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Carlos – Sep 10, 2020

This is a total scam they took my money and I had to go back and fourth with my bank for literally 3 months to get my money back I never received my stroller they lied and said I did and even sent a fake tracking number to my bank and was telling my bank I received it and I’m just “scheming”I purchased the stroller may,8th 2020 Here it is September 9th 2020 and I’m just now getting my money back I had to go out to target and buy another stroller it’s no petty change it’s a 363.00 lost like no way

Wendy – May 13, 2020

 I placed an order on this website i order Red Luxury Maternity 3 in 1 Baby Stroller Travel System for $370.12 on May,8,2020 and i haven’t received any tracking number. What a waste of money. This website is a scam..

Courtney – May 11, 2020

I purchased a stroller and car seat on 4/10/20, I still haven’t received my a package. They sent tracking info fedex but fedex don’t have the product. I spent a total amount $360.00

Cassandra – May 16, 2020

Same happened to me. What did you do?

Eduardo – Apr 14, 2020

Victim Location 11368

Total money lost $412.42

Type of a scam Online Purchase

 I placed an order on this website because I am expecting a baby. Got fooled after seeing that it was backed by Norton. Before making the purchase, I did my research if the site was legitimate. Everything seemed fine. Once I placed the order, I never received anything from them. I did not receive any type of notice that they are processing my order. Finally, 2 weeks later they message me back claiming they refunded my money back. I checked my bank account and I haven’t received anything from them.

Yolanda –

Have they still not returned your money ? I just ordered a car seat and stroller from them and trying to figure out if I should cancel my order or not.

Frederick –

Victim Location 95407

Total money lost $353.87

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I seen this beautiful stroller, 3 in 1 feel in love and even though it was almost $400.00 it was on sale usually $500.00. I figured it was worth it because I could use it for years and not need another. After ordering I did not receive a estimated delivery date but I did get a message through Facebook thanking me for my purchase and that I would receive a text when my stroller was ready to be shipped. Two weeks later I randomly got a text saying my order was cancelled and my money was refunded. I immediately tried reaching someone right away because I truly fell in love with the pictures of this stroller, but no response. After about and hour I checked my bank account and they took the money weeks ago but that’s it I didn’t get any refund. I spent all day calling leaving voicemails, emailing, and messaging through Facebook and it’s been 12 hours and I’ve yet to hear from this company. Very disappointing and very sickening that this company is stealing knowing that product is a infant stroller and car seat . Please don’t get scammed like me and the other mothers.

Felicia –

Victim Location 94806

Total money lost $389

Type of a scam Online Purchase

They advertise baby strollers On google and social media like facebook so ads come up. They have a legit website and all with "verified reviewers" however once you make the purchase they take your money instantly and you never get a tracking number or they end up canceling your order after 3 weeks based on other customer complaints I have read online on facebook pages. Please help and shut this page down and let customers know it’s a scam.. the strollers are very expensive they look very nice but are pricey.

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