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Omar –

Type of a scam Employment

I was headhunted on, and offered a job working from home for this company, allegedly founded in 2008. One of 5 positions were available, both full- (40 hrs) and part-time (20 hrs) with 3 weeks accrued vacation time. I said I was interested in the 10-day trial period, and in reply, the letter of offer stated 25 days of vacation, and the job duties changed to include Bitcoin transactions to purchase domains. Nowhere was I personally identified as the recipient of this offer, and due to the high number of people in my trial period, I would only be able to communicate via e-mail (no phone #). Replies came at all hours of the day, and the interaction started Sunday, which I found odd. Their website doesn’t have a year beside their copyright (c) info, and their social media links take you to the respective home pages of the services, not anything affiliated with this company.

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