Megamillion sweepstakes

Stephen –

Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

An older man called saying I had won a sweepstakes lottery for 5.5 million from some clearing house, as I had been been subscribed to Readers Digest years ago. He was checking whether I would be home to receive the check company agents would deliver. I was not home. Caller said his name was Mr Josh Edwards and his phone # 336 530 0314, to call him when I got home. I did not call, so he called back, In the mean time I found this website so I told him this was probably a scam and that I would not give any money out. He said I needed a certificate from the Canadian government to claim the check and for this I would need to send $750 by Western Union to the sweepstakes company. I said I would not do that until the 5.5 million had been deposited in my account. Since I realize this is most certainly a scam, I have not called back and I doubt he will call back or the agents will come to my place. Just a warning to other people. Sounds like a scam that has been going around. I have not tried to call the number, but the area code is from North Carolina.

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