Patrick – Aug 17, 2020

Victim Location 93030

Total money lost $3.90

Type of a scam Credit Cards

I was trying to contact my bank but I accidentally pressed two wrong numbers which were suppose to be the other way around but for me it looked like the same number from my Bank but truely I was calling a other a mysterious number thinking it was my bank. When I called it, it had said I won a 100 dollar gift card and I was transferred to a guy and he told me that to claim my 100$ I would have to give them my address so they will send it. They asked the catch is that they will have to charge my 1.90$ to mail it. They have my credit card info and the address where I live. I noticed like a week later they charged me again 1.90$.I would want my money back hopefully and hope that this company is Investigated so that no one will ever become a victim of this fraud again.I noticed someone has reported this before and this is still happening and sadly it happened to me but the thing that sucks is that someone had reported this and no one has done anything to stop it.

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