Maxima Reserach Group Reviews - Maxima Reserach Group Scam or Legit

Kelly –

Victim Location 77088

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

I receive a message from a LinkedIn contact about apart time job as a secret shopper. I went to the website and submitted my contact information for more information about this position. I didn’t receive anything until received an email from Karen Lane at [email protected] saying that I would receive a check to and to go cash it and go to the nearest Walmart and Check cashing place and by Walmart gift cards and take 400 out as my commission. The gift card was the part that gave me a red flag. and I could not find any additional information to verily the company. I did not cash the checks and with to the Police and they told me to make a report on the BBB. I later saw that the Linked in Contact that I received the message from had posted that his account was hacked and he had not sent out that information about this job to his contacts.

So be sure to contact your source of information to make sure they sent you this information if you see it in your inbox.

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