Merck & Co, Mendez Concrete Company Reviews - Merck & Co, Mendez Concrete Company Scam or Legit

Morgan –

Victim Location 45685

Type of a scam Employment

I was contacted via email from a lady who claimed to work for Merck & Co. I had originally applied to positions through The initial email came from stating that I had an email response from someone. The first email advised me to contact a Bonnie Grant in HR at Merck & Co. After several emails back and forth and an online interview through AOL Instant Messenger, I was told that I was hired. I was to make $24/hr in training and $28/hour once done. Although, one of the messages changed the pay to $30/hour once done. I had to answer all these ridiculous questions and even write a paper as part of my "pre-training." I completed all the tasks and was told on a Tuesday that I would be receiving a check for "supplies" in 2-3 days and to make myself available for that time. I stayed home and waited, but nothing. The following Wednesday I wrote to my supposed supervisor Evan Kane and informed him that I had not received anything yet. He then told me that the financial department informed him that it would be delivered that same day. When I got home the check had arrived. I opened the FedEx package and the check was written from a Sands Point Nursing Home in NY, which seemed very weird since I was supposed to be working for Merck. I then checked the packing slip. It was sent to me from a Mendez Concrete Co in CA. That’s when I really started digging. I found a few posts on where the same thing had happened to other people. The same exact interview questions and procedures. I am taking this check to my bank tomorrow to see if they can contact the bank and company it was forged from so they can take action. I also wrote to this Evan Kane guy again and told him that I will not be pursuing this. That it is a scam and he should be ashamed of himself (although I know that’s not his real name and picture).

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