Medicare Guide Fulfillment Reviews - Medicare Guide Fulfillment Scam or Legit

Susan –

Victim Location 70444

Type of a scam Healthcare/Medicaid/Medicare

I received a mail offer for a 2019 Handy Guide to Medicare from the above alleged company, Medicare Guide Fulfillment, whose form was doctored to imply that it was being sent from a Medicare USA Governmental Dept. In a moment of bad decision, I mistook the form and sent it back with some of my information, although not my social security number. However, from what they already knew about me, I suspect that they already know that too. It was misleading. When they called, and I answered the phone, they said that they would have to send someone out to speak with me. I told them, definitively, that they are not to come to my home and that they advertised that they would send a Medicare guide. The woman on the phone responded, curtly, "I’ll see if he can get that to you." Not only did they get some of my information, they also falsely advertised their promise to send the guide, and they wanted to come to my home, for whatever reason, I can’t be sure. I don’t know how they expect to get anyplace with these deceptive tactics. Please do something about this scam and trickery. They are perverting the system for all the people who have to deal with Medicare. It is ashamed that as soon as someone has a government dollar attached to them, that there are flocks of vultures waiting to pick at their existence. It ought to be a federal crime to advertise anything non-governmental without it first having in big red words, "This is not a government business." But, then, that would be too like right.

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