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Ebony –

Victim Location 84335

Type of a scam Employment

Scammer offered employment upon satisfactory completion of online case-study reviews and webinars. Training was to last 4 weeks and was to be completed in time to open a "new office". Case studies were legitimate and a written review was due withing 24 to 48 hours of receipt of case study. After completing 7 of the 9 case studies, scammer requested assistance in setting up "new office". Scammer provided a length list of Apple iPhones, MacBooks and iMacs that were needed to open the office. Scammer provided a Purchase Order and asked me to acquire 15K worth of iPhones using personal credit card. Scammer provided me with a bank routing number and account number that could be used to settle credit card charges after they were posted to card. The scammer noted that their company used Chase as their bank. I Googled the routing number that I received and found it was associated with Wells Fargo. The Scammer wanted me to acquire the technology and then send it to Hong Kong were their technical staff was to load software on the equipment and then return the equipment to the "new office". Once the rounting number didn’t check out, I did some more digging and found that the office suite that the scammer said was to open at the beginning of the year was bogus. The leasing agent for the building had no available office suites and had never heard of the company. The URL that supported the "company’s website" was licensed only one month prior to my initial contact and was registered to someone in the Urkraine. Too many red flags! I inquired with my "contact" and never heard from them again.

The good news is, I didn’t buy any of the technology that they requested and so I was only out my time. Losing my time wasn’t a total loss as I enjoyed reading the Case Studies. Please do your homework when offered a job without meeting the individuals personally. Scammers use the internet to do their business but the internet also provides a lot of other information that can really help to expose fraud. If you aren’t comfortable with what you find, keep digging!

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