Mel’s Golden Retrievers

Crystal – Jul 29, 2020

Victim Location 80923

Total money lost $1,540

Type of a scam Credit Cards

I contacted Mels Golden Retrievers about a puppy. They emailed me back and said the the dog would cost $700 including shipping for the dog. They said send the funds through cash app I was able to send $100 through them to a trax10. I couldn’t send the rest through there so they said use a vanilla one gift card from Walmart. So I sent the rest of the $600, then they said that they received the payment and to wait for shipping instructions. They sent me another email saying that dog is ready to ship but it needed another refundable $840 for vacation and the air conditioned crate to ship the dog. Same thing I sent the money and stared to think it was a scam so I asked them how the puppy was and they said that the dog is ready to ship but they need insurance on the dog and picture of my drivers license (which I did not send) and did not pay any more money. Asked for a frequent and never heard from them again.

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