Mega Millions Lottery Gaming Commission Reviews - Mega Millions Lottery Gaming Commission Scam or Legit

Lee –

Victim Location 54982

Total money lost $8,400

Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

For the last 6 weeks I have received numerous phone calls from a "JAMAICA CALL" from someone claiming to be Bobby Fischer, claiming I won a 4.5 million dollar prize in a random drawing. I have so far spent $8,400. writing various checks, which he allowed me to do even though he attempted to get me to wire money. He claimed he was representing the FBI because I had previously reported a scammer from NC and my bank didn’t allow me to wire money in that case. The first personal check was $500 for a gold seal stamp of approval sent to Dorothy Dix, *** *** ***, Orange NJ 07050. Another cashiers check for $4000 also sent to Dorothy Dix. A personal check for $1700 and another one for $1000 sent to James Diluigi, *** *** *** ***, Irmo, SC 29063. A cashiers check for $2200. was sent to Dorothy Dix, but my bank advised me to have it returned via the USPS which is currently being accomplished. A $1200 cashiers check sent to Jonathan James, *** *** *** Apt. 1, Cincinnati, OH 45225. I have also been requested to send $800 to an attorney, but I have not received a call today with that persons name or address. I have started taping our conversations for the last several days. I requested a FAX with proof that Dix is with the IRS. All red flags point to a scam, and I have reported this to the city police and my bank also saw the e-mail attachment of the Bank of America check #0347927 which shows up dozens of times with different names and amounts when searching for it on Google. I have printed out the e-mail attachment which I showed to my banker. That is what tipped me off that this is probably a scam.

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