Phillip –

Victim Location 94560

Total money lost $180,000

Type of a scam Travel/Vacations

My elderly parents were trying to sell their time share in Mexico and used a law firm of Mendoza Asociatos (supposedly in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico, but domain search told me they were in AZ, USA). Lots of official looking papers. Even used a brokerage firm in Chicago called Independent Consultants, LLC. Lots of requests to wire money, because ,you know, my mom was told Mexico does it differently than the USA and they can charge whatever fees they want. My mom just kept sending money because she got a "Reimbursement Guarantee Letter" saying "all out-of-pocket expenses must be and are being documented, and as such will be fully reimbursable and included with payment to you". They told her that a billionaire was buying the time share as a tax write off and it did not matter to him about paying her all of these fees back. My mom says there is a contract and she will be reimbursed. My parents are trusting and I did not find out until over $150,000 was sent. As of now my mom is waiting for this "wire transfer" that was supposed to be deposited into her account a week ago (and now, of course, is being held until the buyer pays the bank interest for putting the money in a non interest bearing account. Pay the bank interest for holding his money?! How does this make sense?)

I saw the fees that were charged and just thought WHAT?! WHAT IS THIS?! and REALLY?!

Take a look at this list of fees that needed to be paid to get their money. The fees were ridiculous, and included: Assignment Fees,SAT 25% Tax, Public Notary & Trans. all Docs,R.F.I. 7%,Customs Fee, NAFTA, Miscellaneous of $35K, Tax/Ex. Wire Fee,Court Settlement Fee,Finalization Fee, Fideicomiso, Free & Clear Certificate, Removal of Liens, 3% Hotel Tax, 16% I.V.A. (Value Added/Sales Tax), Late Penalties-Registration as Foreign Investor, 16% I.V.A. due on Reimbursements, Closing & Administration,1 Removal of Lien, Erasure of the Records, 10% Clear & Free Certificate Update, 16% IVA, Attorney Fees and Cost of Legal Fees, Political Campaign, Wire Fees, Contract Renewal, Commission, Credited Account, Banking on Interest Bearing Account Fee, Additional Security, Currency Conversion is 1% of Total, Bank Wire Insurance at 2% of All.

My mom even called this broker in Chicago about the money supposedly in escrow to be sent to her, and they told her they needed the password/code that was given to her from the law firm to discuss it. Made her think it was all legitimate. I have told her she was scammed and will not recover any money and just needs to move on. She is very upset and keeps hoping that she will really receive this money so she can pay back the money borrowed to send to these scammers.

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