Maya Parker

Kristy – Jul 28, 2020

Victim Location 80210

Total money lost $65.94

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Misleading offers for poor quality products that are misrepresented by heavily doctored photos. Has another "storefront" calles Sia Parker ( with the same offerings. Neither of these companies have reviews available on their websites, nor have undoctored or clear images of their products. Social media influencers promoting them are also deliberate in angling and accenting photos to hide their true quality.

I emailed them to return my money, but they asked me to return it according to their "policy", which requires payment on my part. It was also obvious that they were using a canned response (they must do this a lot), as they didn’t acknowledge my specific requests. (I also think it strange they are trying to hold me to a standard of conduct, when they are the ones with fraudulent goods.) They ignored my request, so I am now reporting them.

If they had an opportunity to leave a review (aka warning) for other consumers, I would return the product BUT they are deliberately relying on misleading sales practices for profit. I can’t simply return the item knowing they will continue fooling people. I less worried about getting my money back, I just want business to be held accountable and transparent.

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