Kellie –

Victim Location 96791

Type of a scam Nigerian/Foreign Money Exchange

The only reason I put it as a "foreign money exhchange" is because I was asked to send money to Jamaica. But let me explain:

I didn’t fall into the trap this individual laid out. I was told, on Instagram, by a Ms. Melecia Emily Lawson (IG: MELECIALAWSON) that this way of "flipping" my money was easy and quick. Once I lured this individual into actually sharing with me the info, I received that a banker, Tajhan Peterkin, at address "Jamaica" would receive the money. I was also asked to send a confirmation when I was completed doing it and then asked to send the correct spelling of my full name and address. I do not usually just give that information out, so I was very hesitant. Between that and this individual’s improper use of the English language, sometimes, through red flags up like crazy. After I was told to give a confirmation, I stopped playing the game and decided to research everything. Seems it is, indeed, a scam. Not a bad one, but not a great one. Invest your money in something worth it…like a bank, ladies and gents. I hope this helped a little. Thanks.

Here’s a link to the Instagram profile:

I would really like to see the scammers get scammed 10-fold and their identities fully revealed.

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