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Lucas –

Victim Location 72901

Type of a scam Employment

I applied to a job posting for a work-from-home Graphic Design position on Indeed. The posting was well written and detailed, so it looked legit. I was contacted and asked to participate in a text based interview on Google Hangout; this was the first red flag. But during the "interview" I was asked legit questions about my design process, etc, so I wasn’t sure. The second red flag was that at the end of the "interview" they offered me the position, sight-unseen with too-good-to-true pay and benefits. All I had to do was email them a copy of my drivers license and proof I could work in the US (aka Social Security Card), then they would send me a check so I could purchase a computer and equipment from their "approved vender" for my home office, and I would be good to go– MAJOR RED FLAG!!! So at this point I put on my detective hat and began digging into their website, contact info, and location. The website is well-made with descriptions, pricing, list of high up staff, job openings, and contact info. The kicker was when I tried to call their listed phone number multiple times and it went straight to beeping before disconnecting. Then I Google Street Viewed their supposed address, and although it was a multi-suite office building, their name was not listed on any of the signs or doors. Finally I searched their company name on Nevada’s SOS business licencing website, and NOTHING came up. That was the final nail in the coffin, and when I decided to report it here. Ultimately, I’m not sure if this is an identity theft or a money swendling scam, or maybe both. Overall it was extremly elaborate with attention to details, so I think it would be very easy to fall for, but thankfully for me, I have trust issues.

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