Menzi Investment Group USA

Marc –

Victim Location 34744

Total money lost $1,990.95

Type of a scam Investment

I found Menzi Investment in Craiglist. I was told if I invest a minimum of $500.00 I will get $5,000.00 in 18 days. On the 18th day it showed an investment balance of $6,490.95. I was told that before they can release my $5,000.00 I had to send them $1,490.95 as they were not able to touch it from my so called investment account. That they will deposit the total of $6,490.95 once they received the $1,490.95. Money was wired to their Bank of America account. Once they received my payment they came with another story. They said that the anti Money-Laundering has put a hold on the Transaction as they suspect funds to be for terrorism or money laundering and they require a clearance certification which will be received from the IRS. To process the certificate a refundable amount of $2750 is required for this. Since I told them that I no longer have any money they came out with another excuse. They said my investment clearance process has been concluded, to be able to proceed with the payment, there is a request for an amount of $850.00 which is processing fee. I no longer want to send them any money because I don’t know if I’m going to lose it.

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