Matses herbs

Christina – Jan 21, 2021

Fake site. Placed an order and lost money. No response

Derrick – Nov 06, 2020

I ordered in June. Tracking says the package got stuck in the states, but they haven’t replied since. 100% scam. Don’t give them your money!

Raul – Sep 06, 2020

They simply stole my money.
Ordered half a year ago and haven’t received a tracking code since then.

Jason – May 30, 2020

I paid $139 and lost it.
They kept stalling on information about dhl and tracking numbers.
Its a bad scam and be careful.

I have opened a full investigation agaisnt these people.

Leonard –

I tried this website and luckily my credit payment was refused, I think my bank already has them in their spam listing! After this I found that has the same photos, descriptions and products. They don’t take PayPal and I would not use my debit card as I know best to pay by credit for protection when PayPal not possible. Metsesherbs don’t bother answering me as my credit card refused to give the payment. I sense they are happy to get on with their scam business, as if legit I would of got a basic human interaction. I found them on eBay too and They did not answer my legit questions there either, but they had the audacity to send me a love and light and blessing message :O when I pointed out their shady handling and sacred “business”. No I would not trust them ! And I am not one to send reviews but yes this one is worth my time and energy… avoid and and their eBay accounts too!

Karl –

Victim Location 97403

Total money lost $32.50

Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill

I gaves a shot and regreted it soon after, because I have yet to receive any confirmation of my order being shipped despite being told it would ship two days after payment was received. Its been 4 days and still nothing, and I have lost all contact with the site representative. I just didn’t think someone would make a scam of something so sacred, but I guess its the "perfect scam".

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