitten for over 9 years), and I had shared this stupid scammer’s information with my parents, thinking of course that he was completely trustworthy.
On the day of my birthday, my parents contacted him and ended up sending him $400. He said that he was located in Scranton, PA, and when we offered to drive there, he sent us an address that was 8 hours further away than Scranton.
He offered to ship the kitten for free, so we eventually agreed. Six months later, the kitten has still not arrived, and this stupid scammer still won’t respond.
Not all hope is lost, though. Throughout the period of time between when he scammed us and now, I have been tracking him. The first scam site (the one we bought our kitten from) was called Blair Ragdoll Cattery.
The next, on which we found the same information as Blair Ragdoll Cattery, was Jolly Ragdoll Cattery. The next brings us to this comment thread, Merry Ragdoll Cattery. After a while, it was beginning to seem that he took down each scam site as his victims started to suspect him.
Now, his two current websites are called Cristar Ragdoll Cattery and Emerald ragdoll cattery. I have attached screenshots of the stolen information that is present on both sites.

Ricky – Jul 04, 2020

I lost 500 dollars. There was something in my gut telling Not to transfer money…but I did through zelle to his wife… this was what he wrote

Please use my wife’s Zelle

Shoniqua Hines

[email protected]

Please send a screenshot after payment
The rest of the story sounds similar to the others except…when he told me the airline would deliver to the door I know that wasn’t true as I have moved pets before…then he got angry with me over text …he asked for another 500 saying it didn’t go through …I said no and suddenly his phone was out of service. The number he used was
+1 (814) 888-3979…he also sent me pictures…I would filed a police report with the Tatemy police and the police where I live and I filled out a better business form…I never heard back from any of those sources…I don’t understand how he keeps getting away with it.

Shawn – May 26, 2020

Scammer’s phone 1 (814) 888-3979 and 1 (814) 339-8679

Scammer’s website

Scammer’s address 302 Priority Street Altoona, PA 16602 USA

Scammer’s email [email protected]

Country United States

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Initial means of contact Website

This is their current email address they are using [email protected] they were using [email protected]

Basically what happened was:

I signed a contract with Merry Ragdoll Cattery for a Ragdoll kitten at a cost of $400.00 USD plus shipping costs of $200.00 USD. The kitten was to be shipped from Tatamy, PA to Calgary Alberta on April 13/2020. The money was transferred via PayPay to his “daughter’s” account [email protected] . The following day the shipping company, Finex Logistics Solutions contacted us saying we needed to rent a heated shipping crate at a cost of see below: I knew I had been scammed when I received the email from Finex Logistics.

Options You May Choose for your %100 refundable crate

*Thermal Electronic crate 0150 PD————-$2000

*Thermal Electronic crate 088 PD ————$860

*Thermal Electronic crate 100 PD ————-$1250

Michelle – Jul 05, 2020

Did you make a police report

Roger – Apr 23, 2020

Victim Location 95650

Total money lost $1,850

Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

We signed a contract with Merry Ragdoll Cattery for a Ragdoll kitten at a cost of $400.00 plus shipping costs of $200.00. The kitten was to be shipped from Tatamy, PA to Loomis, CA on April 20/2020. The money was transferred via Zelle. The following day the shipping company, Finex Logistics Solutions contacted us saying we needed to rent a heated shipping crate at a cost of $1250.00 which was to be 100% refundable. We wired the full amount to a company rep. by the name of Jim Johnson. No confirmation was received. The shipping company again contacted us saying that animal insurance was required by the state of California in the amount of $1650. We then checked with our Vet. and was told that the only state requiring insurance was Hawaii. We are now in the hole for the amount of $1850.00 which we are not able to collect. Merry Ragdoll Cattery and Finex Logistics Solutions are scams.

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