Melinda – Oct 29, 2020

the same here Nana Zhao +66 6-1494-2706 exactly the same for me. invested 6000 chf all gone. theres nothing we can do? that cant be possible. I was investigate a bit more but it seems ok. if somenone think there is a way to do something pls tell me

Bryce – Oct 02, 2020

+852 6095 7067

Jodi – Oct 02, 2020

my wish is for that stolen money to be used to relieve the pain during her mother’s cancer and last but not least her, i lost 1500€, love costs

Charlotte – Sep 30, 2020

A girl called “Lili” one of the phone number is +853 6337 0535, she write me for a long time, and at one moment she was talking about investment, in behave of the dad. She told me this “Uncle” told her to invest in BJS because it rising a lot every day. I been suspicious, so I took more time to think.. after she send me photos of the prove of her deposit, she even give me 500 BJS! At the end I invest a bit. The customer service doesn help me, they ask me also for a deposit of 5% of my account in BTC, and they stole it… I’m desperate to figure out how to get back my money, but there are no possibility..

Alisha – Oct 01, 2020



Ebony – Sep 18, 2020

The same thing happened to me, a girl named Lucky (Xia Qing) contacted me for days, wanting to have a relationship with me, even He talked and wanted to have video calls, he sent me photos, but every day he told me to invest, until I fell, not by much, barely .1 BTC (I wanted to try) until I was investigating, I started with BJS but there is not much information, then I know I happened to look for meegox that was when I realized that he had stolen from me, I left his phone number so that they are careful: 85263091549

Monica – Aug 28, 2020

Victim Location 87108

Type of a scam CryptoCurrency

A girl Named Diana or Andey as a nickname from Hong Kong living in Singapore contacted me through tinder and then WhatsApp. Saying all the right things and claiming to be involved in many businesses she will try to convince you to invest in a fake crypto called BJS through a site called meegox. “She” will say anything to make you fall for her. I’m sure many victims are loosing lots of money over this.

Donna – Oct 01, 2020


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