Meridian Regional Lending

Ronald –

Total money lost $595

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

I received a voicemail that I had been approved for a loan, but needed to get them $595 first before it would be released to me. Once I have them that amount they called me and told me that I needed to pay an additional $700 for insurance because they took a look at my credit again and then ‘3rd party lender’ was not satisfied with my credit rating to lend to me off of the $595 I had just paid. When I paid them money they requested that I do it through western union.

Brooke –

Victim Location 10036

Total money lost $487

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

Roxanne Tucker with this company contacted me on 03/08/2017 with an offer of an $8k loan. Because of my poor credit, they required either a co-signer, a security deposit, or a lein on my car. I opted for the secured loan, paying the first 3 months payment in advance. I would sign a legal contract to ensure the money was deposited after paying the $450. The agent assured me that once I paid that fee, the money would be deposited in 1-3 hours. Then, people were behind, so it would be overnight. I check my account first thing this morning, and still no deposit. I immediately called my rep who then told me it was because I had not paid $640 in taxes. There is a tax clause in the contract, but no where in the contract did it state that the taxes must be paid before the release of funds; nor did my rep tell me that at any time. I assumed the taxes would come off the top of the loan, or I would send it immediately after receiving the money. This company scammed me out of $450 and tried for $640 more. They are deceitful, have poor business ethics, and basically steal from desperate people.

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