MBE Capital Partners

Andre – Jul 27, 2020

Victim Location 78133

Type of a scam Phishing

In early July I submitted a PPP application through mbecp.com and received a verification of the amount I was approved for, etc. A few days later I received an email stating that they needed additional documentation. They requested an image of my drivers license (both front and back), my 2019 tax return. At the time I thought the request for me drivers license was a bit odd, but then again, banks often request this when cashing a check, so I figured it was ok.

Today, since I’ve heard nothing about my application, I went to the website to check the status. I could not log in, so I requested a password reset, however I never received a password reset email from them. I then went to their website and attempted to contact them through their Facebook and twitter accounts. Unfortunately those accounts do not exist. At this point I’m starting to become worried, so I go to Google and search for MBECP and find multiple links to scam reports on this company, and several posts on Reddit from others who have submitted their PPP applications through MBECP and have received fraudulent checks, checks that have bounced, and other very worrisome information concerning MBECP.

When calling the company, a recorded message plays, indicating menu options. When selecting the appropriate option, the message simply continues to play, as this does not appear to be an actual answering service, but a recorded message which loops regardless of which option you choose.

Considering all of this information, as well as the reports from others who have been dealing with MBECP, this has all the indicators that it is indeed a scam, and they should not only receive a negative mark from the BBB, they should be investigated by the FBI and shut down immediately.

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