Brittney – Nov 06, 2020

Scammer’s phone 4014083482

Country United States

Type of a scam Charity

Initial means of contact Not applicable

So they had $2,000 for a relief package or something

Frederick –

Victim Location 96786

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

I was selling a busted car on Craigslist for parts – $500. The scammer texted me saying he was interested in purchasing the car and asked if it would be ok to pay by check and if so then once the check is deposited into my account, the "movers" would come and haul the car away. I said that it would be fine to pay by check and asked when he?d like to view the vehicle. He responded by saying that he didn?t need to see it in person because the CL pictures were enough. I then asked where he was located and he said California. That immediately made me suspicious because no one in their right mind would spend $500 on a crap car and then $1500 to ship it. However, he insisted that he wanted to restore the vehicle and that he would send me a check etc. I kept thinking that this smells like a scam but I couldn?t figure it out so I played along. Once I received the check, it was in the amount of $1,950. He instructed me to deposit the $500 for the car and then wire the rest via Walmart to the "shipper" in Texas. Even though the red flags were going off in my mind that this was a scam I still didn?t know how it worked especially since my bank cashed the check and deposited the money into my account already. So I wired the money and then the very next day he contacted me saying that he couldn?t buy the car now because it was going to cost too much money to fix. He then kindly asked me to refund him the $500 he paid me for the car in the form of five $100 iTunes gift cards! I laughed because this was clearly a scam. I looked for information online and found the "fake check scam" which fit my scenario to a T. When he calls me tomorrow asking for his refund I will tell him to bend over and eff himself.

Blake –

Victim Location 30319

Type of a scam Online Purchase

This is a complete and total SCAM! This person goes by the name of Marvin, is totally reluctant to share any new photos, and only sends same stolen photos that he has on his website. His site has stolen pictures of a credible breeder couple in Texas that goes by the name Ron & Debbie Dean (who are actually legit)! Prices are far too low for a purebred champion bloodline boxer. Everything about this Brooks Kennel Family is a complete and total lie. He said he will ship your puppy to your door and that he has free coupons that will have your new puppy escorted by a doggie nanny. He will not give you any other information until you have already completed the transaction. I had an eerie feeling to begin with, and luckily didn’t go through with the purchase! However, I want to let everyone out there know to not get taken by this complete scam artist crook! Best of luck to you all. ALWAYS do your research even if you have the slightest inkling of a scam. Trust your gut!

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