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Kaitlin – Jul 16, 2020

Victim Location 30312

Type of a scam Online Purchase

This company markets pills for male enhancement/ erectile dysfunction, using (among other tactics, perhaps) a totally fraudulent claim that their product was part of a deal on Shark Tank, and was the new herbal Viagra. They are clearly running this scam with several different names for the product in question.

Their website directs you to Order Now for a trial of the product. Upon initiating the order, it appears you are simply buying a 30-day supply of the product (anywhere between $8 and $16, depending of you try an additional add-on product).

The receipt that is sent to you has the minimal amount of information possible, with no fine print; including no information AT ALL about the fact that they have really signed you up for a subscription service, and that at the end of 2 weeks, if you haven’t tried and returned any unused product, they will charge you $89.91 for the same 30-day supply they have already sent you.

I tried the product. It did absolutely nothing for me. So I put it in a drawer and chalked it up to a loss of $16. Days later, my credit card company alerts me to a possible fraudulent use of my card, asking me if I have authorized a purchase for $89.91, under a website and product name that was totally new to me. Luckily, my credit card company rejected the authorization, and gave me a phone number for these people.

It was only upon calling their customer service that I was informed of the "fine print" details- that i apparently had an account with them now, and the 89.91 was for the amount of product that was already sent.

In order to cancel my "account," he wanted me to agree to pay the $89.91.

I kindly informed the gentleman that there would be no other charges authorized from my credit card.

He provided me with a confirmation number for my "account cancellation;" it remains to be seen, however, if they will continue to try again.

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