Megan Advertising Agency

Danielle –

Victim Location 70422

Type of a scam Employment

this is the email they sent to my work account. "We are looking for brilliant individual that can work flexible work 2-3 days in a week and 2 hours of your time any of the day, your job include distapching ( Distapcher ) casihers checks and money order, you will be working for our company your job include printer checks with data and info giving to you and we will send you label and you drop it off, experience is a plus non-experience that willing to work we will train you, all you need to have it a computer at home and a printer to start with and we will be paying you every 2weeks and amount is $400 . It a flexible work for you, if you are interested get back to me name and cell phone number."

I forwarded the email to a friend and they never got back to her after a week, and I sent it and the next morning I had a response. They have communicated strictly through text message with terrible grammar. I wanted to verify with them there location and what business they were hiring for and they said Megan Advertising Agency but not once in the email did they say any of this, along with plenty of errors. What is in quotes of exactly what the email said.

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