MC Corp

Miguel –

Victim Location 45242

Total money lost $3,300

Type of a scam Tech Support

This Company is a company that I have used the last 4 years for my computer software technical repairs, updates, etc. They told me my registration codes were out of date and that is why I have had so many problems and that I have hackers trying to get into my computers and that I needed digital codes from the I-Tunes cards in order to access the proper verification to update the registry codes and certificates. They had me go purchase 1000.00 100.00 I-Tune cards in denominations of 500.00, 100.00 or 50. They said not too worry, that they are going to reimburse me for the dollar amount. This went on for about a week, finally I asked the dude if he promised on his mother and his religion if the last 1000.00 was all, no more. He said yes and that I would be refunded the very next day by 8:30am. I didn’t hear from him until about 2pm and then he said that I needed to have another 1000.00 in gift cards. I had no money left to give him and couldn’t do it. He threatened me with the loss of his job and not being able to support his children if I didn’t complete this. I hung up on him and ignored his calls for the rest of the day. I still get strange calls but no one answers.

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