Maryland Speed

Ana –

Victim Location 07006

Total money lost $978

Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

I placed an order on May 4, 2018 for Kooks long tube headers from Maryland Speed. To my detriment, I did not research them beforehand but have since found out that several other people have also had their money taken but no product received in the past year or so (previously they had been a well regarded business). Also, Kooks themselves put out a notice in November 2017 that they were not longer affiliated with Maryland Speed.

As a confirmation that I have been ripped off, I went on their website today (August 24, 2018) and was greeted in a chat box by Tyler G, and I proceeded to inquire about the same headers. They were all ready to make a sale, until I started to type that I had previously placed an order and wanted to know what happened. Tyler G closed the chat and deleted my message before I could send it (apparently chat boxes do give the seller the opportunity to see what the customer is typing before it’s sent, ostensibly to allow them to form an answer more quickly).

So they not only ripped me off of nearly $1,000 dollars, they are continuing to rip off people today. This has to stop, and hopefully my posting here will assist in that.

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