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Matthew – Dec 13, 2020

Yes this is a complete scam. I’ve written a zillion emails to them with the same run around. PayPal has been no help either because I went through my credit card company (because the email on PayPal came back all the time as undeliverable or never heard a response. Everything about this site is false! The products are NOT made in the USA, they want you to think they are Ball lids with the packaging pictured but they are NOT, they do NOT ship in 5-8 business days (mine arrived a month after the order was placed), they are NOT Ball jar lids! They have no desire to right and wrong. The products were poorly packaged and damaged. Now I read everyone’s input and I cannot afford to can with them! My time is too valuable. I’ve had a really harsh lesson learned with this scammer! I’ve read numerous other things that JH MALL SALING is a problem with anything that you might order from them. Be on your guard and watch for this business!. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM!

Deborah – Nov 03, 2020

Everyone that has wrote a review is correct.
Normally I would not have purchased any canning supplies online. Because of the Covid-19 crisis canning jars are extremely hard to find. That is why I ordered from this company. Everything looked official and so I ordered jars and lids. I do agree with everyone that Mason-Official knows how to work the system and seem to enjoy taking advantage of people with no remorse. Their response to me was

“Before providing you with a solution, we need to check all the items you have received to confirm the problem, which will help us solve the problem as soon as possible. Please provide the relevant information as required below.

1. Clear pictures of all the items received.
2. A clear picture with the tracking number.
3. A clear picture with the SKU number shown under the bar code on the package.

The above pictures will help us check the information of your order in the shortest time. Once we receive your reply, we will confirm with our relevant departments within 24 hours.

Looking forward to your reply and thank you again for your cooperation.

Kindly reminder: Please do not return the item until we have authorized the return address in the email. In addition, the address on the package is not our return address. Please note that do not send the package to that address, otherwise we shall not be liable for any losses..”

I gave them all of information that they requested and after 14 more emails and 4 representatives they offered me this:

“We would like to refund you 35.08 USD of this product to solve this problem. In the meantime, you can still keep the product.”

I accepted this offer because I just wanted to get rid of the nightmare. The real insult was what was requested after I accepted their offer.

“We hope that you could recognize our services. Also, we will be grateful if you could leave a positive comment on our advertising posts, and help introduce our website to your friends or families.”


After seeing some of the reviews I feel like I might have done better than most.

Bonnie – Oct 30, 2020

My photos disappeared. I also noticed that they changed the picture on the website. Picture no longer has USA symbol on it.

Meghan – Oct 30, 2020

I’ve been scammed also. I was in need of canning lids. I seen they were coming from California and was ok with that. I also seen on the add it showed a symbol of made in USA and a money back guarantee so I felt comfortable ordering. Then I received a tracking number and found out they were falsely advertising there product.
2020-10-06 21:22
SHENZHEN, Arrived at Sort Facility SHENZHEN

Even though I wasn’t happy I tried using the lids and out of the 12 lids I used, they all buckled up instead of sealing down. I was stuck with 12 jars of apple pie filling unsealed. These people have no idea how much work goes into prepping, and preparing these jars and lids for canning. They did offer $20.63 out of the $69 I spent on their lids. Then came back with another offer of $34.39 and said that is the final offer. I told them I want an address to send the lids back. I received the address along with an email telling me I need to package them so they don’t get damaged on the way back. They didn’t package them well when they sent them and they will receive them back in the same package they sent them in.
Street address: No. 3 Hongjin Road, Yaojun Village, Hongmei Town
Zipcode: 523208
City: Dongguan
State: Guangdong
Country: China
So very disappointed that people are so dishonest.

Hector – Oct 30, 2020

I just came home from the post office and to ship the lids back, it will cost $43. I guess my only option is to except half the moneys back unless I want to dish out more money and no guarantee they will refund the money anyway. Please people don’t buy from MASON OFFICIAL WEBSITE.

Spencer – Oct 19, 2020

I was so excited to find “Official” mason jars for sale on the internet during canning season. I had tomatoes that were in danger of rotting while I searched for supplies. The package took a very long time to arrive (this should have been my first clue). When it did arrive, it was just a bag all sealed up with Chinese characters and an address in California. I order (2) pints and (2) quarts and extra lids. For $92.89 I received exactly (2) quart jars and (2) pint jars a bag of loose lids. I am not comfortable using the lids since I do not know where they came from or if they are safe. I am currently disputing this with the seller but I feel that it is a waste of time.

Jorge – Oct 14, 2020

I recently purchased what I thought was two packs of pint and two packs of quart canning jars. The website considered a pack, one jar. Apparently the Chinese have difficulty translating that a pack refers to more than one item. Or perhaps they understand completely and are once again trying to screw the American public. They were notified 15 minutes after placing the order that their website is misleading and that I was canceling my order. They sent me an email with a job number to reference when speaking with a company about the cancellation. They advised that someone from their customer service department would be in touch with me ASAP. This was at 11 at night. In the morning I received an email indicating that my product had shipped.

This company is obviously a scammer. It’s unfortunate that they can’t be kicked off the internet for the thieves that they are. For your own good, do not do business with Mason – official.

Albert – Oct 10, 2020

They advertise authentic Mason products from the US. They send you flimsy counterfeit products from China. The lids and rims I ordered took 3 weeks to arrive and they were mangled–not surprising, since they were shipped in a plastic bag from China. What I thought was a case of canning jars for $16.99 turned out to be one jar only–screw lid, mayonnaise type jar. Aside from being out $50, I have 20 pounds of apples rotting in my kitchen because I can’t get canning supplies.

Toni – Oct 10, 2020

This website does NOT sell authentic Mason products as they advertise. The products are not from the US, as advertised. They are inferior, expensive, counterfeit products from China. The lids and rims are flimsy and came damaged–not surprising since they came all the way from China in a thin plastic bag. What I thought was a box of canning jars for $16.99 turned out to be only one cheap mayonnaise-type jar with screw top. I waited weeks for them to arrive. Now I have 20 pounds of apples rotting in my house because I can’t get real canning supplies.

Regina – Oct 10, 2020

I, too, am a victim of this company. During canning season, it is difficult to find canning supplies. I ordered jars with rings & lids along with extra lids. The only thing I received right was the lids. The “packs” of jars are a qty of 1 rather than 12, which is the standard pack by Mason, Ball, or Anchor Hocking. I am thoroughly disappointed and it is an expensive lesson I have learned. I am going to try to return the jars, but we’ll see how much shipping will cost to get it back to them. I am so mad at myself. Definitely too good to be true.

Jacob – Oct 03, 2020

Fraud – not made or shipped in the US. Shipped from China. They want you to send them back to get a refund. International shipping is way more than the cost of the items. PayPal would do nothing to protect buyers and said they had to be shipped back to get a refund.

Yolanda – Oct 02, 2020

It is so frustrating that mason-official is the 1st thing you see if you goggle “canning lids”. Their website has a warning about fraudulent companies. Ha! I ordered $92.00 worth of lids – but immediately became suspicious when the processed order stated that the fee was sent to “MALL” with a gmail address…not to the Mason company…and I got a foreign transaction fee added to my visa charge! 20 minutes after ordering, I emailed to cancel the order. The company responded that they had received my request to cancel the order and wanted to know why. Paypal, Visa, Goggle, the Massachusetts Attorney General office of Consumer Complaints, and AARP Scam and Frauds dept all see unable to stop this scammer!
The best recommendation I got after dealing with this problem is…when ordering on line, google the company name with spam written after it (e.g., Mason-official spam) to check to see if there are any reported problems!

Bonnie – Sep 19, 2020

As soon as I received order confirmation and saw a personal email address on the email and a different one on the PayPal confirmation I got a funny feeling. I looked it up and found this site. I immediately tried to stop payment on PayPal but it had already gone through. I emailed the seller and asked them to cancel my order. Then I called my credit union to stop payment. That will cost me $25 but at least the scammers won’t get $42.46!

Jeffery – Sep 16, 2020

I also placed an order for canning lids. I just received my order and the lids are not packaged as advertised. The lids were not made in the USA as advertised – they were shipped (on time) from China.

Robin – Sep 15, 2020

I had first thought it might be a scam site, but then as I read the info on the site, I felt better. So I ordered what I thought was 12 jars with lids and bands and paid for shipping for 7-12 days. My product orignated in China and I received it yesterday, 24 days after I placed the order. I got one jar, one cheap lid and that’s it. I paid total $23.24, but it was advertised as super discount original $69.99 (or something like that). I should have known it was too good to be true.

Devin – Sep 11, 2020

Victim Location 21716

Total money lost $31.50

Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

I went to Mason Official website to order canning lids for regular mouth jars. They have a large disclaimer at the top of the page warning about fraudulent websites selling inferior products from China. The statement continued with saying that they were the offiial site of Mason lids and jars. I selected my lids- the ones on the website had Mason "original quality/sealed freshness" printed on the tops. So I ordered lids from them. I ordered 3 12-packs. When they arrived they are absolutely not what was pictured on the website, and the packaging that each pack of 12 comes in has Chinese characters on it. They also arrived damaged. And they are very inferior to real lids. I have been canning for many years. I am very familiar with real lids. So I tried to contact them, but the email address on their website, [email protected], does not work. I through maybe it was misspelled so I tried [email protected] And that didn’t work either. There is no other contact information on their website. Not even on the packaging that the lids were mailed in- just an address. I registered an account with the website, and the "welcome" email had an email address to contact [email protected] And of course, after seeing that I realized this was all a scam and they are a very shady "company". I emailed them my complaint about the product. Then they emailed back to end photos, which I did. Then they said they can’t see the damage. And of course you can. When I look at the email address, it comes via, with more Chinese characters. I paid $31.50 total, including shipping (4.99$) and shipping insurance (.52). I want my money back. They are fraudulently selling inferior lids claiming that they are real lids. They look nothing like the website photos.

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