Medicare Hella S.A

Ian – Aug 12, 2020

Victim Location 65810

Type of a scam Employment

I was advised to provide with pictures and emails in reference to a hiring scam being done by people claiming to be apart of a GREECE based medical product company Called Medicare Hella S.A. The person will contact you by phone number and present themselves as if they are hiring and they will interview you by text messaging on Telegram APP seeming very legit. Once hired as a administrative assistant they will send you a letter for acceptance and engage you to read and sign and scan back to them physically (See Attached letter). They will also send you a Cashiers check to cover your computer cost and desk costs. While speaking to this lady (Mrs. *******) I asked her to provide some credentials to ensure the hiring process was a legit process and she assured me on Telegram app that it was but never gave me information to verify she was a real employee or apart of the company. All emails sent are not from the company’s portal or a company email account but from a personal email so when you cross reference you will see a gmail, and one with medicare Hellas but does not connect woman’s name to that account. I was also told to me they were a new based company coming to America but when I researched her email suggestion ([email protected]) it does not exist. I also emailed other supposed employee to see if they exist with emails being all personal. They also sent me a Cashiers Check for $3400.00 telling it would cover my desk and chair expenses (see pictures). I received check by fed Ex but when I tried sending it back to address sent from the mail clerk said it was an address at a University in Tennessee. I don’t know if they are phishing Veterans because I am one but what they are doing is very slick and not credible.

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