Mary r. Wallon/ Mary ellen Ziesmer Imposter

Kara –

Victim Location 34689

Type of a scam Government Grant

i was contacted via Mary Ellen Ziesmer a text from messenger. i know her she lives in my plan. she proceeded to tell me about money she won and is from gov. its to help less fourtante. to text Mary Mallon and she is an agent. after going back and fourth with both for a couple days, i noticed they texted me at the same time. no after doing this, i knew the Maryellen i knew wasnt the same person. they wanted 500 to get 80,000. i said take it out of the 80, in fact take 20 ill take 60 for the trouble. then i said i dont have that kind of money. then it was 100, same thing, the it was 25$ itunes card. i told them it doent make sense, way do i have to give to get, a prize is a prize. i went to my Maryellen house to tell her, and we both called and left a nasty message. they took her pictures, phone number and all info to catfish her. i reported to facebook and now here. i hope these or who ever gets caught. taking from people wo have othing. thank GOD I NEVER SENT A THING, I CHANGED MY PASSWORDS. hope thats the end. may 2oth 2018.

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