Marvelous Sphynx

Dane – Jul 31, 2020

Victim Location 83702

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I found this site thinking that it looked like a good website. It seemed almost legit. I don’t want to go into too much detail over what was wrong with the site because then they might go in and fix it.

I looked under their "available kittens" page and saw a pretty cute cat. I emailed them and inquired about it. I asked if they wanted to know my experience as these are hard to care for animals, and they sent me an email stating and I quote from their email, "It is important you understand how attached we are to these kittens .We are not only out for money but to see into it that they get the best while here or be it under their new home ." Note that they say, "We are not only out for money…" which means they are in it for money. No breeder I’ve ever worked with has stated that and most will tell you they make very little in breeding cats.

They were very unclear about who their vet was and did not give info on what care or blood work they received other than that they received it and it was "age appropiate."

They then asked for me to pay via apps that offer no insurance. Thankfully these apps failed completely. They wanted me to use an email not associated with the company, and the contact mentioned on the site was, I suspect, not who I was talking to.

Then they asked for a moneygram and/or WU payment. I had asked why don’t they use Paypal as that is gold standard for breeders and most breeders I work with refuse to use anything else, even cash.

They became angry with me.

I talked with some friends who are breeders, know breeders, and have worked with breeders in the past. They informed me that this is likely a scam and to walk away. So I emailed them and told them that I no longer wished to do business with them and I wished them luck on their future endeavors. I thought their business practice was strange, but there was a slim possibility that they were not a scam.

So what makes me think they’re a scam??

I looked back at their website to see if I could find any new/recent reviews.

This is now months later. Over 5 months later.

Same reviews.

Same kittens with the same pictures and names posted.

That alone makes me worry that this is a scam.

I want to hope they aren’t, but I’ve done some research, compared their practices with reports of fraudulent scams of pets, and they line up hand in hand.

I want to warn others so they don’t fall for it.

I suspect they’ll reply, and that’s fine. I just want this info up so others can make their own thoughts and decisions.

Kathleen – Jun 06, 2020

Victim Location 10312

Total money lost $600

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I sent $600 through zelle they said i would recieve cat. Next day someone else called saying they were the person on the plane with cat and needed another $1000 to deliver

Paul – Apr 20, 2020

Victim Location 67901

Total money lost $1,435

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I was looking for a kitten for my daughter for her birthday and I could find a breeder in my area. I contacted an animal shelter in my home town that I have done buisness with in the past and he did a google search and gave me the website to this "breeder". I contacted them by email and sent them money for the animal. The next day the shipping company contacted me and stated with the COVID-19 virus I needed to purchase or rent a crate for the animal, which they stated was 98% refundable. Now I have never shipped an animal so I didn’t know any better. I was just excited for my daughter to get the kitten of her dreams. So I sent the money. All transactions were through Zelle, which my bank is partners with. Then the shipping company emails me back the next day stating I need to purchase special insurance for the animal and this is were I got suspicious. I emailed them back saying I wasn’t wanting to spend anymore money and they assured me everything was fine and the insurance was 100% refundable upon delivery of the animal. So I googled the shipping company and called them on the phone. Turns out the shipping company is real, but I wasn’t talking to them. They had never heard of me and advised me that all animal air shipping has been haulted and stopped due to COVID-19. I emailed the breeder back and asked for a number to call, which they gave one but no one will answer it. So I am upset I was scammed but I am mainly upset because now my daughter is heart broken that she doesn’t get her kitten. I gave them my name and address but that is all.

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