Mastermyne Imposter Reviews - Mastermyne Imposter Scam or Legit

Marie –

Victim Location 83617

Type of a scam Employment

I was initially contacted by [email protected] who claimed to have reviewed my resume through Idaho Dept. of Labor. She referred me to a [email protected] I did research "Mastermyne" and it is an actual company out of Australia. I was instructed to sign in to Google Hangouts and submit him as a contact for an online interview about an "in-home" data entry clerk position. In "Hangouts" I had dialogue with an “Adam Richards” purportedly from an Australian based company called Mastermyne. I first became leery when he asked about my bank but especially when he stated that he was presenting my interview answers to the board of directors. I began checking the internet to see if there was any information regarding a “Mastermyne Employment Scam” and found nothing. It was toward the end of dialogue that I contacted the Department of Labor to question whether they knew anything about this company. They did not. This “Mr. Richards” became very adamant about GETTING MY INFORMATION so that he could complete my “employment letter”. I did not nor should anyone relinquish ANY personal information to these scammers. I reported this incident to BBB, KTVB as well as the Idaho Department of Labor.

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