Meridian Health Spoof Reviews - Meridian Health Spoof Scam or Legit

Willie –

Victim Location 28304

Total money lost $5,000

Type of a scam Employment

I was contacted by email for a work at home opportunity. Than was instructed to open a hangout account with google and to speak to Mark Taylor. He acknowledge that he was with Meridian Health and they were opening an office in my area and was looking for people to work at home. He said they would provided all the equipment I would need, computer, software, and internet access. He went through everything that is done on the job, asked several questions and then asked me to hold to see if I qualify. He came back and said good news you do qualify. Than he asked me for my checking account number or a credit card number. I told him I was not comfortable giving out that information. So they sent me a check. I deposited into my checking account. Than I was suppose to wire money to their vendor so that they could get my software for me. I had to go out of town over the weekend and I told him that I would not be able to do anything until Monday. On Monday the check was returned. Per my bank it was a fraud. I asked him about it and he referred me to Anthony through text. Anthony and I text and he assured me it was an error because I did not respond in a timely manner to Mark. I explained I was out of town and Mark was aware of this. He said that they will take care of it, please give them a credit card number and they will deposit money into to cover everything. Like an [censored] I did that. I followed all instructions and 3 weeks after the deposit and after I sent money to vendors they reversed the deposit. I asked Anthony and again I was not responding to his text fast enough. I called him and spoke to him and told him exactly how I was feeling about the whole thing and felt I was being scammed. He apologized for the inconvenience and assured me that they will make all funds good. That was 2 months ago and I have not seen any funds.

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