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Leah –

Victim Location 11746

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

I placed an Ad on Craigslist about 2 weeks ago and on March 26 I received a text from this person named John claiming to be interested in doing some painting at a house that he was moving into from California to Long Island, NY. He asked me if I was available to do some painting with specific dates that he wanted it done. He said that he had an agent who was in charge of the property but was not there to meet with me and he would notify me when he got there from out of state. So, I told him via text that normally I would meet with a prospective client prior to doing any business and I insisted in meeting his agent first and also that I would write up an estimate once I see the job. But, I gave him a quote of $1200.00 the painting anyway. Next day the texted me back to tell me that I will receive payment by check and that he was going to instruct his accountant to mail out a check to me. So, then he asked me for my name and address so the check could be mailed out ASAP. Then on the following Wednesday he texted me again to inform me that the check would be issued today and should get it before Wednesday of next week. So again I asked to see the property that he wanted painted, and said you can’t see it cause there’s no one there to take you to the house, but that he was coming three days before the day he was coming to move in. He gave me an address for the house. and he gave me his name.. Eng. John Erik Stones. Then he says send me the invoice to my email address. On Saturday I get a check in the mail from USPS sent priority mail in the amount of $2550.79 and says to deposit the check..

Craig –

Victim Location 79928

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

My Wife was contacted and a check for $1,500 was sent to her via FedEx…but, her name was wrong…the scammer did not have her correct name.

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