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Vanessa –

Victim Location 76306

Type of a scam Healthcare/Medicaid/Medicare

Rec’d a call on my home phone. From a man with a strong foreign accent. He explained he was calling because I was using a paper copy of my Medicare Card and they wanted to verify exactly what was on my card so they could issue me a new plastic card. I had to go through three people before I got to one who I could understand. They told me they were calling from the Medicare number and I told them I couldn’t verify that…I couldn’t see their number so I wouldn’t tell them anything. He asked if I had a cell number then I could verify that it was the same number as on the reverse side of my card. He called my cell number. I got my card but still didn’t give him any information other than verifying my name. I asked him to give me four numbers on my card and if they had that, I would give them the remainder of the numbers. Oh…he couldn’t give me the number over the phone because of Privacy issues. I told him if he couldn’t give me those four numbers, I wouldn’t give him any info and hung up. I looked at the ID on my home phone and it does indicated: 1 800 MEDICARE and the cell showed up as 1 800 633-4227 (the number on the reverse side of the Medicare Card.

I then called our Local Wichita Falls, TX, and reported what happened and they verified it was a scam. She asked that I put the conversation on their scam reporting system. She also gave me the number for the Federal Trade Commission (877 382-4357). I called them and officially reported it to them.

Both organizations verified that this is a scam.

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