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Jake –

Victim Location 46239

Type of a scam Employment

I am currently looking for a new job. I received a text from a person by the name of Shannon Woods asking if I was still interested in the Administrative Assistant position that I applied for. She didn’t mention the company so I asked which one (since I’ve applied at quite a few). She told me it was McKinsey & Company. Then she asked if I had Google Hangout. I didn’t, but uploaded the app to my phone. She sent me an invitation for me to accept so that she could give me more detailed information about the position and schedule an interview. She gave me info on the requirements for the position, then a link to the company’s website for me to look over before proceeding with the briefing. I noticed on the website that there weren’t any locations in Indianapolis and expressed my concern over that. She said that they were opening a new location in 2 weeks and the necessary information would be provided to me as soon as possible. Then she gave me the specifics as far as the hours, duties & responsibility of the position. It was to be a remote position with me working from home. She then did a phase of the interview that was called the "question and answer section". I answered random questions as to my goals, currently employed, proficient with MS Excel, full time or part time position, do I want to be paid weekly/bi-weekly, what bank I currently operate from, and what do I understand of privacy and code of conduct? This is all very unusual. I have never been interviewed in this manner. She told me to hold on online while she got in touch with the hiring manager about me. She came back several minutes later and basically said I was hired and would start next week. I told her I wanted some time to look over things since I am at work and will give her an answer this afternoon. She didn’t respond to that, but said that before I start work, I will receive a payment. I would be using this payment to complete the setup of my mini office by purchasing the software, office equipment, and shipping fees for the items I will need to start working. Then that I am to deduct $100 for myself as a signing bonus and forward the rest to the specified sales agent. Again, I stated I would think about it and let her know this afternoon. I didn’t get any response to that. Throughout all of this I was feeling pretty leery about the whole thing. But definitely toward the end of our conversation I was seeing major red flags. I decided to do a more in depth search of the website and found no ads for Admin in even the surrounding states. I decided to try the to see if they were on there, but they are not a member. Checking out the Scam Tracker link, I found several scams in Indianapolis that sounded very similar to what just happened to me. Hopefully reporting this will continue to help people from being scammed by people like this. I’m sure was just a random website they picked.

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