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Type of a scam Employment

I applied for a data entry job online. Received a request to reach out to a Donald Wright in Google Hangouts. An email I got from the guy with the company interviewed me through Google Hangouts. I have the conversation thread below.

Donald Wright

Hello, My name is ***. I am suppose to respond to schedule an interview with you for 9 a.m. tomorrow morning.

Nov 21, 12:33 PM


Good morning.

Donald • Nov 22, 8:35 AM

Hello, I am sorry I somehow missed your message. Is the position you were looking to fill still open?

Yes. Still open.

Are you available for the interview now?


Okay. May I have your preferred email address so I can send you the job details.

Job details has been sent to your email. Let me know when you have it.

Thank you, I received the email.

Okay. Let me know if you wish to proceed

Would like to proceed

I have few questions for you, and how you answer them is very important, okay?

Ok, what are your questions?

Why do you think we should employ you?

I should be employed because I think I would be a great fit for the company due to my administrative and data entry background.

Tell me about your last position?

My last position was in the food industry working under the owner and found of an English Tea Room and Tavern. I served as the Kitchen Prep Manager and then the Assistant Manager.

In my current position, I have office, administration, project management, post sales, customer service and claims administration experience.

Are you capable of handling this job position?

I believe I am capable of doing it, which may sound cliche.

How well do you work under pressure?

I can handle pressure very well. In the last year, I carried the work load of 2 full-time positions while I remotely trained 2 people to take over the position I had with a sister company.

What do you understand by privacy and code of conduct in business?

They are policies and standards employees are expected to follow and be held accountable in the event of a lawsuit or job action.

How do you always like to be paid, paycheck or direct deposit?

I prefer direct deposit with an electronic PDF format paycheck stub to verify the deposit and back up the deposit.

We Pay veterans via USAA, US Bank and Citi bank, so to be certain your institution tally’s with ours, what institution do you currently use?

I currently use a credit union called Forum Credit Union.

What is your strongest point as an individual?

Visual, ambitious, personable, organized to name a few.

Have you work with any data entry software before?

I have worked with a French data entry software for the 4 years.

Tell me about a time in your work, where you encountered a difficult team member, and tell me how you dealt with that situation?

I encountered a difficult team member in the first 6 months of my current job. The employee was very hard to work with due to their presence in the office being hostile. They were not performing their assigned duties and were always on their personal phone. I was called into my manager’s office to verify their actions because my manager saw they were not fulfilling their assigned tasks.

How do you control errors in your work?

When an error occurs, I take full responsibility, I correct the mistake(s) as soon as possible and do my best to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

Will you be able to dedicate 8 hours of your time to this job position, Monday through Fridays?

Yes, I should be able to perform 8 hours to ensure the job is done.

I typically prefer to work Monday through Friday.

Hold on online while I forward your interview answers to the board of directors for employment consideration, okay?

Ok, thank you.

Is there anyting else I need to do?


Do you have any question

There was mention of equipment provided. How is that done?

The company will provide the equipments necessary for you to carry out the task assigned to you.

Yes, but how will that happen? Mail? Pick up equipment from the store?


The equipment comes through the mail, correct?

Yes that is correct.

Where does it come from? How long does it take to arrive after this interview process is complete?

You will receive the equipments during the second week of training.

So, how do I start the training?

After accepting the offer, you will begin training the next day and all you need to do is to long on here as you have done today.

Ah ok, is there a W-9 to fill out or anything?

after the offer is accepted?

No. None needed for training.

Oh ok, can I ask what the address is from where equipment will be coming from, so I can be sure to recognize it?

Further information will given to you when the package is on it’s way to you.

Congratulation!! You have been considered for employment by the board of directors

I want you to send your full name, address, sex and phone number to [email protected] so an employee profile can be generated for you, and also for your employment letter to be drafted. Let me know when you are done.

Ok thank you

Ok, done

Got it.

Return in one hour for your employment document.


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