Eugene – Dec 03, 2020

Ordered some glasses from this company and still haven’t received after more than 3 weeks. No tracking available since Nov 10 in China.Reached out several times to their supposed email and it comes back undeliverable. Scam for sure. Filed fraud charges. I’m so mad. I should have known. Don’t do business with them. We shall see if I ever receive it. Picture of supposed item attached.

Savannah – Dec 01, 2020

Bocina no funciona ,me envían la correcta o me devuelven él dinero 0715S00894670

Haley – Nov 24, 2020

I ordered a box of snaps for clothing. They sent me the tool to put them on but no snaps. This tool does me no good.😡

Ramon – Nov 19, 2020

je nai pas recu le coupe-bois a piles gta 26 numéro de commande200804022032161 recu une chaine seulement

Amanda – Nov 16, 2020

I ordered Mickey Mouse Through the years Swaeovski crystal bracelet and got a piece of [censored] and a snoopy dog tag you know it came from the dollar store and Pay pal will not give me my money back because they said it was delivered it sucks

Lance – Nov 13, 2020

Country United States

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

Initial means of contact Not applicable

You will loose more than you gained from scamming innocent hard working people out of their hard earned money. GOD is not pleased.

Seth – Nov 11, 2020

I ordered my product 360 spinning bumper cars it said they were delivered they weren’t I put in dispute with pay pal they refused to pay my money back because it said it was delivered so I was scammed from the [censored] and now I’ve lost my money because pay pal believed these scammers

Christopher – Nov 10, 2020

OPLICHTERS ZIJN HET. je besteld een mini ketting zaag, je krijgt een ketting voor een zaag. En nog wat andere ondefinieerbare producten. Emaiks komen niet meer aan. Website is verdwenen. PayPal ook niet thuis. Screenshot 20200815 is besteld. Foto 202901031 is wat er is geleverd.

Jeffrey – Nov 09, 2020

I ordered a children’s bumper car for my Grandson the end of August, 2020 and have yet to receive it. They sent a tiny car that looked like a matchbox car delivered to my sons mailbox by USPS! A bumper car would not be delivered to a mail box! Fraud at its best!. Have tried to contact them several times and the contact information is not correct. The Ad was through Facebook! How can that be allowed? Should have known better to order from China, especially during the Pandemic!

Denise – Nov 07, 2020

Ordered a GTA 26 on 8-13-2020 Order #200814083743826 . order on the way.? still haven”t received!

Reginald – Nov 03, 2020

Country China

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Initial means of contact Email

I ordered a pruning saw cutter from this company.
I read they could be a scam so I filed a dispute with PayPal.
Every time I go to resolution centre they have put the result forward another week. I’m getting fed up with it all.
Today I received a chainsaw chain extra small. Obviously this is supposed to be my cutters. $34.90 not happy one bit.

Jessica – Nov 01, 2020

Deze schop is gewoon een grote oplichterij wat je bestelt krijg je absoluut never en nooit niet je krijgt wel iets toe gestuurd iets goedkoops van een euro of 5
G sluymers

Alexis – Oct 30, 2020

I bought a item through pay pal. Months later they told me shows delivered. I NEVER GOT THIS ITEM! All they do is say it was delivered!

Latoya – Nov 11, 2020

Same and pay pal are not reimbursing me because they said it’s been delivered Pay pal need to look at this page to see it’s a damn scam

Randall – Nov 01, 2020

zelfde als bij mij dus wereld wijt

Allen – Oct 30, 2020

Hi, I still havent recived my mini chainsaw a purchase at Topexcellentshop order#200808094749406 on the date September 1 2020 and i still waiting and i paid $31.56 plus $0.75 for shipping insurance please i will apriciate if ya could help me to resolve this issue this is my email [email protected] …P.O.BOX 618 Catano, P.R. 00963 for any letters or notification thank you for your support and god bless you all.

Toni – Oct 28, 2020

I ordered a battery-powered wood cutter. Received a tracking number checked that number and it said that the item was delivered. It was not! I have emailed them several times with the address Delivery Status Notification (Failure). Shame on China! The ad should be removed from Facebook – Shame on them too! Lost $31.44 for this item.

Alberto – Oct 25, 2020

I havenot receive my easyripper july 26 2020 order#200726132025270 paid by paypal $ 28.53

Felicia – Oct 22, 2020

This is a SCAM, I order a Christmas lights and didn’t received it after 30 days of my order. The email of customer service is not legitim. I made a claim to PayPal and still waiting… I found the site by a Facebook Ad.

Anne – Oct 22, 2020

Item not as advertised
Sep 5 at 5:31 PM
To: [email protected]
I had ordered a food recycler for household garage, order number( 200810212654797) my order was confirmed. I was billed via pay pal on 08-10-2020 for a total of $31.70 which was $23.99 plus shipping. I received an e-mail on 08-17-2020 saying my order had shipped, tracking number LY410038179CN. Today
09-05-2020 I received the order. The packing slip read: 1 trash recycling bin weight 0.2 (kg) value $12.00. when I opened the package it was a small white trash can, a wooden top that has trash can stamped on it that doesn’t even fit on trash can and a small black plastic strap that will only slip up on the bottom of trash can. This is nothing like what was advertised on your website. My question is if this is the product, it is absolutely useless for the purpose as described on your website.

I was very surprised when I opened the package and went back to your site and watched the video and I have to say what I received has no resemble to what is show in the video.

Thank you, I will be waiting for your response e-mail.

Yolanda – Oct 18, 2020

I happened to me same as Mrs.Melody Caissie.
I bought the wood cutter and paid in full on 12th August 2020 but still yet to received the goods. The email to [email protected] had failed to reach and I’m giving them 24 hours via another email at [email protected] I’ll file a complaint with Paypal if don’t hear back from them.

Jessica – Nov 04, 2020

Paypal will not help. I tried the same thing to warn Paypal that they are being used by these scammers, but they want me to file an official report with our police/enforcement agency to investigate this mob in China. I would not waste their time.

Tommy – Oct 22, 2020

Do it now. They are Con artist from China.

Rose – Oct 16, 2020

Scammer’s email [email protected]

Country China

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Initial means of contact Email

Hi I brought a GTA 26 battery powered wood cutter along with a few other things that were supposed to come with it but i never received the cutter and the carry bag and few other items.

ORDER Number: 200822195801589

I’ve waited months for this only to be let down and unhappy with my order. I’ve tried contacting them numerous times, only to be sent a failed response back everytime I sent a email. Scammed me out of $93.00 AUD.

Randall –

Same deal. This site is a scam. I still haven’t received anything. Ordered in August. Will try to get my money back from PayPal. 😆

Ann –

Good luck pay pal refuse because it says it’s been delivered

Garrett –

I ordered a pair of “German intelligent color Progressive Auto Focus reading glasses” on 8/28/20 and on 10/12/20 a pair of +3.00 reading glasses were delivered. They are clearly not what I ordered. I have tried to contact multiple times and the message is undeliverable. Charge was ~$22. I picked up the ad originally on Facebook and clearly it is a scam.
Joseph D. Spencer
203 Club Villa Dr. W.
Aiken, SC 29803

Pedro –

I did the same Joseph. It is an absolute scam, and it is done under the protection of Paypal (who do not care about this scam being enabled by them).
The glasses they send would not be worth $1 – and are nothing like what was advertised.

George –

Ordered 2 Children’s ToyS as pictured and something completely different turned up. I received 2 tiny cars that are cheap rubbish. Have tried to contact them mulitiple times and just get a bounce back. Ad through Facebook! How can that be allowed?

Justin –

I ordered GTA 26 Battery-Powered Wood Cutter but received cheap iron hand chain what I didn’t order at all. Please return my money back immediately you are Bad Fraud supplier who send wrong items ( cheap one). You just stole my money china-people.

Jesus –

Ordered item but received just piece of [censored] what is not even looks like I ordered but 10 times cheaper and useless. Payed with P so have to pay for return shipping. Cherry on the Cake: address in China not exist and pay pal couldn’t verify it.

Alex –

I ordered a house touchless vacuum on Aug. 20, 2020. My order # is 200821024329428. I have not received it yet. No answer to my emails! When can I expect it?

Casey –

Country Unknown or Invalid Region

Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

Initial means of contact Text message

Not what was advertised. Cheap glasses. And charged twice.

Danielle –

Ordered a battery operated hand saw and never received. Total charge was $31.65. Never again will I order anything that doesn’t have the http/in front of it. Web site comes up 404. Email was returned server would not accept. What a SCAM they have going. Am going to notify FACEBOOK (WHERE AD WAS) and PAYPAL.

Morgan –

I also ordered hand chain saw, it never arrived, yet the tracking says it was delivered, I too found the ad on facebook

Russell –

Ordered the below 7th August 20 paid via paypal – what turned up was a small gold coloured plate! Nothing at all to do with a Doberman! SCAM! DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM
Purchase details
Nordic style Doberman living room floor decoration tray
$19.99 USD
Item number48038809
$5.99 USD
$25.98 USD

Darrell –

[email protected] have been emailing this for the last 4 months no product and no response..I received a piece of plastic…I ordered the flex utility stand 29.99..stop these crooks

Clayton –

Good morning this is Richard Bennett, i placed a order on 09/3/2020 my order number is 200811033206931 and the tracking number is BTYCN0004324939YQ I have been tracking my order and I am confused about where my order is it shows that it was delivered but I don’t get it. Can you check on my order and let know where it is and let me know. And let me know how it was shipped the name of the company. Thinking you in advance! Richard Bennett 10/7/2020

Jack –

I purchased a item on August 22 and they are not returning any messages plus they took me for $53.48,

Barry –

never got.

Tracy –

Buenas tardes mi denuncia es que mi producto no a llegado y no tengo información de rastreo .mi compa fue de unos espejuelos inteligentes espero que no sea un fraude porq eso es un delito gracias

Erik –

I ordered 2 custom walking sticks on 9.15.20, got an immediate response with a tracking number. Checked a week later and the system that monitors the tracking number says no such order exists. Sent an email, their server will not accept. I do believe that I have wasted my $200 and unfortunately did not use Pay Pal. I am stymied. Good lesson – do not order on-line without using a known entity.

Jeffrey –

My husband ordered a cordless pool vacuum. What was sent was a plastic pool skimmer net that fits on the end of a pole! Lesson? Don’t let husband order anything on-line without going through his wife! I am trying to get a refund through PayPal. I would think that they would have this “company” flagged so that when someone goes to purchase through them, they could alert the consumer. Heaven knows they’ve had enough complaints looking for refunds.

Nancy –

I received the same thing! I am so glad I saw your post! What a SCAM! I agree Paypal should list this company as a SCAM!

Ronnie –

Ordered the turquoise doberman with tray in its mouth (don’t question my taste please!) And rece8ved a small brass tray the size of a side plate. [email protected] originally answered but mail now bouncing back

Rebecca –

I ordered 2 pair of German intelligent colour Progressive Auto Focus reading glasses on 5/09/2020. to date I haven’t receivedthem or a tracking number. this is not good enough. I NEED URGENT action on this or you will be reported. thanks Colin Richards. Email: [email protected] Transaction ID: 1W095830BN292062H, Merchant transaction ID: 6SF83410JV178431E. Payment of $57.66AUD to Fushishenzhen. Invoice number: in15993461715604.

Whitney –

I ordered 2 battery powered wood cutter and I received 2 hand held chains with handles. That is not what was described and not what I ordered. I want my money back

Angelica –

Same issue as everyone else. This site is a fraud. They send junk to show a transaction. Ordered a gasoline chainsaw advertised on Facebook…Paid through Paypal. Paypal’s dispute process is delay and delay. No Help

Laura –

I got absolutely same item and Pay Pal not returning money until you ship it back for own expenses to not existing B.S. address.

Kate –

Hola, yo compre 3 pares de lentes, que disque no se rayan, no se empañan, se adaptan a tu visión. ES MENTIRA!
EN EL ANUNCIO JAMAS DICE LA GRADUACIÓN ME LLEGARON DE GRADUACIÓN 3, es muchísimo! Yo no los puedo usar. Solicite me enviaran 2 dorados y un negro, recibí un correo, diciendo que si me los iban a mandar según yo solicite, yo esperanzada, y además que tardaron más de un mes, al recibirlos oh sorpresa!
ES un engaño!

Por estas empresas, fantasmas, nunca más comprar por Internet.

Por querías que me enviaron.

Me timaron!

Reginald –

I ordered the Stihl battery operated chainsaw from this company. I also received a chain with cloth handles on each side not the pictured chain saw. I have been trying to contact the company to return and all of my attempts have been returned as undeliverable. The emails will not go through. Do Not order anything from this company. It Is A SCAM.

Joe –

Scammer’s website [email protected]

Scammer’s address [email protected]

Scammer’s email [email protected]

Country United States

Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill

Initial means of contact Online classifieds (e.g., Craigslist)

I placed an order for 15 Amp. corded 12 inch Double Bevel Sliding Compound Mitter Saw 1 nos. on 09/23/2020
Total Amount US $ 35.81. But company supplied me drill bit
They have written address 70 Gibson DR. Unit 7
Markham ON L3R4C2
( For Return Only). After that I tried to contact the supplier. They blocked
the e/mail address, email returned by Microsoft out look undelevered
Please help me to get money back

Thank You
Amarjit Saini ([protected]

Cindy –

I was supposed to receive two wooden mullti-functional cutting boards and a free gift with purchase. I only received the free gift was just a small flexible plastic cutting board. I have been trying to work with the company to get a refund with no success. They refuse to give me a full refund nor will they send me the items that I purchased. I’m trying to get this resolved through Paypal. They suggested I try to work with the seller. I have tried. I settled for a partial refund. It has been a month and i have not received anything. Do not order from this company.

Carl –

Scammer’s website

Scammer’s email [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]

Country United States

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Initial means of contact Social media (e.g., Facebook)

On August 25, 2020 while on FaceBook a Infomercial appears for 2 STIHL Battery Operated Wood Cutters. I ordered 2 of them for Christmas Gifts. It HONESLTY LOOKED legit, because when you press on it it takes you to a site that individuals are speaking about the product. So it doesn’t feel like some African or Chinese person Scamming you. I paid through PayPal and the name that shows up is Shenzhen Jiumenghudong Network Technology Co., Ltd as the vendor. They send an email from a adress and if you have any concerns you can email them at [email protected] Then on Sept 17, 2020 I was tracking the device and I received a small package with a Chain with Orange Nylon Handles. Will show pictures. When I tried emailing the emails I have, they return very Generic responses. The [email protected] send back a reply stating” Thank you for your order”
The [email protected] one states “We show your package was Delivered on such and such date, I even tried email them a k stating I did t Order two chains and if they would note the weight of the package I received and view the photo of what I ordered compared to what I actually received they would Note All the differences. We should reach out to FaceBook as well and let them know of their Fradulent advertisers.
My total was $50.90 I have Asked PayPal to assist me in getting my money back. Please help as well! REVEAL these darn Scammers! Apparently they are pretty smart, wish they would direct that into Helping people not hurting. We make our living using hand powered tools and really needed these.

Carly –

I ordered 2Battery Operated Hand Held Wood Cutters for $25 each. I even have a photo of them on my ORDER. On my PayPal account it comes up Shenzhen Jiumenghudong Network Technology Co., LTD. Then I received two chains on orange Nylon handles. When I tried tracking g the item it stated they had been delivered. I tried emailing the generic email back stating, I did not receive the right product. Then it states I received a product and the date. They did not even Read my response, “ I did NOT ORDER THE CHAINS ON NYLON I ORDERED TWO BATTERY OPERATED HAND HELD WOOD CUTTERS. They have yet to reply. I want to get my money back and I wish FaceBook would stop allowing these China based Comapnies to pay for advertising. So I am trying to reach out to FaceBook as well. If they would validate the Company Maybe this would help. I swear this Shenzhen Jiumenghudong Network Technology is probably living high off of others money and has some swear shop where these others are making $5 items and sending them to USA. I have three emails for this [email protected] [email protected]
[email protected]
I swear these China people do not like USA and are trying to hurt us anyway they can.

Barbara –

august 4th 2020
Ordered a battery operated hand saw and received a chain. Total charge was $31.65. Obviously, a S-C-A-M/F-R-A-U-D
no response to repeated emails asking for exchange or refund

Eddie –

Ordered a battery operated hand saw and received a chain. Total charge was $31.65. Obviously, a S-C-A-M/F-R-A-U-D

Tony –

I ordered the battery powered wood cutter order# 200806013851196. The tracking # was LY405089782CN. IT SAID IT WAS DELIVERED ON September 15 @ 1539 by USPS. It was not. All I received was a chainsaw blade with a woven handle on each side. What gives? [email protected]

Armando –

I,too, ordered the battery powered chain saw and received a chain with two loops instead. It was delivered by Hermes and , on the day it was delivered, I attempted to return it, but Hermes told me I should need a return label. As they refuse to reply to emails, this seems to be impossible. Returns have tobe made within 14 days. Please help.

Karl –

I ordered a battery powered handheld chainsaw for $32 and received a chain with loop handles on the ends. I cannot get in contact with them through any of the emails they have. This company needs to be shut down. I plan on working with my Bank to recoup my money.

Derek –


Claudia –

These r the photos of what I ordered and what I recieved.

Mayra –

I ordered a treadmill smart electric on 31/07/2022 and on the 22/09/2020 only received a pad this I thought this was a good place to buy but I can see every one just complain about them…I think this shop group is a scam I put a dispute to pay pal to get a refund

Devin –


Jaime –

I also would like to file a complaint about the Stihl battery operated chainsaw that I ordered from this company. I also received a chain with cloth handles on each side not the pictured chain saw. I have been trying to contact the company to return and all of my attempts have been returned as undeliverable.
order # 200812013844393 – 2 battery operated wood cutters.
I was expecting the stihl battery powered saw that was pictured on the order page. I had ordered 2 of them so am I just out $50. or is their someway to make these people accountable?

Dylan –

I ordered a tree hammock with a rain shield. The item never came and they were unresponsive so I filed a dispute with PayPal. When PayPal contacted them they tossed a kids swing with a blow up seat in the mail to provide PayPal a tracking number. PayPal put the case on hold so the item had time to get here. Being world’s apart from what I ordered I still want a refund. This company is saying they sent what I ordered and want to give me 20 of my 70 dollars back and accept a 20 dollar coupon. This is not acceptable. I want a refund. The item they sent is far from having a 50 dollar value and why would I ever be so foolish as to place another order with a company that didn’t send what I ordered but wants to keep my money anyway? I want a refund!

Marisa –

To whom it may concern;

ORDER 200811234659576

The GTA 26 Battery-Powered Wood Cutter ×1 was not included with delivery as shown by the Tracking Number results. Where is my woodcutter? I cannot sharpen something that I do not have. I will be stopping payment should you not provide my product very fast.
Thomas Phillips

Tony –

Happebd to me too. So passed off, they still let this vendor trade via PayPal or at should put a warning on all transactions to this vendor.

Jenny –

I ordered a cordless pool vacuum and received just a net for the end of our pool pole, which already has a net. I really wanted the vacuum so I’ve tried several email addys to contact them and all came back undeliverable. Do anyone have any suggestions? Rosette

Kristopher –

I ordered a garden strimmer with metal blades. After loads of emails etc i finally today recieved METAL BLADES! Total scam. Needs investigation!

Nathaniel –

August 5th,2020, I ordered a hand held chain saw. I tracked the order from the beginning. It was not being sent and I asked for a refund. Suddenly there was tracking info and they replied it was too late for a refund since it had been shipped. Sept. 21st, 2020, I received a chain for a chain saw. No saw. I sent an email requesting a chainsaw immediately or a refund. The email I sent was not deliverable. Definitely a.scam.

Wayne –

I a ordered a GTA 26 powered wood cutter also a chainsaw teeth cutter, on 22/9/2020 i received the chainsaw cutter, a 10 inch chain with ribbon on both ends, no GTA 26 wood cutter . Order no. 200822150427472, tr acking no. LZ278916740CN. Please advise if the cutter is on its way. Please reply. Regards Peter Battye

Taryn –


Tonya –

I ordered a smart watch and it arrived today after about 6 weeks and I have taken it out of the packaging, the box is wripped and I put it into a USB port to charge it up and it will not charge or turn on. Money wasted and I am fuming. I would like another one shipped to me at no cost or I demand a refund. If I do not hear anything I will be reporting this to the police as it is clearly theft and items are fake

Juan –

On Sept. 6 2020 I ordered [email protected] Electric Wrench 3/8 Cordless Ratchet x 2 ( Order # 200831125341673 ) from smartisshop and received a tracking number of BTYCN0004403942YO . When I went back to track this number it did not show up as well as the orgional order page.I lost my money and these people are a scammer !

Amelia –

I ordered this on the 26th of June 2020 and still has not been received. The following is my attempt to locate it. 420847909274890249338719877423 does not seem to be a good tracking number the USPS is supposed to be the delivery agent.

Dear Customer,
Thank you for contacting us regarding your order. We are sorry for any inconvenience.
We have received the notice from the logistics providers that due to the impact of the epidemic, the number of international freight flights has been greatly reduced, resulting in a large number of international packages squeezed in the airport. In the future, the logistics chamber of Commerce will choose to continue to wait for the flight to depart or to forward to sea. As a result, the logistics information is missing or not updated for a long time, we have to wait for the further notice of update from the courier.please understand and wait for the package patiently.

Best Regards,
Customer Service
On 8/1/2020 01:20,Mark Correll wrote:
I purchased an item on 26 June 2020, I received an email that it was on it way last week. It has not arrived. I went to the USPS tracking site and it tells me it has not reached the item from you. I am beginning to be somewhat concerned, are you able to help me locate this item?

Billy –

Bought A Stihl Hand Held Battery Powered Wood Saw & Got A Chain With Two Fabric Handles Worth £7 On Ebay What A Complete Scam Company, After Trying To Contact Shenzhen Jiumenghudong Network Technology Co. LTD & [email protected] Still No Further Forward What A Waste Of Hard Earned Money

Justin –

It has been 2 months and I have not recieved my glasses and the email given cannot be contact. Is this a [email protected]
po 2008272238111160
This product is shipping China who knows what happened.

Reginald –

I got my glasses…not as described. They fold up, don’t turn color, and are not multifocal. $23.00 later and could have gotten same thing from “dollar store”. I ordered thru FB, so no place there to do a review…hope many people read this so they don’t get ripped off like me.

Oscar –

Same here, and dumb enough to spend 10 bucks for speedy shipping! FB can kiss my a**!

Jason –

Ordered a projector and received a small phone stand. Took over three months to receive and now that I asked for my refund they have not gotten back to me.

Travis –

Wrong item received
I’ve received a chain not a hand powered cutter as ordered ?
Would you confirm whether or not the cutter is being sent ?
The order details are as follows
Thank you
Anthony Sullivan

Sent to
Anthony Sullivan
9 Birtle Drive
M29 7RE
United Kingdom
Have you received this order?
31 August 2020, Sent by MANUAL
Status: Sent
Online Services
Transaction ID
Seller information
Shenzhen Jiumenghudong Network Technology Co., Ltd.
[email protected]
Invoice ID
Purchase details
Battery-Powered Wood Cutter
$24.95 USD
Item numberJ01654000123280000
$5.95 USD
$0.75 USD
$31.65 USD

Christie –

I ordered a cordless pool cleaner and got a net instead. i want my pool cleaner or my money back

Frederick –

Hi Pat-we also ordered the pool vacuum and received just a net. Have you had any luck getting ahold of the company. I’ve tried several emails addys and all come back undeliverable!

Paula –

I ordered 2 of the spinning bumper cars and got 2 Spider-Man toys not what I ordered so please send me my bumper cars or give me my money back I really thought this was a good place to shop I tried calling but they would not talk English so I don’t know what’s going on but my granddaughters where expecting those so they could. have some fun please send them

Tara –

I ordered a cordless pool vacuum. Even paid extra for a faster delivery. I only received a pool net. Their email is no good and I cannot get a hold of them. The net was late anyway. I have attempted to get in touch with PayPal and of course that isn’t working either. I’m really upset about this. I think these advertisements should be checked out by the places that place the ads before they use them. It sure would help a lot of People from getting ripped off. I’m on social security and am barely surviving as it is. I certainly didn’t need this to happen. I only ordered it for my a birthday present for my daughter. Now I got nothing. I’m so upset

Katherine –

I also bought a Stihl wood cutter from this place and never got what I bought, instead of the neat battery power wood cutter with the Stihl name of it I got a chain cutter with fabric handles.

Alexis –

I also got the chain cutter with fabric handles, definitely a RIP off, to bad we can’t put it on the ad, PayPal has terrible cybernet security last time I use them for anything they should refund our money and take these Chinese scam artists offline, never will order anything from China again ever, worst mistake I ever made if it ain’t made in the USA, I ain’t buying it! That’s what I get for believing something to good to be true!

Chase –

Good old facebook allowing dodgy advertisements
I got the same ! – I’ve tried emailing the supplier and it’s bounced back.
I’m going to claim my money back via PayPal

Maria –

bought a Stihl wood cutter from this place and never got what I bought, instead of the neat battery power wood cutter with the Stihl name of it I got a chain saw chain with two fabric handles one at each end. It was a arm strong cutter not battery. still can’t. get over the fact that the Stihl company isn’t doing anything about this seeing as their name is at stake.. the picture below is what I was suppose to have bought and what was advertised.

Terrance –

I ordered the battery powered chain saw and received a rope chain instead. Cannot contact customer service or anyone to complain. I would like to know if the
Better Business Bureau or the Attorney General could be contacted to stop these fradulent practices.

Joe –

Pedí una lavadora de zapatos y no me llegó lo que me mandaron fue dos tapas quiero mi dinero de reembolso Brieftopshop

ORDER 200823065222736

Your order is on the way

Hi Aleida,Your order is on the way. Track your shipment to see the delivery status.

View your order

or View our store

Tracking number: WNBAA0114317390YQ

Items in this shipment
No se ha completado la entrega
Se ha producido un problema temporal al entregar el mensaje a [email protected] Gmail lo seguirá intentando durante 46 horas más. Recibirás una notificación si la entrega falla de forma permanente.

Jeremy –

I ordered a Mini Bumper Car my grandson could ride on. I received 2 very small two cars. Could not reach anyone to resolve this. Buyer Beware. Was extremely disappointed !

Troy –

I too ordered the Stihl wood cutter battery operated trimmer. And after 2 months i received a chain with 2 nylon handles at either end… Yes it was thru facebook… BUT DEFINATELY A DAM SCAM

Keri –

I too was ripped off ordering the wood cutter… is there anyway of getting our money back? I went through PayPal.

Gerald –

Same Thing happened to me

Roger –

I ordered a large board flattening jig to hook a router up to. I got a stinking little spike shave that would’ve been about a tenth of the cost. Hope this company gets hit hard for scamming. Pictured is what I was supposed to have gotten and it won’t let me load what I did get, but it fit in the mailbox if that says anything.

Ross –

A parcel arrived from this company – one I was not expecting. It was 3 paper thin cutting boards that had not been ordered but were charged to my credit card. $60.77 for cheap nasty rubbish from China. I am still trying to retrieve my money and have had to cancel the card.

Jeffrey –

Ordered a floor standing dust vacuum on pic 1 and received small handheld item in pic 2. Sent several emails all returned undeliverable.

[email protected]

Meghan –

I ordered a 360° child’s spinning bumper car,instead I received 2 tiny spiderman cars which I could have bought from the £ shop,i have left this case in the hands of PayPal which i also hold responsible because they will know that I will not have been the only one that has this seller has scammed yet PayPal continue to accept payments for this seller instead of doing the right thing and get them reported,as you can see in the photo showing the bumper car I ordered unfortunately I am unable to send the photo of the 2 tiny spiderman cars(file too big)but they are that small I can fit them both in one hand

Kayla –

I ordered 1 set of the German tech auto focus glasses,paid for via Paypal, tried tracking with fictitious tracking number, No package registered to that number, what a scam , wish PAYPAL could have checked this scam site out and warned us about purchasing stuff from them. Web page is still running,… need to do something about these [censored] that lie so blatantly ( put against a wall and shot,…or make them disappear permanantly), stealers of people’s hard earned monies.

Billy –

Absolute scam !
Ordered a big present for my grandsons birthday & received a stupid wee toy I could have bought out the £ shop !
That’ll be a lot of money I’ll never see again 🤬🤬 Do NOT USE this site !

Jennifer –

Orded German reading glasses, supposed to have shipped within 24 hours. Tried to contact them at where they sent the confirmation number from, web page unavailable. After reading comments I’m not expecting much. Was really excited watching their ad on Facebook. That’s $32 I’ll never see again.

Lori –

Ordered the same , supplied tracking number which does not exist, Web page still running, rather should have bought from WIsh then them…

Natalie –

I ordered a battery-powered chainsaw via their advertisement on Facebook In July 2020. On 15 September 2020, I received a jagged chain with two floppy handles. Facebook is responsible for their advertisers. This company is fleecing people and taking their money!

Donna –

I ordered 3 general collapsible shelf’s for $19.99 each plus $1.80 for insurance. What they sent me was 3 little shelves that looks like toys that I could have gotten from a dollar store. That is all its worth have my order number,transaction id. They need to refund my money back on my card. They don’t respond to emails don’t have a phone number to call them. I ordered them 7/20/20 didn’t receive these toys until the middle of August. #SCAMMERS

Nichole –

I did the same. The shelves sent were not even close to the picture they showed. I ordered 2, so I am out $40.00. The website has been taken down, and no answer to all my emails. BIG SCAM!
The email was to be sent to,, the company was the I hope Karma, kicks their [censored]!

Monique –

I ordered a Art Deco Dog with tray. I online received a tiny metal tray. (Picture below)
These people are based in China and are thieves and scammers. You order what they advertise online and you receive something very different of much less value. Their customer support is useless, they ignore all emails. You won’t get your money back.

Be warned. Don’t use them!

Brendan –

I ordered a pool vacuum cleaner and was sent a net! I want a full refund!

Samantha –

I ordered a pool vacuum cleaner and I was sent a pool net. I need to find out if I can get a full refund

Alana –

i ordered miter saw from lcukshop a month ago. i checked tracking # . it says delivered 09/01/2020. but i never received. I try to contact the seller no phone #. i do have copy of the order . order # 200803030948956

Ernest –

I ordered a cordless pool vacuum..I received a leaf net.. Sent response.
These People are Thieves

Jaime –

I ordered the vacuum touchless and received a desktop cleaner. I paid $31.00 for the vacuum, order number 4890249338647547764 . WhatI do now? I would like my money back

Carly –

I ordered a 3 shelf. Collapsable general rack. The picture showed It big enough to hold a tv. What I received was 2 small shelves that had legs to fold down. I contested the purchase through PayPal. PayPal. ContactedThem and I am not sure what was said but…They found in favor of the company. I undoubtedly Was scammed.

Natasha –

Same, only I was stupid enough to order 2 !

Donald –

I ordered a cordless battery operated chainsaw and all I got was a chain with 2 hand straps on it No number to call but the address is under EIE. CORP 5605 Timberlea Blvd Mississauga Ontario L4W2S4 I Hope they don’t scam anyone else

Tiffany –

They’ve scammed multiple people, including myself.

Tamara –

They dont send anything! Scam 110%!

Rosa –

Ie still have not received my order from yous yours yet my transaction I’d is 94850194b3941401d membership number is 8447171765546030

Joe –

I ordered a tennis shoe washing machine for $19.99 plus shipping and instead I received a Tupperware lid. Order no.200814130432527. Vincent Edwards. Dallas Tx. 75228 . [email protected]

Frank –

Również zostałem oszukany moje zamówienia nadal nie dotarły i żadnych informacji nie otrzymałem o wysyłce a miała być VIP pisałem do nich bez odpowiedzi

April –

Haven’t received anything yet for the glasses!

Jenna –

I ordered a 3 shelf general purpose collapsible order #ly1351873080cn. Your company instead sent me to plastic shelfs which was wrong…Where is my correct order. I paid over 19 dollars for it and what was sent to me would only cost not even 2 dollars. I your company is legit your would send me my correct order.

Heidi –

I was scammed by them.

Lori –

The same thing happened to Me. They even convinced PayPal that I was wrong😡

Ronald –

I ordered 2 sets of the German tech auto focus glasses. I received 2sets of 2.00 foldup readers that I.could have purchased locally. I’ve to them with no response.

Manuel –

i ordered a 25cc gas powered chainsaw and recieved a hand held piece of chainsaw chain with two straps WTF i tried to reach these people via e mail and it does`nt exist!

Thomas –

i ordered a Home Touchless Vac and got a desktop cleaner instead. order number 200813223234200. I ordered it through amiableshop and if I had a problem with product to contact us at this email [email protected], which did not come up. Thank you.

Jermaine –

I ordered 2 pair of German tech auto focus eye glasses, they sent me 2.50 reader glasses I could have got from anywhere!

Amy –

I’m having the same bad experience, I ordered two Dobermann statues with payment already made, now I can’t track the package and it seems to have no origin, I sent an email to find out more and nobody answers. I really think it’s a scam, I hope someone can report those responsible

Gabriel –

I ordered the same ones and received a small gold coloured plate. They’re scammers, you won’t receive your order, and if you do it may be the gold plate I got. These people are scammers.

Ruben –

i ordered 2 battery powered wood cutters on 8/10/2020 & paid for fast shipping. never got email for tracking number. i have order #, confirmation number and even sent an email but no response. I feel i have been scammed and either I want my money back or my products delivered. this was ordered through pop up add poooshop Shenzhen and the Jiumenghudong Networ Technology Co.,Ltd. How do i get in touch with some help? I have a invoice # and order # and took screenshots of transaction.

Dennis –

The Doberman side table I ordered through an ad on Instagram was 100% hoax. I only got the cheap and tiny plate that doesn’t even hold a whiskey bottle, and not the actual Doberman. I should’ve known better not to trust any sellers from China. I’m throwing away the plate because I feel like it’s tainted. I am currently asking Paypal to get me the full refund for it and to make sure to due-dil the sellers in order to prevent any future victims from having to go through the same thing I’m currently going through. It’s frustrating…

Abigail –

I have a phone call into Stihl to get them involved with this headache..they have the $$$ to to fight any fraudulent representation of their product(s)…

Noah –

That’s a great idea! I too ordered a battery powered wood cutter/ chainsaw on August 6th through ‘Bloomtoshop’, I got an order # but no tracking # . Today I got an email from ‘simpleokshop’ saying my order is on the way, this time with a tracking #, but it it’s not traceable… smh.

Kaitlin –

I ordered a battery powered wood trimmer on August 11, 2020. Today is August 28. I have emailed their customer service several times asking when I will receive it with no response. I sent an email to the owner and I get a response to say that I should contact their customer service department.

Ross –

Aug 21, 2020
Not sure of the date but I ordered the Battery-Powered Wood Cutter by Stihl @24.95
I emailed them twice asking if my order has been shipped. No reply. I do have a copy of the order page and order number. This product has a 100 % satisfaction or you get your money back.

Jake –

I ordered a 3 tier shelf in July. Earlier this month they sent me two pieces of plastic. I did some investigation and emailed customer service including the email of the.person who received the money via PayPal. A week later they responded asking for photos of the package and the item I received which I did. Today I received an email from them saying that I placed the wrong order. I responded to them indicating that there’s no way I could have done that if I ordered directly from the advertised site and there were no other choices except that shelf. I also attached photos of similar complaints and customers who received the same two pieces of plastic. They are clearly playing games. Hopefully PayPal drops them because there are too many complaints from that company.

Grant –

I had the same experience with shelves. They even convinced PayPal I was wrong .

Phillip –

I order the swimming pool pills.Never recieved them .Was told it was behind because of the virus.Then I reported them to pay pal and was told months later they had gotten a tracking number and it was delivered .Still no pills or tracking number so I can check into this.It was a 40.00 scam..

Austin –

Country United States

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

Initial means of contact Not applicable


Andrew –

hi on the 27/07 I order a treadmill order 200 727 12011 3360 — item KSY 20200686 BQ — transaction 3 YG 29169KY6517539 — invoice IN 159582235777694 — tracking YT 2021 7212 66120809 — i got deliver on the 21/08 a pack containing a black mat ONLY BUT NO TREADMILL SO I LIKE TO KNOW WHAT HAPPEND TO MY ORDER I AM REQUESTING AND ASKING FOR MY REFUND WY DO YOU ADVERTISED PRODUCTS IF YOU DONT DELIVER THE RIGHT PRODUCT AS I BELIEVE ITS A SCAM BUYING ONLINE ARE NOT TO BE TRUSTED ANSWER PLEASE MY MONEY BACK PLEASE AND NEVER B UY AND TRUST TO BUY ANYTHING ONLINE ANYMORE CHEERS

Emily –

I ordered a Nordic Doberman living room floor decoration tray. <span title="(
(… />
Unfortunately all they shipped me was the tray when I stupidly was expecting the dog. (Attached picture). Even if I were buying the tray it is not as described as their website shows how big it is in the picture and you can see the size I received. Complete scam artists – I have filed a dispute with Paypal

Brent –

This is exactly what happened to me. I first contacted the seller without luck, then I contacted Paypal to file a dispute. Did you ever get your money back?

Ian –

I ordered the battery powered chainsaw 08/06/2020. Was wondering where it is because the shipping was 7 to 14 days, after reading all the complaints, its safe to say I probably won’t receive it or it will be something really cheap. The ad on facebook showed it to be a Stihl. I payed through paypal so I guess I’ll be contacting them.

Rodney –

I purchased what was advertised as a 25cc 12″ gas 2 stroke chainsaw. The ad showed a picture of an echo saw, and everything in the description related to a gas chainsaw. The claimed delivery in 12-14 days. At 15 days I emailed to request an update. They replied to say after a shipping accident, I should receive the item shortly. About a week later I received a saw chain with nylon handles on each end. They have offered to give me $9 back, or return it at my expense with no guarantee that it will arrive. I told them the only acceptable outcome is a full refund, and once I receive the payment, I will return it at their expense. I am filing a claim with PayPal.

Cody –


Roberto –

we ordered a swimming pool and got sent a kids pool instead. it cost us 249.00. we’ve been trying to get a refund with no results.

Adrienne –

I am very mad my order is not was ordered this is scam never buy stuf in website like this I spend $24.88 in 2. Stuf plastic and cost $3.00

Edwin –

Very same thing happened to me. They got rich, and PayPal SHOULD look into this, and do something!

Kimberly –

The same thing happened to me. After emailing them, they asked for a photo of the product I received. Then they replied that I ordered the wrong item.
The email is pasted below:

Dear customer
Thank you very much for buying goods in our shop.
We may be misunderstood by our advertisement, and we are really sorry.
Our products have attributes to choose from, you only choose a GENERAL TYPE MULTIFUNCTIONAL RACK, you didn’t choose a shelf foldable in aluminum which is the photo in the advertisement .
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We are willing to solve all problems for you.
We wish you all the best and success.
Best wishes,
Customer service support

Maurice –

I order 3 shelf general purpose collapsed and recibe 2 mini ? Really. A need my money back a paid for PayPal

Taryn –

I had the same experience😡

Austin –

I ordered a pool vacuum cleaner and that was on June 30th and haven’t gotten a email or nothing I paid by PayPal so I will file a dispute

Gary –

I bought two motorcycles helmets that was supposed to be D.O.T. Regulated. There not. First two pictures is what supposed to be.Second two pictures are what is. Last picture shows no D.O.T stickers.

Teresa –

Hi all I have purchased the mini chainsaw had no reply via email x2 and looking here appears to me to be a scam colorfullife can someone help me or direct me to how i get a refund please

Sandra –

If you used PayPal you can file a dispute with them if not contact your credit card company and file a dispute with them.
If you used a debit card contact your bank.
It sad you got scammed, good luck

Jay –

I ordered 3-shelf general Purpose Collapsible 1 on July 18 2020 at 9.49 through PayPal where is the order or My money back thanks order number 200719064417468

Anthony –

Don’t waste Your time the same thing happened to Me. PayPal sided with Them😡

Frederick –

They did the same thing to me and when I contacted them and sent photos, they said that I made the wrong order… [censored]ing liars!

Their email is posted below:

Dear customer
Thank you very much for buying goods in our shop.
We may be misunderstood by our advertisement, and we are really sorry.
Our products have attributes to choose from, you only choose a GENERAL TYPE MULTIFUNCTIONAL RACK, you didn’t choose a shelf foldable in aluminum which is the photo in the advertisement .
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We are willing to solve all problems for you.
We wish you all the best and success.
Best wishes,
Customer service support

Philip –

I ordered a predator bike helmet and received some kind of face covering as you can see in the picture it’s a total ripoff bunch of thieving cowboys don’t waste your money on these absolute b*stards! 😡😡😡 if I pay for something I expect to receive it and if they’re not going to give me what I ordered then I’d expect a refund but from the other reviews I’ve read that’s probably never gonna happen cause they’re just a bunch of loser scam artists and can go [censored] themselves if I don’t get my helmet or refund!

Shannon –

Ordered a speaker through them and it has been since April that I am waiting for it. Received word July 5, 2020 that it was shipped. Have begun process with PayPal for refund. Feels like a scam. The specific company was Fushishenzen which I think was mentioned in an earlier comment.

Tracy –

My name is Tracey O’Keefe and I purchased one of your bumper cars for my grandkids at least two or three months ago but haven’t received my purchase my email address [email protected] so would love to hear back from you to see how my purchase is going sincerely Tracey

Cody –

Hi I ordered the stacking shelves that are black and very tall recived my itiem and tryed getting a replie this is what I got plastic [censored] shelfs see pic not what I ordered pile of [censored] complaining to PayPal now

Elizabeth –

The VERY SAME thing happened to me with the same item ordered and the same WRONG order delivered. I have received NO REPY and am concerned. I contacted PayPal already and was told to contact COMAINSHOP first. I have tried but can’t get them to reply.

Sandra –

Large ad on Facebook for “Battery-Powered Wood Cutter” by Stihl @$24.95 , limit 2
Sounds good…scam!
Best price anywhere is $79.95

Emmanuel –

On Aug 7th I ordered the Battery-Powered Wood Cutter by Stihl @24.95
I emailed them twice asking if my order has been shipped. No reply I’m going to the bank tomorrow to see what I have to do to get my money back. I wish Paypal would drop this company.

Joel –

I ordered a treadmill. I have not received it, nor do I expect to. I emailed, three times, requesting a refund. I have not had any more communication from them. I have filed fraud charges and have started a claim with my credit card company.

Lee –

This is my order Number 200727000449809 that i ordered on 07/26/2020 and i have yet to receive the saw I would like a refund as i now believe it is a scam.this is my home phone number 352/669/63259

Glenn –

I purchased what I thought was a multi chopping board what I received was smaller that an A4 sheet plastic sheet about 2mm thick, one could not even cut a sandwich on ! Totally useless. Beware they are scammers !

Katherine –

I ordered a rolling shelving unit from them, $15.99 reduced from $19.99, I used a gift card for payment. It’s been a month and haven’t heard a thing from them. The website only says that its still unfulfilled. I doubt I can be reimbursed since payment was on a pre-paid gift card, but it would be nice. Anyone who knows anything about getting reimbursement, put it on here. Thanks

Jose –

You were out of luck. I ordered the same 2 flimsy plastic shelves scammed😡 PayPal sided with Them.

Nikki –

I ordered a Kobe Bryant hooded sweatshirt from menineshop back in March or April 2020. They had an ad on Facebook, advertising this item. Today is August 3rd, 2020 and I still haven’t received anything. Each time I email them trying to find out what’s going on, they reply saying that my item “just shipped and that the tracking number should be available soon.” Every time I type in the so-called tracking number, it comes back as non-existent. They were responding to my emails up until the past few weeks and now I can’t get anything back from them. I wanna go after them, legally, in person or however possible and I’ll do whatever it takes to make that happen so, if anyone has any information about them, where they’re actually located, a phone number, any other contact information other than, [email protected], please contact me ASAP at, [email protected], and let me know. It appears they’ve been scamming quite a few people and it’s time for them to be held accountable for it.

Darryl –

Just ordered from this company and this is the contact site they listed as contact but it isn’t a legit site. I paid with pay pal. The only reason I know is because I wasn’t sure if I ordered the right shelve so I tried to contact them and the email address is not legit

Jesse –

Just placed an order through with this company. Pad through pay pal and found out it’s a scam. How do I cancel this order before it gets packaged ? Decided to look up the company because I wasn’t sure I ordered the right thing and the contact info email address is not legit

Victor –

After reading this I am definitely contacting paypal. I also received the cheap $1 cutting board after ordering the wooden chopping board with the buckets.

Shanna –

PayPal sided with Them good luck.

Bobby –

Fushishenzhen: greman intelligent color progressive auto focus readin glasses purchase july 8, 2020.
Have’nt received thru pay pal account $29.98
transaction id: 99k42303kc358992x
invoice id: in159421975329108
item# j00872000202200000

Lucas –

Scammer’s website [email protected]

Scammer’s email [email protected]

Country United States

Type of a scam Other

Initial means of contact Email

Ordered the saw from there advertising never recieved the item they said ,5 yo 15 dayd its been ,2 months

Jaclyn –

Ordered 2 wooden chopping boards with Preparation buckets for $20US each – what arrived was 2 very small plastic boards i could purchased at the local dollar store for $1.00 each!

Ordered through Paypal so should get my money back – but never had an down right scam like this before~!

Kristopher –

This happened to me but with a dog statue (see my post on here). Something needs to be done about this company!

Elizabeth –

I ordered the same thing and also got the dollar store cutting board after two months. Just got my paypal refund today. They’re a scam!

Jonathan –

I bought a mini projector from them and my receipt said mini projector
When it finally came I got a mini tripod which was not what I ordered
I complained and they replied that I had misunderstood the advert and bought the tripod

They are con merchant of the first degree and I want my money back but that seems unlikely

I paid by PayPal so I will be alerting them to this fraud

Alicia –

Victim Location 68039

Total money lost $78

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I saw this ad on Instagram for a new high powered Bluetooth speaker. They included a video of the product with a guy reviewing the speakers. They were inexpensive so I ordered two, about $78.00 US.

My first indication that something was wrong was after I placed my order, they sent me a order receipt and tracking number with a link to a tracking service that did not work even after 72 hours. I contacted them and they said to be patient. Shipping is delayed due to the Corona virus.

Almost two weeks had passed and still no package. A second inquiry was sent and they tell me my order has just been shipped! What? And they gave me a new tracking number. Which didn’t work, of course. They stated it would take two weeks for my order to arrive, again. Be patient. I told them to locate my package or I would cancel my order and request a refund. They quit responding to my emails after that.

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