Mercuria Energy Group

Diana –

Victim Location 16343

Type of a scam Employment

I have been searching for employment for 4 months now and with multiple applications out there I received a text from Mr Patrick Prendergast stating he reviewed my resume on PA Careerlink asking if I would be interested in an interview. I responded and was prompted to sign in to google Hangouts and given instructions to add [email protected] I did went through the interview process on Hangouts was told the possible job was full time data entry/online admin assistant at $30.75 an hour. Had a detailed description of the company profile, which this is an actual company I looked up and it was almost word for word from the site. They pose as Robert Griffiths & Arta Brending who I also found profiles for these persons on INDeed. The offer letter was sent along with a non-disclosure agreement and Code of Conduct. Looks official. I did research for a law firm a few years back and was suspicious. They are a patient bunch. Asked me to do some assessments the first two days. I did them thinking if its legitimate then great. They sent a cashier’s check by FedEx and in turn was given instructions to deposit in my account to purchase start up equipment. I looked up the bank and called the customer service line to speak to a rep and low and behold it was not legitimate. Sending the information to the bank that the check was "issued" from so they can create a fraud alert. I also called the number listed for the CT operations at Mecuria and they are aware of the scam and have been getting multiple phone calls in regards to it. If it sounds to good to be true then it probably isn’t . I didn’t give them any personal information (they haven’t asked for it yet) and I even asked about filing a W4 and I9 and was told after my assessments a rep would meet with me for the proper paperwork to be signed after about a week.

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