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Angela – Jul 21, 2020

Victim Location 27708

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I am a mother of 3 looking to purchase a puppy online for our family. This process has been interesting and eye-opening.

The website by MAX POODLES claims to have teacup puppies for sale. Pricing ranges from $500 – $1,000US for these hard-to-find smaller breeds, who typically sell for $3,000+ I’ve done my research and can confidently say that this pricing is way off market value.

Initial contact was made via email. The breeder never provided me with a name and in each communication he/she is anxious to complete the purchase and financial transaction via moneygram, western union or zelle. In one email this person wrote:



Such a statement would never be made by someone interested to find a good home for a very small puppy that is highly sought after. At one point, this person went so far as to ‘offer’ me a "discount":

"We are asking $550 for each price already discounted and an extra 150$ for

shipping if need be, shipping normally takes some few hours of nonstressful

flight and most of the time we do overnight delivery and the puppy will be

with you the next day. prices are discounted right now because we are

expecting more litters and we do not have space for them all so we

scared the bigger one might trample on the newborn’s NB: SALES


You notice the pressure tactic to motivate a sale as quickly as possible by instructing me that the "sales .. ends in 4 days." I rec’d a total of 3 emails and every one reiterates the need to complete the transaction as soon as possible. No reputable breeder or seller of teacup puppies — or any puppy for that matter!– would conduct his/her business in this way.

It was easy for me to deduce that I was dealing with an online scammer, however, it may not be easily apparent to others desperate to find a puppy for companionship, for a child’s birthday or christmas gift.

There is no doubt that MAX POODLES PuppiesHome is a fake online business that uses recycled website pictures of adorable puppies who can typically fetch upwards of $5,000US. These pictures are used to intentionally mislead and to manipulate a fraudulent financial transaction with no intent of ever providing a puppy. The significantly below market value price and the pressuring sales tactics would support this claim. Additionally, there is no concern whatsoever for the puppy’s well-being.

I hope you will investigate this website and close it down. Thank you.

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