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Ashley – Sep 30, 2020

Scammer’s phone 888-589-1822 & 323-894-6077

Scammer’s address Los Angeles California

Country United States

Type of a scam Debt Collections

Initial means of contact Phone

Caller left message claiming to be a process server and that I owed HSBC $4819.67. They said that they needed immediate payment of 1927.02 which was on a letter I was suppose to have received in April which I did not. I kept asking question about who this was and I didn’t remember the bank name. He got mad because I was asking questions and said he was done my credit was scrappy and I know I owe it. He then slammed the phone down on me. I called back and laid him kit for slamming the phone on me because I was asking questions.
I said I didn’t ember this but did not have they kind of money. He went back toi his boss and they said they would accept 25% which was 1204.00 but it had to be today. They were going to send me a contract for the 800 I said I have and collect the balance in 30 days. I stalled and said I would call back and that’s when I went online and saw all the complaints. So I decided to wait for the papers to be served rather than loosely money to a possible scam.

Kenneth – Sep 28, 2020

Scammer’s phone 8776255748

Scammer’s address Los Angeles California 90064

Country United States

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

Initial means of contact Phone

Says that I have a capital one that was taken out 2001 and they’re suing me for $5,698.75 if I don’t make some arrangements to pay this company but will file papers on me I already gave him $800 last week I told him I couldn’t pay another $800 on her schedule time for tomorrow I asked for three days extension they told me know that they would serve me papers

Misty – Sep 29, 2020

I think this is a scam. This is horrible especially coming into COVID times.

Carmen – Sep 28, 2020

Today I got a call from a server saying that they been trying to serve my husband papers about an account he had on chase bank credit card and I told her we don’t have nor ever had a bank account and she gave me
This number to call 1 (877) 626-3959; we called it some [censored] name Jonathan picks up and I was totally cool until he said who would believe you guys as we were trying to explain to him about it. Is this REAL. He hanged up on us and I’m so livid right now. How unprofessional and especially that much negativity energy on a credit card debt not knowing it’s fake or real. What an [censored].

Brandy – Sep 28, 2020

Received a call today from an undisclosed number from a man who said I was being served a summons today. He could not give me any information but gave me a phone number of 877-626-3959
I called the number and they said I owed $5300 from a capital one account. I told him I already paid it. He sent me a docusign email and wanted me to settle today. Told him I had to go back to work and I would review it later. He then kept pushing for me to settle today. I finally had to hang up on him since I was at work.

Jacquelyn – Sep 28, 2020

Same here with chase account. Have you gotten any word since then?

Valerie – Sep 23, 2020

I was just contacted by this group saying I owed an old debt from Capital One I had in 2000 in which I needed to settle with them by 2:00 PM today otherwise they would go ahead and go with legal action in which would increase my debt substantially with the added court fees. I am currently looking up the legitimacy of this. They had my full name, last 4 digits of my social, and address. Kind of concerning really.

Susan – Sep 24, 2020

Teagan – sounds like you and I had almost identical experiences. The first call I had was from a “process server” saying I should have received something in the mail prior to being served and she gave me the 877-626-3959 # along with a claim #. When I called that number, the first person sounded professional and routed me to “the right department”. The next guy…Jonathan…was an [censored]. He claimed I owed over 5k to Capital One from 2002-2011 and that they were going to put a lien on my property. When I told him I didn’t know what he was talking about he said he thought I was smart enough to figure it out. I continued to deny any debt and he eventually hung up on me. Crazy.

Barbara – Sep 23, 2020

I had a message left on my phone from an “unknown caller” instruction me to call 877-619-3523 to avoid legal action. The also left a message on my brother’s answering machine. I returned the call a spoke to someone who identified himself as Michael Brantly (only after I demanded his name) who stated that I had an unpaid Visa debt from 2010 that needed to be paid immediately to avoid legal action. When I told him that I did not recognize this debt, he became hostile and aggressive and telling me that I will be served legal papers and that he’d see me in court. I ended the call as I was not going to subject myself to his rudeness and aggression. I called back several time to get their mailing address to send a written request for debt validation but each time I asked for the company’s address, they hung up on me. Finally on my 4th call, a woman answered and reluctantly gave me an address, although she was unsure of the zip code. When I used Googlemaps, the address she provided showed a somewhat run down house for that address. I have filed a complaint with the FTC and the Texas Attorney General’s office. The address the woman provided is 115800 Olympic Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90761.

Shannon – Sep 23, 2020

I had a restricted number call me and instructed me to call 877-626-3959 to avoid legal action or I will be served paperwork later on today.

Mark – Sep 19, 2020

I received a call from Murphy from McLane Group Legal Services and they said that I had an unpaid loan with Citifinancial from 2002 and the account was closed in 2009. I said I thought it was paid off and he said it wasn’t. I did have an account for flooring from Frank Grubic Flooring and the original loan was for about $1000. They said if I don’t pay $1100. by the end of the month, they are going to put a Lein on my home in South Carolina for $4500. The original loan was in Harrisburg, Pa. and I checked the statute of limitations and it said 5 years for a credit card. He said it doesn’t mean anything.

Kelli – Sep 21, 2020

Its a scam bud. Don’t worry

Roger – Sep 19, 2020

The statute of limitations means can’t sue you. Be very careful about what you say to them infact dont talk to them at all. It sounds like its a time barred debt. Its illegal for them to even say you can be sued.

Dana – Sep 18, 2020

Was contacted by someone who said they were a process server but wanted me to call 8776193523. When I called they said I owed a debt to Providian. I let them know that was not familiar to me. I asked them for their physical address which they refused to provide. I have yet to receive any letters from them.

Dana – Sep 17, 2020

Scammer’s phone 1877 6545478

Country United States

Type of a scam Debt Collections

Initial means of contact Phone

They have been calling me and my family about a debt collection. They said that a credit card from Saks was still unpaid since 1993. I never had a credit card of Saks in 1993. A person named Christopher Hernandez is the main character harassing by phone. He threatens loudly and with apparent knowledge. First. he was polite. and then when I told him I wouldn’t pay as I did not have any credit card by that date, he became rude.

Jason – Sep 17, 2020

They have been calling me for days; they even called my daughters and a Mr Christopher Hernandez threatened to sue me. He claimed that a credit card from Saks in 1993 was still unpaid. I didn’t have a credit card from Saks in 1993. In any case the statute of limitations made it impossible to collect. Check that if you are bothered by the scammers

Jose – Sep 14, 2020

Its crazy though, they have my full name, birthday and at least my last four of my social.

Eduardo – Sep 14, 2020

I received a call from some lady talking about me getting served court papers or civil suit against me, she gave a number to call and a case number some guy “Will” I believe answered saying that he’s from McLane legal services pr something like that stating that I owe $4800 for a credit card from 2005. He tried to be intimidating and saying I’m gonna be sued and blah blah blah. Its crazy how these people scam people. Don’t pay these [censored] a dime!

Anne – Sep 14, 2020

I got a call today saying a credit card company was suing me. I did bankruptcy in 2009 m supposedly this didn’t get put on there. I don’t recognize this card. Everything seemed wrong yet they have too much of my info which is scary. They sent me a document to sign accepting a reduced payment to avoid legal action.

Donna – Aug 31, 2020

Thanks Yvonne for sharing I have been getting the same calls was was concerned too. I really hate you had to find out this “mclane group ” is not legitimate I hope you are able to get your funds back. It sad ppl can be so evil..

Alberto – Aug 29, 2020

They called and threatened me to pay a old credit card from 1999 which was closed, and demanded they would serve me and take me to court. They said if I ignore this they will serve me and I will have to pay twice the balance. I paid half and then found out they didn’t have a address that matched the payment, avoiding my calls, now have to report fraud to my bank.
Please beware!

Todd – Aug 28, 2020

Victim Location 78626

Type of a scam Credit Repair/Debt Relief

They want me to pay for a debt I had 18 years ago and had already settled. They have harassed me that they are taking me to court and that they are going to withhold my work earnings. The person that called me was very disrespectful and didn’t want to listen when I was trying to explain I had settled that debt 18 years ago.

Julia – Aug 20, 2020

Victim Location 78102

Type of a scam Debt Collections

Called by this company stating I owed money from 2004 from a credit Co. which I had and now closed. They wanted me to pay 1/2 of the balance they said I owed. They sent me a letter(e-mail) during the conversation dated 8/19/20 that they said they mailed me months ago. Stating if I payed them by this date 8/19/20 it will be resolved. He threatened to put a lien on my car and I needed to pay today or I will be going to court. He also asked if I was served with court papers today, which I was not.

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