Massachusetts Nurses Asssociation

Sean –

Victim Location 01550

Type of a scam Other

I recieved a phone call at atound 7:30pm claiming that my mother has named me as a beneficiary for my benefits.So this guy was trying to set up a location meetup to "give me" the benefits, they include benefits for medical insuarance even for my kids if i had some in the future.IT was a wierd call and i said I would call him the next day so that I can confirm with my mother all this info. Since when do you get benefits from MNA?? Besides why cant they mail them or contact my mother while we are together to recieve them? Anyways I said I would call him afterwards but after speaking to my mother a few minutes later she didnt understand what they meant by benefits.So i called up the guy agaon and asked some questions so that he can clarify which still didnt make any sense and my mother said it was a scam.MNA has no benefits and they shouldnt be contacting me because I am not even a nurse.Anyways hope you catch this guy.He called a year or two ago sae story but i didnt pay attention and hanged up.He has been calling for weeks now and I dont answer phone calls from people i dont know so I was going to curse him out before he started this MNA crap so catch him! He also knew I lived in Boston and my true caller showed he was from Newton.

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