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Bryce –

Victim Location 08078

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I am looking for a ragdoll kitten for my granddaughter who’s mother has recently passed and came across two internet scammers in one day. Both want me to put money in their account and promise to send the kitten to my door via a carrier overnight. The following is part of the conversation from Matthew Brillian;

Hi dear

My family and i are very happy reading back from you and i

am sorry for not getting back to you earlier i have been so busy with

arrangement for my youngest son’s up coming birthday party in few

days.To start with,we are so sorry about your lost,we are located in

El paso,Texas where we have the kittens,but can arrange for a home

delivery to send one of our kittens over to your location,but before

proceeding with a home delivery we need assurance that you will make

a good fit for this kitten and provide all his/her needs.We are so excited

you are familiar with other cat breeds and with your interest and regard

towards pets,we are sure you are going to love and spoil this baby with

lots of love and provide all their needs. Our priority is for these kittens to

go to good homes where they will be treated with all respect,love and

attention and be properly cared for,being a special breed they demand

a lot of human attention so hope you will provide the babies with all

this.Just to let you know,the $380 is just for a kitten.My family and

myself will be so happy if you can promise to send us update pictures

of the kitten when he/she finally becomes part of your home,a home

delivery process will take less than 8 hours and this kitten will be

brought right to your doorsteps if you wish as they can as well

deliver the baby at your airport where you will go and pick him/her

up,for a home delivery right to your doorsteps it will cost you an

extra $115 for a kitten but if you will prefer picking the kitten up at

your airport,it will cost you an extra $105.Also we shall require all

your details to do the change of ownership papers and arrange for the

delivery as well, and the details are as follows:

Full Names……?

Home Address…….?

Zip code…………?


Land Line Number………..?

Mobile Line Number………?

Just to be sure,which sex are you interested in?

As soon as i have the required information,i shall prepare the

change of ownership papers before we do the pet’s registration with

the pet Courier service.Just to keep you reminded,a home delivery for

a kitten will either cost you an extra $115 if the kitten is

delivered right to your doorsteps or $ 105 if you are picking up the

kitten at your airport making a total of either $485 or $495,and

payment shall be required by the delivery company upfront.Once i am

done with the registration process the delivery company will be

contacting you via call and email from their customer service

directing you to their pngage where you shall be provided with directives

on how to get payment done immediately for delivery to commence

Thanks and waiting.

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