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Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

This guy (Martin Rudy) contacted us (through email) about wrapping out vehicle. We were intrested.. because who can’t use a bit more money in this day and age? He gave us more information. Saying we will be making $350 a week ($1400 a month? Awesome! Right?) Sounds good, but almost too good. But we thought we shall see if he actually sends us a check and go from there. A few weeks go by.. and no contact from him. Then all of a sudden a new email saying his latest info is that the check is on it’s way to us through UPS. But no UPS came to us. It came through Canada Post. And he sent us a new email saying that the check is for $2600 and we are to take out the first 2 weeks payment and transfer the other $1900 to a local decal company who will then come to our house and wrap our vehicle. But we were never given the local companies info that was supposedly going to do this. When we asked this guy said "Oh you have nothing to worry about!" Okay this is getting more and more iffy!!! I had looked up the company on the check and that company exsists but they make Trommels for heavy machinery. Finally, I looked up Bomb Energy Drink Car Wrap and found out that it is a scam!!! Luckily we found this out before we deposited the check. If we had of deposited the check.. yes it would of cleared.. but it would bounce just after we transferred the money out and we would be out for the full amount. Scam central!

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